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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jerusalem's Messianic Day School Denied License

Jerusalem's Messianic Day School Denied License

Wednesday, October 09, 2013 |  Ryan Jones  
Makor Hatikvah, Jerusalem’s only Messianic Jewish day school, has been denied a license of operate by Israel’s Ministry of Education.
The school first applied for a license a year ago, while at the same time also seeking recognition as an official state school, a status that would provide Makor Hatikvah with government funding.
But the Ministry of Education not only denied that initial request, it filed an order to have the school closed as it had failed to acquire a license during its previous 20 years in operation.
Started in 1990 as a small ministry where primarily transient Christian volunteers and local staff would send their kids to learn a bit of Hebrew, Makor Hatikvah has over the past five years blossomed into a serious institute of learning boasting a healthy student body of both Israelis and foreigners living in the land.
But the Messianic nature of the school would seem to be a roadblock to the state’s acceptance of its presence in the city. Makor Hatikvah’s latest request for a license to operate for the 2013–2014 school year met with rejection late last month.
The school will continue to operate as its lawyers appeal the decision, and even if that appeal fails, there are other means to keep the doors open. But the battle that is being waged over the issue is seen by school staff and the school’s lawyers as evidence of government bias against Messianic faith-based education.
One of the Ministry of Education’s arguments against Makor Hatikvah is that it is too homogenous, meaning that its students are not adequately exposed to Israeli society at large, a claim that is wholly untrue. And even if it was, the reality is that hundreds of ultra-Orthodox schools that are all but completely cut off from mainstream society operate with the blessing and funding of the State of Israel.
In short, the school sees the current proceedings as a spiritual battle, and have asked for believers everywhere who value Messianic education in Israel to pray.
To learn more about Makor Hatikvah, click here to visit their website

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Messianic schoolkids mark Tu Bishvat with tree planting

Messianic schoolkids mark Tu Bishvat with tree planting

Thursday, January 24, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff  

On Friday Israelis will celebrate Tu Bishvat, the "new year of the trees," and local Messianic schoolkids in Jerusalem got an early start on the tree planting that typically accompanies the holiday.

Dozens of elementary-age kids from Israel's only Messianic day school, Makor Hatikvah, gathered for a time of worship and tree planting in the Messianic village of Yad Hashmonah on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

The event was organized by the Revive Israel ministry.

One of the ministry's leader told the kids that while they get visitors from all over the world, "it is our greatest honor to receive and celebrate with you (the Messianic children of Jerualem)."

Photos of the Makor Hatikvah children planting trees are below.

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