Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Celebrating Our 35th Wedding Anniversary

A few highlights...
Steve & Laurie Oct. 8, 1977
Jerusalem in 2007 - Laurie, Avraham and Steve
Home grown - Charlotte, NC Nov. 2010
Charleston, SC  June, 2011
Being we lead in worship
of our Lord Jesus...
through the years. (Photo from 2012)
We give thanks to the Lord for the 35 years of marriage He has given us. We have been able to share our love with our children (Josh, Ben, Hannah and Christen), our daughter-in-law Chelsie and son-in-law Andrew, and grandkids Daniel, Logan, Dylan, Jensen, and another in April, 2013.
Joys included leading worship along with several church worship teams; traveling to Israel on many tours, and enjoying holidays with our parents, my seven siblings and families, and Laurie's two sisters and families.
Living in five states (Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina) has given us the opportunity to see the new and appreciate the old.
For all this and more, we give thanks for 35 years together as one.


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Steve Martin
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