Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Eschatology Expert Under Fire for Spiritual Insight Into Raging Protests - JESSILYN JUSTICE CHARISMA NEWS

Joel Richardson speaks on the Jim Bakker Show. (YouTube)

Eschatology Expert Under Fire for Spiritual Insight Into Raging Protests

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Eschatology expert and end-times author Joel Richardson is under fire for speaking spiritual insight into escalating violence and protests in the United States.
In a segment for the Jim Bakker Show, Richardson says, "When I look at these sort of things, I look at the rage. There's a spirit of rage that has just swept the nation.
"I look at the riots in Berkley, they're burning things, and Ferguson and this sort of thing, I go, 'OK, what's behind this? What's the spiritual issue?' Because look, black lives matter, there's a very sacred issue there that much of the black community feels, and that's legitimate, but then Satan comes along, and he subverts it." 
The mainstream media is livid at his insight, though.
Richardson calls headlines about him "Fake news."
One person even sent him an email calling him the "prawn of satan." 
"Obviously their click-bait title misrepresents entirely what I said," Richardson tweeted.
But Richardson doesn't appear to be backing away from those who question his insight.
For social media users who doubt the spirit of rage, Richardson shared recent pictures, videos and stories about the reaction to many of President Donald Trump's policies and other politically motivated protests. 
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