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Rodney Howard-Browne on Praying for Trump: "I Was Shaking" - Rik Bokelman HELLO CHRISTIAN

"I was shaking under the power," Rodney Howard-Browne said about his now-famous oval office prayer session with President Trump. "It was the Holy Ghost coming down." Rodney Howard-Browne

Rodney Howard-Browne on Praying for Trump: "I Was Shaking"

Jul 21, 2017 by Rik Bokelman  HELLO CHRISTIAN
"I was shaking under the power," Rodney Howard-Browne said about his now-famous oval office prayer session with President Trump. "It was the Holy Ghost coming down." 
In an interview with, Howard-Browne shared his experience in the White House, his views of Trump's election, and his response to criticism. 
"I don't know how to explain it, it was like a dream," he says of the Oval Office prayer. Howard-Browne and his wife came to the US from South Africa with only $300 in 1987, so he describes it as "surreal" to be praying for such a powerful man. 
"The picture that went viral is actually a screenshot from my phone," he says, of the image that has made the rounds on social media in the last few weeks. "Those two hands in the middle, that's my hand and my wife's hand." 
The photo has caught attention all over the internet, both from critics and supporters alike. But Howard-Browne feels it was nothing short of divine.
"It was an amazing moment...I mean you're praying for the most powerful man in the world. We had been praying for him for a long time, because God is using him to give America one more opportunity." 
"If Hillary Clinton had won, I mean, it was over for America," he explains. "Like what's happening in Europe right now, everything becoming one whole America, they were opening the borders, it was basically on the way to destroying the very fabric of the nation." 
He believes Trump being elected stopped, at least for a while, a very sinister agenda that had been afoot in the US and the world. 
"The whole globalist agenda is basically the destruction of the nation states. It really is the end times, to head towards a one-world system, a one-world government, and the rise of the antichrist. President Trump's election has put a slow-down on this." 
"[It was] to give us a stay of execution," he continues. "I mean, I don't really care if the thing ends tomorrow, but I want to reach more people, I want to reach more souls for the harvest before Jesus comes. This is the most important thing." 
He believes that in Trump, Christians have a renewed opportunity to do this and that his election was a very important thing for the furtherance of the Gospel. 
"Never before, at least in 70 or so years, have the believers had this kind of access to the White House. Trump is totally for the Kingdom of God. He loves the church." 
As for those who criticize Trump for past sins, he thinks they lack an understanding as to how God can use people and how he is using Trump now. 
"I would just have to [refer to] all the passages about King David. They think God can't use people, that God only uses perfect people. The fact of the matter is that their choice for President would have never beaten Hillary Clinton. Trump is a wrecking ball to the system; he's a Syrus." 
"That the Lord raised him up and put him in the White House is not even a question," he goes on. "Against all odds, against $2 billion worth of negative advertising, the Pope coming against him, former presidents coming against him, the world's financial elite coming against him, no, it's a total miracle."
"God doesn't look at things the way man looks at things, and he said 'I bring kings up and I bring them down.'"
Not only does Howard-Browne have complete faith in God's plan for Trump, he also reassures us that while many doubt the sincerity of Trump's faith, it is, in his experience, entirely genuine.
"If [his faith] were not sincere, he wouldn't have let us pray for him. He actually has five-hour prayer meetings, not just with me, with others. He doesn't quote Scripture, he's not using 'Christianese,' he's Donald Trump... but he knows he can't do anything without God's help. He knows he cannot do anything without divine intervention. He's said this already, he needs God more than ever now." 

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