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  1. Brothers & sisters. I request prayer for Pastor John (teaches Jewish roots and messianic foundations in Raleigh)who has prostate cancer in lymph nodes and bones. Agree that Jesus said "Paid in Full" by His shed blood. We declare John the delivered of the Lord and that his health is restored speedily, to the glory of Jehovah. Thank you. Amen!

  2. 11-4-19

    Prayer Alert for President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu! A shift has taken place in the Spirit that has opened up a portal of angels to usher in God's glory and victory of the uniting in God!

    While in prayer today I saw and heard the accuser screaming 'President Trump will be impeached.' I heard this over and over again in such accusation that the Spirit arose in me to prophesy in the Spirit of Truth and I heard the Lord say: 'Merry Israel.' I then had a vision where I saw President Trump flying a vintage 2 seater war plane and he was in the pilot's seat and Prime Minister Netanyahu was in the back seat and then I saw the plane in reverse, in Hebrew, and Prime Minister Netanyahu was now the pilot. Both men were smiling so big with goggles that had a mirror image of the glory of the Lord raining down on the earth. They were in a dark storm and there were black clouds that depicted another storm was headed their way but they continued their view through the goggles and of their mission in God, while doing stunts in the air from the wind of the storms. This is why the witch hunt against both men as well as many prophets all over the world because of the uniting in My Spirit but God is going to get the victory, He is reversing the curses being spoken!

    I saw written along side of the plane 'America and Israel United in God.' The main color of the plane was white and the tip of the nose was red and the tail was blue and it was covered in black stars and gold stripes. I heard the Lord say that the black stars symbolized those wanting both men out and that he has darkened the light of their fame, thwarting their mission, the gold stripes was His glory. I saw the word Amerisrael along the side of the plane and I heard the Lord say: Merry Israel!

    I then felt a shift and a pause in the Spirit and the plane was now coasting on just the wind from the storm, and I heard the Lord say: "Tell My people to take a pause from what they are doing and sing and shout praises of victory over both men and both countries. I heard Psalm 33:3 "Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise." I saw the angels as spoken of in Revelation 8 blowing the trumpets of the Lord and calling God's people to sing and speak abundant life, blessings and victory!

    Prophesy and Proclaim <3


Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your head from the Lord Jesus, Yeshua HaMashiach.

Steve Martin
Love For His People
Charlotte, NC USA