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Monday, August 12, 2019

"Are You a Scout, Pioneer or Settler?" - Garris Elkins THE ELIJAH LIST

"Are You a Scout, Pioneer or Settler?"

Aug 12, 2019
From the Desk of Steve Shultz:
Steve Shultz
     I must say, the title of this article itself intrigued me and piqued my interest.
     I think this is a question we can all ask ourselves in the times and seasons where we co-labor with God.
     I was also amazed at the revelation that Garris Elkins discovered from his own family line!
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In What Season Do You Find Yourself?
Defining how you function in your current season of assignment will clarify your message and its application and help you lead others to the destination of a promise. To describe a season, I will use the metaphor of the westward expansion of the United States during the 1800s. In that expansion, three unique assignments were present – scouts, pioneers and settlers. Each one played a critical role in the settling of the United States, and if properly understood, these unique roles have an important application for us today as we invite segments of our culture to experience a God-birthed destiny.
The westward expansion metaphor is close to my heart. Shortly after arriving in Medford, Oregon almost 20 years ago, I found out my relatives were on the first wagon train into the Rogue Valley in 1846. I discovered that information after visiting a local museum and noting on the manifest of the Applegate Wagon Train that one of the pioneers listed was Alphonso Boone, the grandson of the historical figure, Daniel Boone.
I am a nephew of Daniel Boone. My mother's maiden name was Boone.It was an emotional discovery to realize God had positioned me in a small town where part of my history was waiting to be discovered. I later found out I had other relatives from the Boone family buried in the historic pioneer cemetery less than a mile from our home.
As the Church explores the subject of reformation, the unique role of those early explorers takes on new meaning. We can learn a great deal from those who went before us into new and unfamiliar places. (Photo via Unsplash)
When we ask people to consider something new in God's Kingdom and invite them to make a journey with us into the unexplored landscape of a fresh revelation, this metaphor will take on a personal application.
Scouts Explore and Persuade
The journey westward in the 1800s began with scouts heading out alone to discover a previously unexplored route leading to a new frontier. Scouts found safe passage through dangerous mountain passes and across swollen rivers. Returning from their exploratory venture, they invited people to make that same journey to pioneer a new land. Based on the intelligence the scout gathered, those who followed would experience far less jeopardy in the journey under their care and guidance.
In a spiritual context, scouts explore the expanding frontier of a fresh revelation where an apostolic blueprint is being considered. This is what John the Baptist did when he cried out from the wilderness, announcing the approaching Kingdom of God in the person of Jesus Christ. It is what Paul did when he returned from his missionary journeys and gave a report.
Can't You Talk Louder, God?
By the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit, scouts persuade and challenge the status quo. They extend an invitation similar to the invitation a scout would offer bands of wagons gathering in the Midwest, waiting for someone to lead them on their perilous westward journey. Scouts present pioneers with the details of an explored route and inspire those listening to entertain the risk required to move forward.
Pioneers Learn Survival Skills
The second group are the pioneers. They are the first to follow the intelligence gathered by a scout. Most wagon journeys began in the spring allowing the pioneers to travel during the summer months. The timing was critical because pioneers would need to arrive at their destination in the early fall before the winter storms came. Once they arrived, they would only have a few weeks to construct crude cabins to survive their first winter in an untamed wilderness.
Their courage against seemingly impossible odds was stunning. I've read accounts of how their clothing and shoes had either worn out or rotted off their bodies in the journey. They learned from mountain men and indigenous people how to make clothing and moccasins from animal skins. In many cases, they lived in these garments for a year or two until traders arrived with new clothing to sell.
During the journey and upon their arrival in an untamed wilderness of a fresh revelation, spiritual pioneers must learn how to survive the first season in a fresh revelation. Everything is immediate to a pioneer. They are surrounded by on-going threats to their survival. Like the children of Israel entering the Promised Land, a place of promise is not immune from hardship. It was hard for the early pioneers in the American West and it is a challenge for present-day pioneers. Some ways of thinking we bring with us at the start of our journey will either wear out or get discarded along the way to lighten our load. Once we arrive at our destination we need to be clothed with new ways of thinking and new methods of operation to prosper and endure. (Photo via Pixabay)
Settlers Create Culture and Community
All revelation must mature in its application. Without that maturity, our presence will not be sustainable, and our influence will eventually die off from exposure to the harsh elements and exhaustion.
A pioneer must make a transition, becoming a settler so the future fullness of the promise can be experienced. Having survived their first winter, settlers began to build community and culture. They created social structures, government, housing, transportation, and trade. Those elements would lead to the long-term socio-economic health of the community, and as a result, those institutions would create a positive and stable influence on following generations.
These three unique assignments of scout, pioneer, and settler are present in any fruitful enterprise whether it is the fulfillment of the Great Commission, starting a business, establishing a new direction for civil government or an artist exploring a new genre. There may be times when we actually move between all three of these roles as our vision or mission changes direction in the journey. The clarity of knowing in which season we are currently assigned goes a long way in helping us prosper and finish well in our Kingdom assignment.(To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Garris Elkins, Author and Prophetic Minister
Prophetic Horizons

Garris Elkins and his wife, Jan, are a spiritual father and mother to many, both in the United States and abroad. Garris' ministry, Prophetic Horizons, is a ministry of teaching, writing, and prophecy committed to raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris and Jan live in southern Oregon.
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Friday, October 9, 2015

"Prophetic Words of Hope and Encouragement Over Roseburg and Oregon" - The Elijah List

The shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon has filled our hearts with sorrow. I live in Southern Oregon, and know many of the pastors and churches involved in the healing process that is now just beginning. One of these selfless servants is a young pastor who is a chaplain for the first responders. He was there when bodies of the victims were first removed from the scene. He saw things no one should ever have to see.
This week, after I talked with some of these church leaders, I needed to get away and process what I was feeling. I took a long walk along a country road and began to pray. As I walked, I felt the Lord remind me of something a young man said to me years ago. What made Christianity so appealing to him was the resolution it provided for the pain and sorrow we experience. Christianity provides resolution for the most challenging and painful things we will encounter in this world – painful events that take place without reason or explanation. Evil has no good purpose. The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy.
As I pondered the wisdom of this young man's words, I realized how right he was. Jesus is God's resolution for all the pain and sorrow of humanity. With Jesus the resolution for death is resurrection. The resolution for moments of deepest darkness is the brilliant revelation of truth. 
The resolution available in pits of despair is hope. Each painful thing we experience has a polar opposite resolution of goodness sent by God to every grieving heart. These resolutions are something only God can provide because they are miraculous in nature.(Photo via Pixabay)
Every action of Jesus demonstrated the love of the Father. Jesus never attributed untimely death, murder or tragedy to God. 
Our responsibility is to believe in God's higher reality of love when the natural evidence speaks to the contrary. Our life then becomes a response in faith to the promise of God's goodness in the midst of sorrow.
The Church is a prophetic community. We see things not yet present in our world and speak them into existence. When Paul said he desired that all of us have the ability to prophesy, he was making an invitation to every Christ-follower to live this way in every circumstance of life. Each of us has the ability to prophesy the hope of a Kingdom resolution into the pain and heartache that overwhelms our cities and our nation.
Our calling is to prophesy Heaven upon the earth. In these moments of revelation our voice becomes part of the redemptive process. Our words of resolution are not to be couched in some insensitive need to always have something to say. These prophetic resolutions must be spoken with a wisdom and tenderness that partners with a Spirit-led sense of timing.
In moments of human tragedy, God wants us to listen first for His voice before we begin to speak. Jesus modeled this for us when He spoke only what He heard the Father saying. When God begins to reveal His heart you will know it is His voice because His message will be one that, "Gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist" (Romans 4:17). His voice will carry resolution.(Photo via Pixabay)
When John shared his revelation from the Isle of Patmos he described a voice shouting a new reality from Heaven for the earth and its inhabitants, "He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever. And the one sitting on the throne said, 'Look, I am making everything new!'" (Revelation 21:4-5).
John's words will someday be the ultimate resolution for the pain and sorrow we have seen in places like Roseburg, Oregon and in many other cities across our nation when senseless acts of evil are thrust upon its citizens.
God's resolution of goodness will be the ultimate reality for every hurting heart in every circumstance of life. Those resolutions are the message we carry. Speak them in faith and trust in the goodness of God to prevail.
Garris Elkins, Author and Prophetic Minister
Prophetic Horizons

Garris Elkins' ministry, Prophetic Horizons, is a ministry of teaching, writing, and prophecy committed to raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris and his wife, Jan, are a spiritual father and mother to many, both in the United States and abroad. They live in Medford, Oregon, where they just completed 33 years of pastoral ministry, with the last 15 years as Senior Leaders of Living Waters Church in Medford. Their ministry involves traveling, teaching, and mentoring leaders and churches. Garris and Jan have two grown children, Anna and David.

It is written, "The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18
A fresh wind is blowing across the state of Oregon. The Spirit of the Lord is drawing the hearts of mankind, and many will come to the House of the Lord to receive what the Father has longed to give them – the robe, ring and shoes of sonship.
The enemy intends for mass attacks to occur across the United States, but through prayer, intercession and worship that evil spirit will be hindered, and that evil spirit's larger plan will not take root. It will not take root!
Cry Out Against Injustice
The Spirit of the Lord is moving in Oregon. Old wells have been re-dug. Yet a fresh wind is beginning to blow. Revival has been the cry on many a tongue. Now watch and see how the Lord responds when you cry out to Him this year; when you cry out to Him against injustices. (Photo via Wikimedia)
He is compassionate and He will grant restitution – a move of His grace upon the hearts of young and old.
I see a time of blessing coming upon the Body of Christ and one particular group responding in very great numbers. The youth across America will rise up and possess the gates of the Lord's enemy. Their robes have been washed. A ring of authority has been placed on their hands and their feet are shod in preparation for the Gospel of peace.
The tide is changing. It's the hour of revival. But I hear in my spirit, "Who will cry out against injustices in the land, against the taking of the precious?"
The Lord is compassionate. When you cry out to Him, He will answer with restitution.
Pamela Koefoed
Ignite School of Ministries 

Website: |
During a traumatic childhood, Jesus delivered Pamela Koefoed from death’s door. Years later, she began encountering Jesus and His angels in visitations. By the power of the Holy Spirit, her ministry has demonstrated a strong and accurate prophetic anointing. Pamela ministers nationally and internationally where hundreds have experienced the healing power of God, deliverance from strongholds, and the life-infusing rhema word of the Lord. Pamela is the director of Ignite School of Ministry in Southern Oregon. She is the author of two books, Angels Appearing and JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness.

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Garris Elkins, Pamela Koefoed and Michael Kroning: "Prophetic Words of Hope and Encouragement Over Roseburg and Oregon"

by Garris Elkins, Pamela Koefoed and Michael Kroning
Oct 9, 2015
From Elijah List Publications and Our Entire Staff:

Steve Shultz

Dennis Wilhelm

Julie A. Smith
As fellow Oregonians we are saddened and heart-broken by the senseless shooting tragedy that happened in Roseburg, Oregon last week at Umpqua Community College. For those who don't know, Elijah List Ministries is located in Albany, OR. about 2 hours away from Roseburg.
Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of this tragic event, the entire community and the leaders who are dealing with this firsthand. We mourn with those who mourn...
As Christians we know that our God always, always has a great plan of redemption in EVERY situation that this world faces... and so it is with Roseburg.
We are posting a special article today from authors and ministry leaders who are from the Roseburg area and Southern Oregon – Garris Elkins, Pamela Koefoed and Michael Kroning. In this article you will find words filled with hope and encouragement from the very heart of God for Roseburg and for Oregon.
These leaders have sought the Lord for words to speak over this community and our state. We pray that those in the Roseburg area would be covered in God's unlimited peace and comfort and be filled with "the God of Hope" in this difficult time.
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13
Many blessings from the entire Elijah List Staff.
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Monday, June 16, 2014

The End Of The Invisible Season - Garris Elkins

Garris Elkins:
The Elijah List

Garris and Jan ElkinsWe are in a season where what has been invisible will now be made known. Those who have gone unnoticed even after years of faithful service will become visible as God confirms and performs His Word in their lives.

As this thought formed in my mind, I saw the dim and partial image of a person walking toward me. With each step forward, their form became more and more visible until they were fully seen. When their image was fully developed, they appeared in a situation where previously they had been invisible.

The Lord is calling His Church into a place of recognition – not for personal recognition, but for the recognition of the presence of the One we carry.

Where answers are needed to save a business, someone will appear who will have a turnaround answer. Where a government is in stalemate, someone will appear in the midst of gridlock with solutions direct from the government of Heaven. Where a family has been bound in deception for multiple generations, a lone believer will finally be recognized and deliver a word that will bring generational freedom.

"I Am Making a Way For You"

free photo flickrAs I continued to pray and understand what the Lord was revealing, He spoke these encouraging words for some who feel they are invisible and unrecognized:

"You feel invisible. No one has noticed you. You have tried to be heard, but nothing has worked. You wanted to have an influence for truth and love, only to have your words land on seemingly deaf ears. You think this is a negative – it is not.

I have been keeping you safe until the time I choose to make your presence known.

"There will be a time for you to be seen and that timing must be My choice. Continue to walk forward in this invisible season and you will walk out into a place of visibility orchestrated by My perfect timing. Don't stop moving forward. 

You are able to advance into this new territory because you are not yet seen. I am making a way for you. This is My task, not yours.

(Photo via

"You were created to have a voice and be heard. Make an exchange with Me. Give Me your demand and your need to be heard. In that exchange I will give you a voice – a voice empowered by My Spirit.

ElijahList Prophetic Resources

"Stay in a Place of Peace"

"Once you are visible stay in the place of My peace. My peace will not be dependent on your surroundings. I am delivering you into this hostile territory for a purpose. The peace you carry and the peace you will experience upon your arrival will be so powerful it will not make sense to you or to those who finally see you. 

The forces opposing My plan will see you appearing within their camp not knowing how you got there. Your revealing will be My surprise.

The peace you carry will become your protection. My enveloping peace will also become the platform from which you will speak. Your words will create breakthrough where there would normally be resistance and opposition. Potential battlegrounds will become places of life and peace."

Garris Elkins, Senior Leader
Living Waters Church – Medford, Oregon

Garris Elkins' ministry, Prophetic Horizons, is a ministry of teaching, writing, and prophecy committed to raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris and his wife, Jan, are the Senior Leaders of Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon, and have two grown children, Anna and David.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garris Elkins: I Saw Dominoes Fall Into Their Destiny - Causing a Supernatural Chain Reaction

Garris Elkins: I Saw Dominoes Fall 
Into Their Destiny  
- Causing a 
Supernatural Chain Reaction
The Elijah List

As the Day of Pentecost approaches each year, I am always stirred by the Spirit to watch for significant events that might take place. Many of these events happen very visibly. However, we can forget that something else may have taken place "out of sight" – that set in motion the larger circumstances unfolding before our eyes.

Garris and Jan ElkinsDream of Dominoes

This week I had a dream. In the dream I saw a long and winding row of dominoes. The landscape was a fairy tale setting, like an illustrated children's story. Some of the dominoes had a single human face, and others represented the faces of entire groups of people. A description of each unique destiny was written across the body of each domino.

At the head of the line was domino number one. This domino was not the largest or the most unique – it was simply the first in line. I then saw a large finger enter the image and touch the first domino, and it fell over. I knew this was the finger of God. As the first domino fell, it began a chain reaction that caused the remaining dominoes to fall in succession.

Some of these falling dominoes were much larger than the Dominoesothers. A few of the larger dominoes literally dwarfed the first domino. The dominoes were people. Others represented nations, and some were multi-national corporations. Once this chain reaction began, it continued on toward the distant horizon and eventually out of sight. Then I awoke.

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

As I processed the dream, God began to download some of its interpretation to me. 

I felt the Lord say this season of Pentecost would be a tipping point in the Church and the cultures of the earth. The falling of these dominoes is not a falling into a place of failure – it is a falling into destiny. 

The falling of these dominoes would represent their bowing down before the will of the Lord for each individual, nation, business, and culture.

The size of a domino did not determine its significance. Some dominoes that seemed insignificant in the natural would have a huge impact in the Spirit. Their significance was not in their size, but rather it was in their placement and position in the line of unfolding events. The seemingly insignificant would precede the significant. The falling of some of the larger dominoes was the result of what had taken place behind the scenes when a small domino fell into its destiny.

ElijahList Prophetic Resources

"Cultures of the Earth..."

The Lord begin to speak to me about His desire in this season of Pentecost:
"I am about to raise My finger and touch the cultures of the earth. I am reaching out and touching lives that will fall into My presence. This falling is not for destruction. My touch will set into motion the plans I have for goodness and hope for all the earth.

Obedience will tip the scales of world events"In the past you have focused on the larger events of history and missed what I did to bring these larger events to pass. It was the small event that I touched that set off the chain reaction of natural events you broadcasted in your news. 

(Photo by Ben Earwicker)

"In this season be wise and insightful and look for that place of simple obedience that will tip the scales of world events. 

Set your acts of obedience before Me, and I will tip them toward My heart and will. This is not a time for hesitation in your obedience.

"Do not let anyone tell you that the smallness of your obedience will have little impact. 

I have hidden significance in what appears to be small to the natural man. Like My David against Goliath and like My Joseph abandoned in a pit, I set the grandest works in motion by the smallest acts of obedience when all odds are set against the one who obeys.

"I am about to amaze you in how quickly I work. I have selected a significant domino to fall that will release a chain reaction of My design for your future. The significance of this domino is My secret. I want to surprise you in its manifestation. This chain reaction will change the landscape of My Church and the cultures of the earth."

Garris Elkins, Senior Leader
Living Waters Church – Medford, Oregon

Garris Elkins' ministry, Prophetic Horizons, is a ministry of teaching, writing, and prophecy committed to raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris and his wife, Jan, are the Senior Leaders of Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon, and have two grown children, Anna and David.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Father's Wisdom For You by Garris Elkins (The Elijah List)

Garris Elkins:
The Elijah List

Garris and Jan ElkinsAt my age and length of service in God's Kingdom, I am now what some people would call a spiritual father. In most gatherings I am one of the older pastors in the room. As we age, wisdom can increasingly be present and in operation in our lives if we have allowed God access to our hearts along the way in our journey of faith.

A spiritual father should be able to speak words of wisdom, but he should also be able to reveal the heart of God out of which that wisdom was birthed. Understanding God's heart is what motivates our obedience. Wisdom, without knowing God's heart, is a limited understanding of wisdom.

For the last month the Lord has been asking me as a spiritual father to join with Him to encourage His Church to believe for something new. He began to give me simple sentences of understanding, and then a few days later He would reveal His heart behind each of those words. This deeper revelation helped me understand His heart that motivated His wisdom.

I invite you to read these words delivered by two fathers – an imperfect earthly, spiritual father and a perfect and loving Heavenly Father. 

God wants to encourage us to keep believing and trusting that He is good and has good things planned for His children. Understanding this truth is the foundation of true wisdom.

Honor Is the Victory

Jacob honors EsauAs you walk in honor, God desires to turn your enemies into allies. Those who have opposed you will now come to your rescue. Honor is the victory.

"I am about to do a turnaround. This turnaround will surprise you because you would never think your enemies could become your allies. This is a time to give honor to those who have betrayed you. Once the honor is given, the enemy of your soul that has caused this division will lose his ability to control the outcome. 

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons by the Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld and Providence Lithograph Company)

"This will be like the meeting of My sons, Jacob and Esau, years after a great division took place in their relationship. Jacob humbled himself before his offended brother, bowing down before him in humility, and I did a powerful work of restoration. I have this work of restoration planned for you and those defined as your enemy."

The Door That Can Only Be Crossed With A Humble Stride

At every point of adversity a door of destiny is opened. The threshold of this door can only be crossed with a humble stride.

"There have been places of adversity in your life – places that you now run from. I am calling you to step with humility into these places of adversity, and I will open a supernatural doorway. This doorway is hidden from prideful eyes. Only the humble will see this doorway and walk across its threshold. 

Step forward, and I will show you what I am about to do."

There IS Treasure In the Debris of Your Challenges

After difficult discussions and challenging interaction there has been relational debris left behind. The way forward is found in the debris.

The Power of Passionate Intention by Mark Chironna"The world collects debris and calls it garbage. I collect debris and transform it into treasure. 

There have been painful outcomes in some of your relationships. What was left behind has been defined as debris. I am about to change your definitions. 

(Photo via Flickr by International Labour Organization,license, resized by The Elijah List)

"This is the same kind of debris Peter faced when he failed Me the night of My betrayal. Peter thought his future would be navigated around the constant reminder of his failure. I had another plan.

"If you are looking for the way forward, it will be found in the restoration of those relationships that now look like piles of debris. The restoration you seek will be found by making right your contribution to the failure in those relationships. If you do this, I will show you the treasure I see within the debris."

ElijahList Prophetic Resources

First Encounter God

New direction is the result of realignment. Realignment only takes place after an encounter with God. Encounter is the priority, not a new direction.

"Your desire for a new direction has replaced your desire for the sound of My voice. Seeking new direction will not bring you peace. Only My voice brings peace. You are in need of realignment, not to a new purpose or direction, but to Me. Encounter Me as My Church did in Antioch when they waited before Me in worship and prayer. Encounter Me and I will reveal to you a new direction."

Just Obey

Return to the feasting table of fresh revelationA word from God loses its impact and becomes diluted when we run it through too many relational or corporate filters before we obey.

"Invite people to your obedience. Do not wait for consensus. You have allowed My word to become diluted in your heart. The filter of man's opinion has strained out the meat of My word from within you. I have prepared a wonderful meal for you. Return to the feasting table of fresh revelation. Put down your fear of failure and your need to have others walk with you in your obedience. I have not left you alone. I am the One who will do what I promised." 

(Photo via Flickr by BuzzFarmers,license.)

Your Destiny Waits For You In God's Presence

For real change to take place there must exist both a willingness to let go of the present and a willingness to embrace the future.

"You are holding on when you should be letting go. I have promised to lead you to a good place – a place of blessing and purpose. Do not fear the future you define as 'unknown.' I know this future because I reside there. It is from that place that I am inviting you to come. Your destiny waits for you in My presence. Let go. Come to Me and I will welcome you."

Wisdom Moves At the Speed of Revelation

Wisdom moves at the speed of revelationWhen God is moving and someone says, "We need to slow down," this is fear speaking. Wisdom moves at the speed of revelation.

"My wisdom is not limited to the measurements and restrictions of the natural world. When I gave you the word of hope, I gave it knowing it would seem too fast to you. I was after more than the accomplishment of that word. I was after that place of fear in your heart that caused you to pull back and ask for things to slow down. Trust Me. Take hold of My promise and move forward with confidence in My faithfulness to perform what I have promised." 

(Photo via Flickr by photologue_np, license, edited and resized by The Elijah List)

God Honors Your Faithful Persistence

If you keep pressing in, you will eventually break through. God honors faithful persistence.

"You will move forward in the direction you have chosen to lean. Lean toward My grace. Press in toward My faithfulness. Tilt your life in the direction of My promise. This is your act of pressing in. Even in your failure, you will fall in the direction you have chosen to lean. This is how breakthrough will take place in your life.

"I have promised to give you the desires of your heart if you will first delight yourself in Me. Your delight in Me is your persistence in the middle of opposition. I will honor your persistence with breakthrough because you have chosen to press into Me."

Garris Elkins, Senior Leader
Living Waters Church – Medford, Oregon

Garris Elkins' ministry, Prophetic Horizons, is a ministry of teaching, writing, and prophecy committed to raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris and his wife, Jan, are the Senior Leaders of Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon, and have two grown children, Anna and David.

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March 24, 2014
Garris Elkins:
Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Wisdom is always needed...and increased wisdom is needed in this day in which we live! This is an excellent word by Garris Elkins about "The Father's Wisdom" made available to us.

Be encouraged by this word and by Garris' statement here: God wants to encourage us to keep believing and trusting that He is good and has good things planned for His children. Understanding this truth is the foundation of true wisdom.


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