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Monday, November 30, 2015

Something nice came my way - a word of encouragement received.

Nov. 30, 2015


On occasion I will receive a note or two - through FaceBook, email, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn - that seems to bring special encouragement to me.

It certainly helps when another one shares such a word - to keep pressing on, doing what we do. Although we don't see or hear often what fruit results from our labor of love, in time we shall know all. But we can appreciate what does come along the way!

I share this one such note below. It certainly encouraged me.

Thank you Mary Louise!

Steve Martin
Love For His People

P.S. Someday the Lord will release me from my full time accounting job to give all attention to the ministry of Love For His People. Yeah!!

"God Bless you Steve and keep you. You have no idea how many of my friends are enjoying the geographical and spiritual journal you take us on as you post. I know that some of my relatives might be a little testing at times; but I have notices they are not a bad as they were. That's what I wanted on my Facebook page and I am glad my Godbrother through his Facebook page brought you in my life. One day I hope to meet you and your beautiful family."

Mary Louise