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Return of the Biblical Harp - Breaking Israel News

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Return of the Biblical Harp

After 2,000 years the prophetic sound of David's harp is heard again in Jerusalem

Goldin Family Condemns UN:
Calls for Return of Son's Remains

Lt. Hadar Goldin's parents urged UN to help get their son's remains back for burial in Israel

ICYMI: Scientist Discovers Mathematical Proof of God of Israel

The world was calibrated according to location of Jerusalem and return of Jews to Israel

ICYMI- Burning Man: Artistic Festival or Devil Worship?

The annual festival has several elements reminiscent of idol worship
By Daniel Greenfield
By Daniel Pipes
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Maoz Israel Report - Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram, August 2018

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0818 - Top - Israel's Hope   1988: FIRST MESSIANIC JEWISH

   IN 1900 YEARS 
       By Shira Sorko-Ram 

       Exactly forty years after David Ben Gurion declared
Israel's independence, a group of Messianic Jewish
pioneers organized a conference in Jerusalem over
Shavuot (Pentecost) weekend... Read the article...

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0818 - conference banner   ISRAEL, GOD'S 

            The numbers 70 - Fulfilment 
            and 50 - Freedom & Liberty

      "In the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood 
by the books the number of the years specified by the 
word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet, that 
He would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of
Jerusalem." (Daniel 9:2) 

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       One of the goals of is to help
raise the standard of living of Israel's Messianic Jews
and Arab Christians so that these believers will be
strong, skilled witnesses of the God of Israel and our
Messiah Yeshua. Here are five applications among a 
total of 40 requests... Continue reading...

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The Truth about How Hamas Treats the Arabs - Israel Video Network

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Hamas is stealing from the Gazan people. They stole thousands of gallons of fuel and are making the people pay more than double the price. Will the world tell you how Hamas is making the people of Gaza suffer? They steal whatever they can and invest it in terror. The media can no longer stay silent about this.
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That is NOT what presidents are supposed to do!
Learn Hebrew online
Language Warning - This type of anti-Semitism is rampant on college campuses!
An Israeli woman has created a genius device to help women detect breast cancer early enough to treat it. She’s empowering women worldwide with this handheld portable device. Once again, Israel has done something to better the world and literally help people live!
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Shalom from Jerusalem! 
Avi Abelow
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Going by Faith - Carolyn & Richard Hyde, Heart of G-d Ministries

Shalom dear ones,

We apologize for the delay in responding as we are in the midst of the conference. But oh how we thank you for your love and prayers for our family!

Our daughter and son-in-law made it - Hallelujah! And they’re so grateful to be learning life skills to bring Shalom Beit - Peace at Home - to their family. In the end the nanny was deported but our oldest daughter stepped in to care for the children. It’s a huge challenge because of all the emotional wounds in the children.

Our wonderful son-in-law confessed that the first day at the conference he was closed because of getting beat up by Christians several times as a child. But he remarked that he’s so blessed to be with these kind of Christians! So this conference is bringing healing in more ways than one.

Thank you for keeping our family in prayer, especially Avi and Liora, and we pray for you all to experience Shalom Beit!

In Yeshua’s love,
Carolyn and Richard
Heart of G-d Ministries, PO Box 461546, San Antonio, TX 78246