Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lost Jews in India - Going To Find Them! (Morris Ruddick)

March 6, 2011

Dear Steve,

In roughly 24 hours, together with my Israeli Ethiopian friend Kokeb, I'll be flying to India.  

From the time we arrive on India's west coast, we will begin searching for Indian nationals of Jewish heritage, whose ancestors were forceably converted during the inquisition and who later fled from Spain and Portugal as the inquisition scourges continued.

In some circles they are known as conversos or in Hebrew as anusim. In others they are referred to as hidden (or crypto) Jews, having secretly retained and passed down certain Jewish practices, within their families, from one generation to another.

In Jeremiah's days, the Lord spoke to a unique family-group known as the Rechabites (Jer 35). Their faithfulness to obey the mandate passed down by their forebearer and adhere to vows he had made, brought them honor from the prophet and the promise of safety and a word from God that "Jehonadab son of Rechab shall not want a man to stand before Me forever."

This trans-generational mantle parallel is at the heart of our mission of identifying and bringing release and blessing to these hidden Jews.

In the natural, our task might be described as hunting for a needle in a haystack; or perhaps even taking a shot in the dark. The survival of the hidden Jews during inquisition generations was based on their true identities being carefully masked. Gaining the trust of their modern-day descendents will take a special sensitivity both spiritually and interpersonally.

Since we're convinced this unique assignment was birthed in the heart of God; we believe He will not only lead us, but will give us the awareness and wisdom needed when we meet those of this lineage.

It is a mission distinctly out of the box. Spiritually, this pioneering effort represents the opportunity to bring closure, honor and release to ones bearing a generational brand-mark of persecution. Our desire in connecting with these dear ones is simply to open the door of blessing to them. 

In the western hemisphere, extensive efforts along these lines have resulted in communities of Jewish believers being identified, with reports of some reestablishing their roots in Israel. However, despite the history of the conversos/anusim settling on the west coast of India during the inquisition; little is known as to their current-day status.

With so much of this assignment broaching the unknown, we also anticipate it will carry something new and supernatural that the Lord is forging for both Kokeb's and my ministry.

After a late evening arrival and spending the night in Mumbai, we will be heading south to the university city of Pune. The leads we have there, we pray, will determine whether those we are seeking are in that area; or whether we need to travel to another locale.

In other words, we are depending on the leading of the Lord and your prayers to guide us, and lead us to these dear ones. Indeed, we walk by faith and not by sight.

What is unfolding is clearly taking me off the beaten path. Clearly it is a part of the change the Lord recently advised me about. As we proceed, there is a powerful anticipation for what lies ahead, as the Lord integrates the old with the new.

May the Lord impart to you a special excitement and blessing, as you become participators with us, in this pathway of discovery, with your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

In His service,

Morris Ruddick
Global Initiatives Foundation

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