Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ephraim and the Orphans in Liberia - Sleeping in Bus Station

Shalom Dad,
How are you and the entire family doing today? I hope and pray that you all are doing great in the Lord.

Dad, I feel real bad sleeping in the buses station with the kids as it's not safe at all. I thank you once again for saving our lives from beeen killed in the hands of the Ghana police, but it's like living in Ghana was much better then the situation that we find ourselves into. Every night I can't sleep, as I am watching over the kids and our things from being taken away. 

Dad, you have been doing well for us wish I highly appreciate,but  it will be a pity  continue sleeping here and then get kill. Honestly Liberia is a country thatjust from war and there are alot of criminal activities  that are going on here every dasy and night, it is just by the grace of Adonai that we're alive here.  From last night the owner of the bus station that we're sleeping said that if we don't leave or fine place to go by next week he will be left with no option then to kick us out of the place. I'm afraid what is going to become of us if this man put us out of this place.

It's not that i'm just here to be asking you for money. It's not my aim to  keep asking you always for money. But if the situation with us is very bad and we don't know any other person as father to turn to. Even though you are not working right now, But if we continue sleeping out side here, any bad thing can happen to us at any time which we're not praying for. I really feel bad  bothering you each time for money. But I'm kindly appealing to you so that you can try your possible best to help us pay for the Renovation of this place.
I pray that you'll not find this as embarrassment to you.

May the good Lord of Israel touch your heart and provide for you to rescue us from here. All the kids extend their greeting to you and MOM.

Ahava and shalom,


Here is a photo of Ephraim before they left Ghana.
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