Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hungarian Jews flee to Austria

Hungarian Jews flee to Austria

Leader of Vienna's Jewish community says anti-Semitism in Hungary is causing influx of Jewish immigrants
Published: 02.05.13, 14:51 / Israel Jewish Scene

VIDEO - The leader of Vienna’s Jewish community says anti-Semitism in Hungary is causing an influx of Jewish immigrants to Austria.

Oskar Deutsch said he was pleased people were coming, but that the circumstances forcing Jews to leave Hungary were deeply troubling.

Video courtesy ofjn1.tv

Austria’s Jewish community numbers approximately 8,000 people and is being joined in recent years by some 150 families annually fleeing from Hungary.

Hungary, which has a Jewish population of approximately 90,000, has been experiencing a wave of anti-Semitism after the ultra-nationalist party Jobbik picked up 47 seats in parliaary elections in 2010.

The party provoked outrage when it recently called for a list of the country’s Jews to be drawn up as a matter of national security.

The party has also labeled Israel a "Nazi state" and accused Jews of controlling Hungary’s media and being responsible for the central European country’s economic woes.


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