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Are You Free… to do what the Lord has given you to do? - Now Think On This by Steve Martin

Are You Free…
to do what the Lord
has given you to do?

Now Think On This
Steve Martin

As a young boy, (growing into a fine young man!) I really enjoyed reading biographies of men and women – those who found what they were created to do, and actually did it.

Men like David Livingstone, the Scottish Congregationalist pioneer medical missionary with the London Missionary Society, and an explorer in Africa. When he was “found” by Henry M. Stanley, the famous British explorer and New York Times reporter, deep in the heart of “the dark continent”, Stanley reportedly spoke this famous quote, when on November 10, 1871, he found the missionary and asked, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

I really liked the bios I read of Eric Liddell, the Scottish missionary to China, as his parents were before him, who was made even more well-known after the movie Chariots of Fire came out in 1981. Eric was an Olympic hero who followed after the heart of the Lord, in all His ways. He took the Gospel to the Far East nation. What an example for a young boy!

Of course there were others who inspired me, much like Harmon Killebrew, the Minnesota Twins baseball home run hitter in the 1970’s; Francis of Assisi, who left it all behind to touch the lives of the poor; and Abraham Lincoln, our American 16th President during the Civil War in the 1860s (I think I must have over 24 books on him alone.)

Finally, a most inspiring book for one who wanted to do the Lord’s will in his life...

The Actes and Monuments, popularly known as Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Is a work of Protestant history and martyrology by John Foxe, first published in English in 1563 by John Day. It includes a polemical account of the sufferings of Protestants under the Catholic Church, with particular emphasis on England and Scotland. The book was highly influential in those countries, and helped shape lasting popular notions of Catholicism there.

The book went through four editions in Foxe's lifetime and a number of later editions and abridgements, including some that specifically reduced the text to a Book of Martyrs. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Above all, there is the One whom it is written, that there are not enough books to cover His life here on earth - our Lord, Jesus the Messiah. None can compare when reading of Him, and how we can walk in His steps even today.

But how do we walk in His ways, or those who continue to inspire and encourage us on today?

If the Lord called you tonight (or sent a text), and said, “Leave all you have and follow Me?" – what would keep you from doing it?

Would it be that job you have, that you don’t like anyway, but grudgingly to it because that is what you think there is just for you to do?

Is it lack of money, believing you need a good amount to get started down the path you’d really like to take, but never took that first step?

Would the opinion of family or friends outweigh the word the Lord wants to give you, or already has spoken to you about, and you keep pushing it back to another time, another place?

Can it be a simple thing like needing to have the constant noise of the TV on, watching meaningless weekly shows, that a month from now will have proven to be of nothing, having lasting value in your life?

Are you free to do what the Lord has given you to do? What is holding you back?

I think if you ask Him, actually “inquire of the Lord” as David did, you’d be given the inspiration to take the first step. 

Psalm 25The Message (MSG)
A David Psalm
25 1-2 My head is high, God, held high;
I’m looking to you, God;
No hangdog skulking for me.

I’ve thrown in my lot with you;
You won’t embarrass me, will you?
Or let my enemies get the best of me?
Don’t embarrass any of us
Who went out on a limb for you.
It’s the traitors who should be humiliated.

Show me how you work, God;
School me in your ways.

Take me by the hand;
Lead me down the path of truth.
You are my Savior, aren’t you?

Mark the milestones of your mercy and love, God;
Rebuild the ancient landmarks!

Forget that I sowed wild oats;
Mark me with your sign of love.
Plan only the best for me, God!

God is fair and just;
He corrects the misdirected,
Sends them in the right direction.

He gives the rejects his hand,
And leads them step-by-step.

10 From now on every road you travel
Will take you to God.
Follow the Covenant signs;
Read the charted directions."

So seek the Lord in faith, not fear, and see what He says. It will be worth it.

Something to think about.

Love you,

Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

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