Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mission Impossible: Finding a 20-Year-Old Who Hasn't Used Porn - KINGDOM WORKS CHARISMA NEWS

Is there any man in his 20s who hasn't used porn?
A University of Montreal professor was searching for a control group of male subjects in their 20s who had never viewed it in order to study porn's effects.
He couldn't find any such young men.
That's right—not a single one.
He had to go back to the drawing board, changing the entire structure of his study.
Given that this was eight years ago, it's probably worse now (although that's hard to imagine). We've only gotten more digitally focused and connected in our society, while even mainstream publications and entertainment are pushing the envelope when it comes to sexually explicit material.
It's literally everywhere you turn—the everyday porn we encounter in movies, TV shows, even on billboards.
What's the Problem?
The average age children are first exposed to porn is 11, and children 12-17 are the biggest consumers of porn. If this isn't reason enough for alarm, consider this: Developing a porn habit can lead to significant problems in later life, such as intimacy issues with a future spouse, divorce, lost productivity, lost employment, affairs, acting out sexually and so much more.
It's not that easy to stop, either.
Many men who use porn regularly are trapped in a binge/purge cycle where they leave it alone for a while, but then they always come back.
If you're thinking this sounds like a drug addiction, you are right on the money.
Porn acts on the brain just as drugs do—releasing a flood of the very same chemicals. And it can be just as hard to quit porn as it is to quit heroin or cocaine.
How to Stop
Quitting cold turkey does not work. You are fighting the structure of your own brain by doing this.
Instead, it's about a renewal of the mind. Dr. Ted Roberts, former pastor and Marine Fighter Pilot, has a 90 percent success rate in helping men quit porn and walk in freedom. He hosts the Conquer Series, a six-disc series featuring expert insights and Biblically based strategies that nearly a half-million men have used to break the hold of porn in their lives.
Said one 68-year-old man "I have had a continuous fight with this since I was a young boy (12 to 13 at best memory), yet I could never figure out why. Thanks be to Jesus Christ for leading me to this point. I ordered the Conquer Series and have just finished disc 3. The hope this has renewed in me I barely dare to express."
Another Conquer Series customer expressed thanks for the series. "Just want to say thank you to all of you folks out there for the Conquer Series. With your help, it's now four months of pure living and a freedom I had not known in over 60 years!"
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