Friday, September 29, 2017

[SIGN] Power for 2017 "Closing the Divide" - Morris Ruddick

[SIGN] Power for 2017

Closing the Divide 

By Morris Ruddick on Sep 29, 2017 
Self-sufficiency is the strategy necessary for the community of God’s people to survive as a culture within a culture. The temptation over the years has been to “be like everyone else” and to assimilate. Self-sufficiency within the household of faith is what protects us from being like everyone else and as a people of God, losing our identity by being absorbed and assimilated.

To accomplish this goal requires big thinking and unity and maturity within the community of believers. It calls for the full biblical practice of righteousness, of tz’dakah, which is operational community generosity and responsibility. It goes back to the practice of not just feeding the poor but giving a helping hand to the poor -- teaching them to fish so to speak rather than just feeding them and making them dependent on you. That is why independent businesses among God’s people is so important.

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