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[SIGN] The Corporate Community 12/23/2017 - Morris Ruddick

[SIGN] The Corporate Community

The Corporate Community

By Morris Ruddick on Dec 23, 2017 01:04 am

A dynamic unique to our times points to the “something more” that is needed. Fifty three of the top one hundred economies in the world are corporations (Global, Inc., Gabel and Bruner, 2003, The New Press, New York). With a handful of corporate giants controlling most of the world's energy, technology, banks, industry, food, and media, this means there are corporations that function as kingdoms, with amazing resources at their command.

In view of the political, social and economic framework that we unconsciously depend on for our future, this dynamic unlocks a remarkable dimension to understanding the role of this generation’s emerging Josephs. It represents an extraordinary potential to navigating through challenging times. As Egypt served during a time of great famine in the days of Joseph, so there will be economic-community havens immune to the prevailing disruptions. They will be driven by unconventional alliances, not unlike what operated between Pharaoh and Joseph. They will function as communities of refuge and serve overriding Kingdom purposes.

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