Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Netanyahu: ‘We are in a Battle’; Hamas Innovation: Use Live Falcon for Arson Terror; Netanyahu Praises US Commitment to Israel - United with Israel

United with IsraelIsrael Bashing US Democrat's Ignorance Exposed; PayPal Closes French BDS Account; Israel Has Every Right to Defend Itself; UN Says Israel Global Leader in Innovation 
‘We are in a Battle,’ Declares Netanyahu After Meeting with IDF Gaza Division
Hamas Innovation: Use a Live Falcon for Arson Terror
Netanyahu Praises  America's ‘Abiding Commitment’ to Israel’s Security
Israel Stands Behind Accusations that EU Funds Terror 
WATCH: After Slamming Israel, NY Democratic Candidate’s Ignorance Exposed 
PayPal Closes Account of French Anti-Israel Boycott Organization 
WATCH: Israel Has Every Right to Defend Itself! 
Israel Continues to Lead in Global Innovation 
WATCH: Remembering the Second Lebanon War, 12 Years Later 
Boycott of Israeli Products? Not at the Israel Product Centre in Nijkerk, Holland 
USA: 1-888-ZION-613 
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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