Friday, June 21, 2019

Martin Family Reunion Time in Charlotte, NC!

Come on, Tom. Smile! In 59 years it won't matter!

Martin Family Reunion Time in Charlotte, NC!

June 21-22, 2019

Time for another gathering of the Martin clan. A few photos from reunions gone by...

Steve Martin
The oldest brother (of 5 sisters and two brothers!)

Beech Mountain, June 2017

My five sisters - Kentucky 2013
 Another go-cart championship race is scheduled!!!!
Brother Tom Martin, good wife Laure Martin and only granddaughter Dylan Joy Martin 2010

 Sons Ben and Josh Martin with dad (Steve) 2017

 Niece Alicia Johnson and daughter Hannah Martin Avalos - Kentucky 2010

 Mom's 80th in Charlotte, NC 2013

Tennessee 2005

Martin brothers! (L-R) Rob, Steve, Tom 2005

Steve & Laurie with Josh and Ben - Kentucky 2010

 Kentucky June 1999

MARTIN FAMILY PHOTOS - over the years
(as follows)

 Cedar Falls, Iowa 1973

 Charlotte, NC - 2014

Mom's 80th in 2013

 Cedar Falls, Iowa 1979

...and then the early years for some of us siblings - Sue, Mary, Tom, and Steve...


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