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Monday, September 4, 2017

Ancient Prayers ✡ "She Prayed To Hashem, Weeping All The While" - Israel365

In her wretchedness, she prayed to Hashem,
weeping all the while.

וְהִיא מָרַת נָפֶשׁ וַתִּתְפַּלֵּל עַל־יְהוָה וּבָכֹה תִבְכֶּה

שמואל א א:י
v’-HEE ma-RAT NA-fesh va-tit-pa-LAYL al a-do-NAI u-va-KHOH tiv-KEH

Today's Israel Inspiration

The Book of Samuel opens with a heartbroken Chana who has no children, and therefore goes to pray at the Mishkan (tabernacle) in Shiloh.  The Mishkan stood in Shiloh for 369 years before the building of the Beit Hamikdash in Yerushalayim.  During that time, Shiloh served as the central focal point of the national service to Hashem. Unfortunately, many of the Israelites ignored the Mishkan, and refrained from visiting it for the pilgrimage festivals. Therefore, when Elkana and Chana, who were prophets, made their pilgrimages to Shiloh, they travelled along different routes each time, in order to encourage others to join them, and to serve Hashem properly.  Established in 1978, contemporary Shiloh is a thriving Jewish community built adjacent to the ancient site where the Mishkan stood and where Chana prayed for a child. In addition to the fascinating archaeological site, excavated by the Israel Antiquities Authority, modern Shiloh contains several synagogues, one of which is built as a replica of the Mishkan. However, Shiloh is in a community over the Green Line. Sadly, it has been struck by repeated acts of terror – and many of the children of Shiloh suffer from mental and physical challenges as a result. The Shiloh Israel Children's Fund focuses on helping these affected children lead normal and happy lives.

One of the Oldest Roads in the World!

Judaism in Israel began in the ancient city of Shiloh. Shiloh is now a gem of archaeology!

Expansion of Halamish in the Face of Terror

As the people of Halamish in Samaria slowly recover from the brutal  murders of three members of the Salomon family expansion of the Halamish community has begun.

Archaeological Proofs of the Validity of the Bible

For many years, it seemed as if there were no archaeological remains from the period when the Israelite nation entered the Land of Israel as recorded in the book of Joshua. Recent investigations have revealed hundreds of priorly unknown Israelite sites from this historical period. Watch now to witness breathtaking discoveries of archaeological evidence of the Jewish Nation entering the Promised Land.
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Plant a tree to expand the borders of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.


Today's Israel Photo

Photographer Zev Rothkoff captured this beautiful photo of the 'Narkis Flower' native to the Land of Israel.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

David Lebo: "A Tsunami of My Spirit is About to Hit the USA!" - THE ELIJAH LIST


David Lebo: "A Tsunami of My Spirit is About to Hit the USA!"

THE ELIJAH LIST Jul 26, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Bill Yount:
God is bringing His prophets out of the woods who have preached to trees long before they have preached in pulpits.
David Lebo is such a one who the trees have heard from. He's a trail blazer from the hills of West Virginia, who has been called to the nations.
I have known David for many years and we have ministered together. With fire in his bones, he ministers prophetically, seeing the gold in people, as the Holy Spirit burns away the wood, hay and stubble. From this message you will know that he has hung out in the woods with Jesus. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Bill Yount
Blowing the Shofar Ministry
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News
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"A tsunami of My Spirit is about to hit the east coast of the United States of America and sweep across this great land—from the east to the south, moving across into the west, then north into Canada and down into Mexico. The entire Western Hemisphere will be affected by this revival and awakening," says the Lord God Almighty.
"O America, My beautiful: prepare for the impact. For a tsunami of My Spirit, is about to come upon you! Nothing can stop what I am about to do in this nation! Nothing devised by man nor any demon in Hell can stand against this move of God. Only a warning sound can be given!
"Shock waves will be felt throughout this country and around the world. Wave upon wave will come. It will be relentless. It will come from person to person, from church to church, from region to region, and from state to state. For I am breaking open the fountains of the great deep that lie within My people! (Photo via Unsplash)
"It's the power of God that they never knew was there. But I have had reserved for them all along! They will know who they are, Whose they are, and what is at their disposal. They are coming forth with My power and My anointing to take back what has been stolen from them. They will take new ground in My name fully weaponized by My Spirit," says the Lord.
Consuming Waters and a Mighty Shaking
"Nothing will be left untouched by these waters! Everything will be affected! With this tsunami will come a tremendous shaking in the land. I, the Lord God, I will shake everything. Every stone that has been laid by the hands of men will be torn down. Only those stones that are laid by the hand of God shall remain because, I am the Lord God—I am the Architect! I am the Builder!
"Return to your first love! America: I am calling you back! Back to the foundations of what this country was built upon—the truth of My Word."
"I am building My Church. I am building My Tabernacle. I am building My Temple in this day, and in this hour. My people, they are My Temple—individually and corporately—they make up the Bride of Christ. Individual temples making up a larger House of the living God.
"This shaking will be unlike any other shaking that has ever been felt in the earth or in the Body of Christ. Lines will be drawn. Sides will be taken. Some will reject, but more will come in."

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve
The battle cry of this revival is: Choose this Day Whom You Will Serve! If God be God serve Him! If Baal be God serve him. It is a showdown of the ages. It's like Elijah on top of Mount Carmel. You cannot serve two masters. The days of sitting on the fence are over!
ElijahList Prophetic Resources
"I, the Lord God, I say unto you: Choose this day whom you will serve! If God be God serve Him. Take Him at His Word. Listen, believe, and do! Walk in obedience to whatever I am saying to you in this hour!
"My sheep know My voice; they hear My cry. They listen to My voice, and My voice alone. They speak the language of My Kingdom, and all other voices are a foreign language! This is critical to listen for My voice of instruction and whatever I may say to you—this is what I require.
"But to hear My voice, you must come into the 'Secret Place' of the Most High God—the Holy of Holies! You must come back to a 'Covenantal Relationship' with Me! Return to your first love!
America: I am calling you back! Back to the foundations of what this country was built upon—the truth of My Word. I have heard the cries of My Remnant," says the Lord, "the tide has shifted! I have heard from Heaven and I am sending down My answer." (Photo via Unsplash)
Blessing Follows the Shaking
"There will be a great shaking in the land, followed by tremendous blessing. Some may have thought it was too late for America, but I want you to know today that I have heard the cries of My Remnant. I have seen your tears in the night time hour and America: you will shine your light once again.
"America will be a 'lighthouse' to the nations once again! She will shine with the flames of My fire burning hot with the glory of God. She will be a 'Burning Bush' for Me, humanity on fire with My glory. Her 'trees' will not be consumed. America's trees will shine brightly with the glory of God! Hallelujah!
"They are coming forth with My power and My anointing to take back what has been stolen from them. They will take new ground in My name fully weaponized by My Spirit."
"She, once again, will affect nations for the Kingdom of God. And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. America is rising once again. America is on the rise—if she listens to the Most High God. If she humbles herself before My mighty hand.
"'If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.' (2 Chron. 7:14 NIV) (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
David Lebo
Tidal Wave Ministries International
Rev. David and Vicki Lebo are founders of Tidal Wave Ministries International, Inc. They have a burning passion for revival and awakening among the nations all for the glory of God. Carrying a Jeremiah chapter 1 calling as a prophet to the nations, Dave boldly proclaims the word of the Lord as a voice of "One crying out in the wilderness: prepare ye the way of the Lord."

He has been in the prophetic ministry for 24 yrs. He is author of his first book: Abiding Under The Shadowreleased in 2010. Dave and Vicki have been happily married for 31 years, have 3 children, and 5 grandchildren while currently residing in Hedgesville, WV.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Ancient Jugs Unearthed at Shiloh Could Reveal Precise Location of Tabernacle - Breaking Israel News

Ancient Jugs Unearthed at Shiloh Could Reveal Precise Location of Tabernacle

BIN Header
July 16, 2017

Religious Rescue ZAKA Consulted Jewish Law on Handling Temple Mount Terrorists’ Bodies

Divine Protection Over the Doorways of Your Home

A mezuzah case acts as a holder for a piece of genuine parchment which includes the blessings of the Shema. Every Jewish doorway has a mezuzah, which consciously declares God’s presence under that roof. Finely etched with the image of ancient Jerusalem, this beautiful mezuzah case is sure to earn a prominent place in your home. Welcome guests into your home with this stunning piece from our mezuzah collection.
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WATCH: Ambassador Friedman Throws First Pitch in Maccabiah Baseball Final

ICYMI: Is Underground Construction Under Jerusalem Preparing for Third Temple? No, But…

UNESCO Reflects Not the Nations’
Anti-Semitism, But Our Own Self-Hatred

By Dr. Michael Laitman
Israel, which was supposed to be a role model melting pot, has become a cesspool that emits nothing but hatred of our coreligionists.
Why Bibi?
By Ira Sharkansky
By Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo
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