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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lies and Propaganda - Charles Gardner ISRAEL TODAY

Lies and Propaganda

Sunday, October 22, 2017 |  Charles Gardner  ISRAEL TODAY
As new settlement construction gets underway in Israel’s disputed territories, a fresh wave of condemnation is expected.
Accusations that the Jewish state is practicing apartheid – supposedly over its ‘illegal occupation’ and ‘treatment of the Palestinians’ – will inevitably be trotted out, adding fuel to the fire of a Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement masquerading as a compassionate supporter of oppressed Palestinians, but in actual fact demonstrating another form of anti-Semitism.
Before tackling this gross misuse of the ‘apartheid’ tag, it’s worth saying that BDS has taken a series of knocks of late – both in the courts and in the legislative arena. In Spain, for example, 24 legal rulings and expert opinions were made against the movement and, in France, one court decision ordered that a financial penalty be imposed on BDS activists demonstrating outside supermarkets calling on consumers to boycott Israeli products.
In the United States, several pieces of legislation against the movement have been ratified. In Texas, for instance, a law was passed forbidding ties with, or investment in, companies that boycott Israel.
According to Ynetnews, such success has benefited from investment in a legal battle by Israel’s Justice Ministry now under Ayelet Shaked. Even actress Greta Gerwig regrets putting her name to a letter calling for the cancellation of a play based on a novel by Israeli author David Grossman and funded by Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs in North America – a letter denounced as “hypocritical, discriminatory and dangerous” by nearly 50 high-level entertainment industry executives.
Creative Community for Peace, dedicated to countering the cultural boycott of Israel and including Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake among its members, claim credit for persuading Gerwig to retract her support. “I was unfamiliar with the complexities of the letter and I did not take the time to study them,” she conceded.
Meanwhile claims that Israel is an apartheid state are described as “an absolute lie” and a mockery of the struggle her parents went through by Olga Meshoe, daughter of a South African MP who grew up under the apartheid system.
There is no doubt that international sanctions helped to end that oppressive regime, but comparisons with Israel are outrageous, according to many South Africans like Olga (myself included). Opponents of Israel have been using the ‘apartheid’ tag “to incite and encourage the destruction of a people just because you don’t like them,” she said. “The world needs to recognize that you are not only doing an injustice to the people in the Middle East; you’re making a mockery of what our parents went through.”
Olga and her father Kenneth are founders of DEISI – Defend, Embrace, Invest, Support Israel – part of Africa’s growing movement towards closer ties with the Jewish state.
The irony of the Jewish ‘apartheid’ claim is that Ramadan Dabbash, head of a Palestinian village in Jerusalem, says almost all the city’s Arabs would prefer to live peacefully under Israeli administration.
It is the Palestinian leaders, he said, who destroy the chances for peace with non-stop incitement of Palestinian youth, diversion of funds to terror and a resultant lack of economic growth in Palestinian-controlled areas.
Also on the BDS front, I recall that Boris Johnson, on his last tour of Israel, condemned a boycott proposed by what he termed “corduroy-jacketed academics”. He said: “I cannot think of anything more foolish than to say you want to have any kind of sanctions or divestment or boycott against a country that, when all is said and done, is the only democracy in the region; and that is the only place, in my view, which has an open, pluralistic society.”
I need to add that, just because I commend a politician on his/her stand for Israel doesn’t mean I applaud them wholeheartedly or necessarily regard them as morally superior. But it is a chink of light, as the Bible is quite clear – those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed (Genesis 12.3).
And I very much doubt if the boycott advocates would go all the way in their efforts if they really knew the extent of the merchandise produced by little old Israel, or by Jewish people in other lands. It would mean a change of lifestyle few would be prepared to contemplate.
We are not just talking about oranges, Sharon fruit, and a few other products we could easily leave out of our shopping baskets without upsetting our appetites too much. Are they prepared to sacrifice their mobile phones, computers, and so many other trappings of modern life for the cause? It is no secret that Israel has long been an international hub in the development and production of modern technology from which we all now benefit and without which much of our commerce would grind to a shuddering halt.
For example, you would have to stop googling for all that vital information as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both Jews. You would have to close down your Facebook account because 31-year-old Jewish-American Mark Zuckerberg founded the facility. You would have to stop watching Steven Spielberg movies and throw out all your Bob Dylan and Barbra Streisand albums. And, to top it all, you would need to close down your computers as Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer and Dell Computers founder and CEO Michael Dell are both Jewish.
In closing, may I recommend Israel’s delicious mangoes, available at Sainsbury’s. And, if you’re looking for the perfect setting for a special occasion, I could point you in the direction of the world’s No 1 restaurant (according to Tripadvisor) – the Black Swan at Oldstead, near Thirsk, in North Yorkshire – which includes Israeli wine on its menu…at a cost!

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Apartheid Claims Exposed - Charles Gardner ISRAEL TODAY

Apartheid Claims Exposed

Sunday, March 19, 2017 |  Charles Gardner   ISRAEL TODAY
As genocide is being committed against Christians, Yazidis and even ‘dissident’ Muslims across the Arab world, the international finger of criticism continues to point at Israel.
The latest example is a UN report urging swift action to oppose and end Israeli “apartheid”.[1]
Thankfully, my Christian Friends of Israel colleague David Soakell has produced an ‘ace’ card exposing all this nonsense with a timely series of testimonies from Arabs which I have aptly titled Apartheid Claims Exposed (ACE).[2]
He tells us that Israeli Arabs – both Christian and Muslim – are risking disapproval from their own communities by volunteering for the Israeli Defence Forces in increasing numbers, disproving the lie that Israel is a racist, apartheid state. (Non-Jews are not obligated to serve in the IDF).
One Muslim female soldier said: “I wanted to enlist because it is my duty to serve and protect my country.” And she is even allowed weekly visits to her family during the Ramadan fast, so there is no difficulty with her practicing her religion in the Jewish state.
Ibrahim Bari, an African Muslim refugee, went public with his testimony, saying: “In the army, I made friends for life [and] would do everything to defend Israel.”
Elinor Joseph, an Arab Christian serving in the IDF, says: “This is my country. When I see the [Israeli] flag waving in the wind I get excited.”
Another Arab-Israeli soldier, Monaliza Abdo, adds: “I came to serve my country and my home.”
And Major Ala Wahib, the highest-ranking Muslim in the IDF, asks: “Is Israel inherently racist – an apartheid state? Well, do you think that such a country would tolerate a person like myself getting to the position I am today? Someone who has not only fought alongside Jewish soldiers, but now trains them too? …I do not serve in the army to kill people – I serve in it to save people. When Hamas fires rockets, or Fatah encourages stabbings, we are here to protect the lives of all Israeli citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish.”
Adam Ram has also decided to “break the silence” by standing against the slander and constant defamation of Israeli soldiers. A Bedouin serving as a combat soldier in Hebron, a particularly tense area, he says: “The war is against all Israelis, regardless of who you are, because when a terrorist leaves his home with a knife, planning on murdering a soldier or a civilian, he does not care if his victim is a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian …As long as you hold a blue Israeli ID card, you are a fair target.”
Furthermore, Palestinians he has met on the streets see them as their protector, preferring them to the failure that is the Palestinian Authority which, incidentally, contributes just 10% of the cost of medical care for Palestinians treated in Israel – the rest is paid by the Israeli taxpayer.[3]
“As opposed to Daesh and other Islamic regimes, Israel is democratic and extends rights even to those who are not citizens of the state,” Adam adds.
Contrast this with the blatant discrimination against non-Muslims in much of the surrounding Arab world, where even Muslim women do not share the rights of their menfolk.
Meanwhile a group of North African journalists from Muslim Arab countries, visiting the Jewish state as guests of the Foreign Ministry, have described their first impressions of Israel as “appearing Western and free” and as “an opportunity to see the real Israel without the media acting as a middle man”.[4]
Even if all this criticism of Israel was justified, it is out of all proportion to the reality that exists in the region. The tiny Jewish state has had to suffer wars and rumours of wars on a constant basis since she emerged once more onto the world stage as a new nation in 1948.
The world, particularly in the shape of the United Nations, is largely silent as terror stalks the streets of Jerusalem but at the same time condemns the Jews for stealing land allegedly not their own.
The sabre-rattling of Israel’s enemies involves guns, knives, rockets, missiles and even the threat of nuclear weapons. But more than anything it is a battle for truth in the midst of ferocious spiritual warfare which demands the engagement (in prayer and other ways) of all who love the truth, perfectly revealed in our Messiah Yeshua. And we must stand up for Israel against such shocking bias that is so transparent it demands a rewriting of history.
Accusing Israel of being an ‘apartheid’ state is just the latest in a long line of anti-Semitic attempts to invoke the wrath of a world effectively rebelling against the God of Israel, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah.
First there was identity theft as Yasser Arafat invented a ‘Palestinian’ nation where Jews were once known as Palestinians; then the Jews were accused of stealing ‘Palestinian’ land they had inhabited for thousands of years, which God himself had given them according to the Scriptures, and to which they even acquired an international legal right through a treaty signed at San Remo on the Italian Riviera in 1920. And now, in raising their protests during the recent Israel Apartheid Week, students have abandoned their inquiring minds in pursuit of a vendetta of lies and propaganda against the only democracy in the Middle East.
Open their eyes, dear Lord!

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Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from
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Friday, December 6, 2013

World Mourns Mandela - CBN News

South Africa's Greatest Son: World Mourns Mandela

The world is in mourning Friday over the loss of South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela.
Mandela, who passed away "peacefully" Thursday at age 95, is known as South Africa's first black president, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the man who defeated his country's racist apartheid system.

Now leaders and ordinary citizens across the globe are paying tribute to a life that changed the world.
"He is now resting. He is now at peace. Our nation has lost its greatest son. Our people have lost a father. Although we knew that this day would come, nothing can diminish our sense of a profound and enduring loss," South African President Jacob Zuma said.

President Barack Obama described Mandela as "a moral giant who embodied the dignity and the courage and the hope, and sought to bring about justice not only in South Africa, but I think to inspire millions of people around the world."

"We just lost another piece of history again," one mourner said. "It's a shame. This man has done a lot for the entire world, for everyone one, for you and I, even for the future generation."

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said, "Nelson Mandela was a giant for justice and a down-to-earth human inspiration. Many around the world were greatly influenced by his selfless struggle for human dignity, equality, and freedom. He touched our lives in deeply personal ways."

Bishop T.D. Jakes also paid tribute to Mandela, hailing him as a "servant-leader."

"I am deeply saddened to have lost such an enduring symbol of freedom and liberty; Nelson Mandela was an elder statesman who embodied the very essence of servant-leader," he said.

For many, the legacy of the man who taught the world it's possible to transform anger into hope will live on.
Mandela grew up feeling the shackles of South Africa's brutally racist apartheid system. For 20 years he led a non-violent campaign against the government.

But then his philosophy changed to one of armed struggle.
In 1964 he was sentenced to life in prison for planning to topple the government. When he was finally released in 1990 he had a much more tolerant attitude towards his opponents in the government.

"Nelson Mandela understood we cannot hold these grudges if we hope to go forward," Rev. Calvin Butts said. "There must be some forgiveness. It is not justice that's going to cure the distortions of human community. It is the forgiveness of sin. He was able to forgive."

Mandela's dream was realized in 1994 when black South Africans cast their first ballots in a democratic election and Mandela became the nation's first black president. In 1999, he stepped down, handing power over to the next generation.

Next week, South Africa will hold a memorial service at a 95,000-seat stadium. The White House said President Obama will attend the service.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Israel is NOT apartheid state, says South African leader's daughter

Israel is NOT apartheid state, says South African leader's daughter

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff  
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement that wants to label Israel as an apartheid state continues to suffer major setbacks, not least of which are outright denunciations by the people who know apartheid best - black South Africans.
In an interview with news blog Democracy Broadcasting, Esther Meshoe, daughter of conservative South African parliamentarian, Dr. Kenneth Meshoe, slammed the BDS movement as nothing but false propaganda.
"The truth is there is no apartheid in Israel," said Meshoe. "My parents suffered through apartheid."
Sadly, many South Africans have been taken in by the BDS claims against Israel. Meshoe recalled the recent visit to Israel by a family friend who was shocked to find the Jewish state very different from what he was told.
"A family friend of ours went to Israel two years ago, and he was in an accident, unfortunately, and he was taken to a hospital. On his right was a Jew, on his left was an Arab, being treated. So here he is, a black man, a South African, and he says to himself, 'This is not apartheid. what apartheid are they talking about?'"
As damaging as the lies against Israel is the fact that the BDS propaganda significantly downplays the suffering of those who went through real apartheid.
Meshoe noted that in South Africa, Nelson Mandela and his followers had to fight for basic rights, like the right to vote, go to school, move about freely and receive health care. If Israel were truly an apartheid state, then the battle that Mandela fought is already won, as Arab residents of the Jewish state already enjoy all these freedoms and benefits.
Addressing fellow Christians who would make the mistake of supporting the BDS lies against Israel, Meshoe had this to say:
"We need to speak up and tell the truth that Israel is not an apartheid state. We love the Jewish people, but more than that we love the truth. And the God that we serve is a God of love and truth. And in our Bible we are taught to be people of the truth."
Watch the full interview:
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oxford University Students to Vote on Israel Boycott

Oxford University Students to Vote on Israel Boycott

By Arutz Sheva staff
First Publish: 2/25/2013, 2:38 PM

posters calling to boycott Israel
Posters calling to boycott Israel

Students at Britain’s prestigious Oxford University will vote this week on a highly controversial motion to boycott Israel.

The Oxford University Student’s Union (OUSU) is set to meet Wednesday to decide on a motion to join the international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement “in protest of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and its hindrance of attempts to create a Palestinian state,” The Guardian reported. 

The vote comes following increased tensions on campus last week as British lawmaker George Galloway walked out of a lecture hall during a debate with an Israeli student, saying “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis,” after becoming aware of his opponent’s nationality.

“I refused this evening at Oxford University to debate with an Israeli, a supporter of the apartheid state of Israel,” Galloway posted on his Facebook page following the incident.

One of the constitute colleges of Oxford University, Magdalen College, voted 39-3 against the motion.

“The boycott goes against everything the university stands for. The idea that we are not going to read your books or articles or hear your arguments on the basis of your nationality is ridiculous,” Henry Watson, a student at Magdalen College, told The Guardian.