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Monday, July 31, 2017

Exciting opportunity for you to come to Israel! - ONE FOR ISRAEL

Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL 

By now you know a little about our college campus, and our passion for teaching the about the Bible, Israel, and life in the Messiah. 

We regularly take our students to the very locations where the Bible stories happened, to learn about them on site, and now we are excited to open up the opportunity to you to join us! 

This October we are doing a special Biblical Geography course on location (in English!) and we would love for you to come.

 The study experience will include nine days of exploring from "Dan to Beersheva" and getting acquainted with the lay of the land while visiting major biblical sites. The sightseeing will be supplemented by evening lectures and readings to help prepare and orientate you for the day ahead.

Sites in our itinerary include:

(Old Testament)
The City of David, Mt. Carmel, the Wilderness of Zin,
the David & Goliath valley and Tel Dan among many others.

(New Testament)
Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Qumeran (discovery location of the Dead Sea Scrolls), Masada and more!


Graduate and undergraduate academic credit is available for study tour participants.

It would be a pleasure to have you join us for an adventure that we guarantee will be a memorable experience.


We are delighted to introduce you to Eva, our librarian at Israel College of the Bible. Eva is from a Jewish family who made aliyah from Hungary. After her BA degree in history, Eva went on to do a Masters in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Haifa, making her ideally qualified for the role. She has radically upgraded our cataloging and search system, transforming the library experience for our students. The library has over 10,000 books mostly in Hebrew and English, and is the largest Messianic library in Israel, so we are very blessed to have a professional like Eva at the helm.

Eva loves to learn and teach languages (she is currently learning Korean and teaching Hungarian), and is also learning Krav Maga - an Israeli method of self-defense without weapons! So our students better make sure to return their books on time ;)


God gives good gifts. When he gave Israel to the Jewish people, it was not just any old piece of land... God says in Deuteronomy 8:8,

"The Lord your God is bringing you into a good land... a land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey".

There is so much richness in what God has created and placed in this land for his people - not just in their good taste and nutrition, but in their meaning too. And the fig is a fruit which crops up again and again in the scriptures, because God does nothing without purpose. Continue reading...


Did you know that both the first temple, built by King Solomon, and the also Nehemiah's second temple that Yeshua frequented, were both destroyed on the same date in the Jewish calendar? 

That date is Tisha B'Av, which means the 9th month of Av, the fifth month in the Jewish calendar, and this year it falls on Tuesday, August 1st. With perfect timing, archaeologists have just now made some important discoveries related to the Babylonian destruction of the first temple in 586 BCE! Continue reading...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Israel Photo Trivia ✡ "A Land of Wheat and Barley"

A Land of wheat, barley, grape, fig and pomegranate; a Land of olive oil and honey


אֶרֶץ חִטָּה וּשְׂעֹרָה וְגֶפֶן וּתְאֵנָה וְרִמּוֹן אֶרֶץ זֵית שֶׁמֶן וּדְבָשׁ

דברים ח:ח

e-retz khi-ta u-s'-o-ra v'-ge-fen u-t'-ay-na v'-ri-mon e-retz zayt she-men u-d'-vash

Today's Israel Inspiration

Barley looks similar to wheat but is smaller and surrounded by long ‘hair-like’ strands, from which it received its name ‘Se’ora’ which is very similar to the Hebrew word for hair, ‘Se-ar’. In biblical times, the barley harvest would be brought to the Temple in Jerusalem in a joyous ceremony that showed the importance of dedicating a portion of our crops to our Creator before we eat from them ourselves. Enjoy the incredible benefits of the biblical Seven Species with Shivat Natural Cosmetics with extracts of the Seven Species to bring you closer to the Holy Land.

Hands-on Guide to Israel's Seven Species

In ancient Israel, all the parts of the Seven Species were used for food, building, even cloth dye!

Petter the Donkey is Biblically Redeemed

Redemption of a first-born male donkey is a ritual spoken about in the Bible no less than three times. Over 1,000 people showed up in an Israeli city last week to experience this rare Biblical commandment.

Shivat Soaps Gift Pack

This line of seven soaps called “Shivat”, means “The Seven” in Hebrew. Every one of the seven species contains healthful nutrients that benefit the body and promote wellness. Bring the blessed species into your home with these fantastic soaps.

Israel Photo Trivia

Can you guess the name of the mountain seen in today's photo by Yehoshua HaleviSend me an email or post your guess on Facebook!

Thank You

Please help us continue to spread the beauty and significance of the Land of Israel!

“Brought Back Many Wonderful Memories”

It’s great to hear from so many of you - stay in touch and let us know where in the world you are enjoying Israel365!
I live in Wichita, Kansas and the State of Israel will always be in my heart along with steadfast prayers. God Bless You all. -Elmer Smith

Hello, My name is Ruth from Ontario, Canada and I love Israel and the Jewish nation. I pray often for the peace of Jerusalem. I have visited Israel twice and have never been the same since. Watching the video of Jerusalem brought back many wonderful memories. May God continue to bless and keep your land in his care. Shalom!
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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