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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MILESTONE WORDS - PART 1 (c) Morris E. Ruddick


MILESTONE WORDS - PART 1 (c) Morris E. Ruddick


Note: About a month ago, I was uniquely led to go 

back and review milestone words the Lord has 

imparted to me over the years. I found it a riveting 

experience. Our natural tendency is to be either 

overwhelmed or side-tracked with short-sighted 

minutiae, rather than keeping our eyes on God's 

big-picture goals.

 Those at the forefront need to overcompensate 

for the seductive traps, whether personal, cultural 

or doctrinal. The bar has been raised. Imparting 

righteous power in corrupt, defiled settings is not 

possible without God. We've entered a season in 

which the Western hop-skip-halleluiah model will 

fall short. May these words from my journey stir 

you in yours.


"Is not My word like a fire?" says the LORD, and 

like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?" 

Jer 23:29

The heroes of faith operated in oneness with 

the priorities and issues of God's heart, without 

any vestige of variation between Truth and what 

they heard from the Spirit. 

Their impact on history was defined by their view 

of things from a big-picture God perspective. They heard 

from God and they embraced His word, regardless 

the cost. That's commitment that requires 

discipline. It's also the foundation for maturity.

While intimately concerned with the details 

impacting the lives of individuals, the Lord's 

priorities are strategic. He orchestrates things 

from the stance of generations and the 

community of His people within a generation. 

As I look back over four decades of walking 

with the Lord; that walk has been shaped by 

a series of milestone words God has imparted 

that have raised the bar with a long-term, 

big-picture perspective.

My walk with the Lord began in the early 

70s with a dramatic encounter as I was 

seeking to know Him, to really know Him. 

I was serious and understood the realities. 

At that juncture, I had spent over two years 

of my life in heavy combat as a US Marine. 

I understood what it meant to believe in 

something bigger than myself and I understood 

the importance of the dynamics of discipline 

and commitment.

With the years that have passed since my 

salvation experience, I recently was prompted 

to outline key words the Lord has spoken to me 

over the years; personal milestone words shaping 

my calling, my priorities and who I am. 

As one of my mentors during those days once shared 

with me; if we can just get the door open sufficiently 

to capture a glimmer spiritually from God's perspective, 

it will be enough.

The Priority

That first encounter; the first time I ever heard 

the voice of the Lord came from a time of spiritual 

seeking. Having been brought up in the church, 

I understood basic precepts of faith, but while I

 knew about Him, I really didn't know God. 

Having met people who did, I was hungry for that reality. 

An old combat friend, Ted Gatchel, wisely just 

stuffed a New Testament in my shirt pocket, 

telling me that I'd find what I was looking for in God's word of truth.

My spiritual hunger increased. Finally, I began 

plowing through Matthew, then Mark, Luke 

and John. After starting the book of Acts, I f

ound myself pausing as I read the story of Stephen. 

Stephen was facing a life and death situation 

without hesitation or waffling. It was a commitment 

I could relate to. He knew what he believed in.

The combat encounters I had had in which I didn't 

know whether I would come out of them alive 

probably numbered more than three dozen. As I 

reflected on Stephen's story, one of a man willing 

to die for what he believed in, I began reflecting 

on what I believed in; what I had been willing to 

die for: my country, my Marine Corps, to be 

remembered for being able to face the ultimate 

test with honor.

At that point, I heard the voice of the Lord for 

the first time. In light of what had been going 

through my mind at the time, He simply asked 

me: "Would you be willing to do that for Me?" 

With that question, I understood who Jesus 

was and what was being asked of me; was I 

willing to make the Lord the priority I had made 

as a US Marine. Knowing the cost and commitment, 

my response was immediate: "Yes Sir!"

The Mission

My encounter with the Lord had taken place on 

a training mission in the Caribbean. Upon arriving 

home, I found that remarkably my wife Carol 

had had a similar personal, life-changing encounter 

with the Lord. Spiritually, we were like sponges. 

Then, having found an active Bible-believing church, 

we read great swaths of the Word of God, attended 

Bible studies, participated in fellowship gatherings 

and counseled with our pastor.

At that juncture, I came in contact with a simple 

phrase that became like a fire in my soul: "God has 

a perfect plan for your life." I had chosen a good plan, 

one that I'd been excelling in with my military career; 

but what God began holding out before me was t

he prospect of a higher purpose, a plan for my life 

that would redirect my mission to one that served 

Him directly.

I really didn't know what God had in store for me, 

other than the fact that I would be serving Him. 

I suspected my future and my calling might involve 

a role within what was at the time becoming known 

as the "para-church ministry," but the reality is that 

when I resigned my Marine Corps commission, what 

Carol and I stepped into was something akin to an 

Abrahamic journey.

Knowing the importance of preparing, although I 

already had a college degree, I enrolled in 

Oral Roberts University where I could dig deeper 

into God's word and be immersed in a Christian culture. 

In the interim, we served as full-time trainee-ministers 

for a small AG ministry, participated in intense Bible 

training and helped start a coffee-house ministry.

The time at Oral Roberts University was filled with studies, activities and relationships that laid the foundation. 

At the core of this setting was the mantle to "

Train up young people who hear God's voice to go to 

where God's light is dim." Additionally, the value of 

my time at ORU was punctuated by two mentors, 

Paul McClendon and Harold Fisher. These incredible 

men of the Spirit had prayer lives, a strategic outlook 

and a spiritual maturity that set the standard for what

 lay ahead. Toward the end of the year we spent 

at ORU, the Lord led me to enroll in a graduate program 

at a local secular university. Not long into this program, 

I began to realize I may have bitten off more than 

I could chew.

The Gift

The program I was in had required courses in statistics, 

which I had no background in. Somehow the school had

 overlooked this with my entrance into the program. I 

soon found myself scrambling and going to the professor 

for extra help.

Then in the midst of what seemed as sinking sands I was

 encountering with this required course work in research 

designs and statistics, the Lord spoke a clear word to me 

from Psalm 119. That word was: "I'll make you wiser 

than your teachers."

Yet, my efforts didn't begin to approach what this 

word suggested. Despite rapt attention during classes, 

fervent study, getting extra help and praying, I was not 

grasping the subject matter. Then far too quickly, we were 

facing a mid-term exam.

My faith shaken, I began to think that somehow I had 

misfired with what I thought I had heard from God to 

enroll in this program. The night before the exam, having 

done all I knew to do, I repented for my presumption. 

The next day I felt no better as I walked into the exam. 

I placed my name on the exam paper and read the first 

question. The only way I can describe what happened 

was that it was like curtains were pulled back and I had 

complete understanding of what the question asked.

I went through the entire exam that way. As I read 

each question, not the answer but understanding was 

imparted. I was pretty excited as I turned in my paper 

and left the room. Outside were some of the better 

students in the class, complaining about how hard the 

exam was. The star pupil stated he thought it was the 

hardest test in the subject he had ever had. Doubt 

encroached at my door and my faith went through the floor.

A week later the professor, with a scowl on his face, 

entered the classroom with our graded papers in hand. 

He growled that the median grade was a 62 and he 

then proceeded to call out the name of each student 

along with their grade, as he handed the graded exams out.

One doctoral candidate had a 29. The class star had a 73. 

Finally he called my name and stopped. He looked down 

again at the paper and then at me and back at the paper. I

 had a 98. Clearly something supernatural had taken place. 

Fulfilling the word from Psalm 119 I had to take independent

 studies in multivariate statistics and psychometric designs to

 complete the task I had embraced for my thesis. God had 

given me a gift that would become foundational in the work I was 

to do.

The Gateway

During this time, we had developed a unique relationship 

with a man who was a partner in a media ministry in 

South Africa. Our friend Peter Church had been visiting 

the US to gather information to help with his plans for a 

Christian media production and entertainment center. 

I had been invited to become General Manager of this 

operation upon completion of my graduate program 

coursework. Then with a matter of weeks before our 

intended departure, Peter's plans changed. He and his 

partner had a falling out and Peter and his family had 

decided to immigrate to the land of milk and money (the US).

So, here I was having left a stable career in which I was excelling; 

approaching the end of my time of retooling, without any 

prospects whatsoever before me. While in prayer, I asked 

the Lord for an answer to what I should be expecting. He 

gave me one. With clarity, I heard Him say that I was going 

to be a consultant. Without even a realistic idea of what that 

meant and without any formal background in business, 

this word strangely gave me great peace.

Then, having put this "word" on a shelf, I found myself 

becoming very practical with the need to obtain 

employment to support my family. Following up on an interest 

in the advertising world, I learned from one executive 

I spoke with of an opening that existed within a firm that 

he seemed convinced that I'd be perfect for. His conclusion 

was based on the "gift" God had given me with research designs.

So, without really understanding what I was pursuing, 

I followed up on his suggestion. What unfolded was 

something of a whirlwind that resulted in my being hired 

by this firm. What I didn't realize during this process was 

that I had just been hired by a research-based consulting firm.

The Calling

During those early days in my new "career," again I was in prayer 

trying to grasp how this all fit together on this pathway, this

 adventure that was unfolding with the Lord at the helm. 

At that juncture, the Lord spoke a word to me that riveted 

me and subsequently defined the path of my calling. 

The words the Lord spoke to me were:

"Just as in the days of Joseph and Daniel, I am going to 

bring out mighty works at your hand. As you are led into 

the midst of the world, kings, rulers and leaders will be 

converted and humbled. You'll work beside them and 

your counsel will be heeded for their good."

Once again, I had received a word that I didn't fully 

understand. However, I knew that I had heard from 

the Lord and it brought great peace.

The Spiritual Gift

Then came another unexpected word that has 

complemented the natural gift the Lord had given me. 

While on a business trip for my employer, I checked 

into my hotel. As I went into the room to drop my bags, 

I noticed an open Gideon Bible on a table across the room. 

The thought passed through my mind: "I wonder if the 

Lord has a word for me." So I went over to this open 

Bible and my eyes fell upon Jeremiah 51:20:

"You are My battle-ax and weapon of war; for with 

you I will break nations in pieces;

with you I will destroy kingdoms and 


I was gripped by this word, but couldn't seem to see 

its application in what the Lord had been telling me 

that I was to do. I left for the meetings I had set up. 

That evening, I opened my own Bible to read and it 

just happened to fall open to Jeremiah 51:20. I pondered 

it and prayed. The next morning as I opened my Bible; 

to spend some time in the word to start my day, it again 

opened to Jeremiah 51:20. I knew God was telling me 

something, but I just wasn't sure what it was.

Upon returning from this business trip, we met with 

some friends who we prayed with who were older 

and much wiser in the things of God than we were. 

I shared my Jeremiah 51:20 experience. Connie 

replied that "Maybe the Lord is leading you into some 

type of intercession ministry." My off-the-cuff response 

was "I know, but there's something more to it than that." 

Actually I hadn't "known" that, but the process was 

serving as a catalyst to unveiling a prophetic and authority dimension to my calling as a consultant that would become very key in the days ahead.

During the next three years, I began learning the tools of the 

trade; the trade of being a consultant.

 Faith and Risk

I then had a most unique encounter that I describe 

in the last chapter of my "God's Economy" book. The Lord 

told me I was to start my own business. That first year of 

business I felt like Peter who had stepped out of the 

boat to walk on the water and had started sinking. 

Again, I was taking on something that was far beyond 

my experience level. I began realizing that faith involves 

risk and risk carries a cost.

I traveled the country, gave presentations and attended

 conferences. Yet, during that first year of being in 

business for myself, very little of what I did seemed to 

take root. I managed to sell one (underpriced) assignment 

during that time, along with compiling sufficient debt to 

seriously wonder if we were going to lose our home.

Then in a week in time came a most remarkable breakthrough. 

It began a time of favor and growth. The next several 

years the greatest challenge was in keeping up with the

 growth. We grew to have offices in three cities and 

27 full-time employees. I was also beginning to realize 

the fulfillment of the words God had spoken to me 

before entering the consulting world about being 

called like Joseph and the influence I would have on my clientele.

I was doing assignments for Fortune 100 companies, 

as well as a number of respected media ministries. 

My firm was like a David amidst a group of Goliaths in 

terms of our competitors, consulting firms like 

Arthur D. Little and Booze Allen Hamilton. My role 

as the head of my firm resulted in exploits far 

beyond my natural abilities.

For example, in work I did for Xerox during the early 80s, 

I recommended that they enter the facsimile business. 

It proved to be their most profitable division. Feedback 

from clients included statements such as: "It's like your 

recommendations were prophetic." Such were the words 

that God had spoken to me years prior: "Your counsel will 

be heeded for their good." Such is the calling of a 

modern-day Joseph.

The Shaking

There was a wonderful season of an upward spiral of 

opportunity and fast growth. But then came a sudden 

turn and the bottom dropped out of the primary market

we served. We didn't seem able to back-pedal and 

downsize fast enough. Sadly we eventually shut down 

this amazing God-birthed phenomenon. We shut down 

honorably, but not without much pain in the process.

Simultaneously one of my clients in the banking industry 

took over as President of a statewide financial institution 

with 34 branch locations that had just undergone serious 

losses the year before he joined them. He reached out to 

me to join him as his SVP of Marketing and Planning in his 

as chief architect of a corporate turnaround. I'm still not 

sure which was the frying pan and which was the fire; 

between what I had left behind and this new "opportunity." 

Details on that stage in my career are also found in my 

"God's Economy" book.

We completed a successful corporate turnaround, 

putting the organization back in touch with the marketplace 

and restoring profitability. Then came the subtlety of 

corporate politics; the games people at my peer level 

had played that had brought this firm to the place where 

they needed the corporate turnaround in the first place. 

So it was that the man, who had recruited me and corporately 

had become my mentor, became the victim of the ambitions 

of a dog-eat-dog culture. Being on the wrong side of this 

political infighting, I also found myself without a job.

Note: Part 2 will describe New Horizons; Raising the Bar; 

Applications for Change; Set Times; Convergence and 

Preparedness; and The Discipline: Actively Hearing God and 

Obeying. Part 2 will be posted to the SIGN list in roughly two

 weeks; or can be finished by picking up at the New Horizons

 section at 

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