Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ahava Love Letter - “A Time Like No Other”

      Ahava Love Letter

        “A Time Like No Other”
          “My times are in Your hand…” (Ps 31:15 NAS)

Dear family of friends,

On the grand day of 12/12/12, I sat with my laptop computer, updating my Love For His People blogspot. In reviewing the stats page, that only I can see, I noticed that in the overview numbers of posts since day one, three of the top five pages read were from my Ahava Love Letters archives. I was both pleased and thankful.

When I started writing these letters, in the fall of 2010 at the urging of the Lord, I wasn’t sure how many I would actually do. What began as one a week, slowed to one a month, and lately it has been one about every three months. But over this long, mostly quiet period since that beginning, it has been a time of reflection. A time like no other.

Having left my fulltime job as the director of a Christian/Jewish/Israeli non-profit ministry, here in the USA, after five years, it was my great determination to have a ministry supporting Israel. My faith in the Lord, and in His certain leading, also had me planning on having financial funds come in. That did happen, but certainly not at my anticipated, expected level.

With monies limited, and as head of our home, I cut expenditures as close to the bone as I could. It was a struggle paying the monthly mortgage, car payment, utilities, and more. You know, all the basic bills that just kept coming. And yet, two and a half years later, though our credit card bills are higher than they were then, we are current on all balances. The Lord had provided in ways I still ponder on.

Many days were spent praying for the Lord’s daily bread, direction and His full purposes. And I still do, as I am not quite yet sure what may always be the next step. And even in this season, while working a part time job at a business I would not have expected, through a temp job agency, this isn’t quite what I had in mind. But I will always remember that His ways are not our ways, and our times are always in His hands.

As I continue to consider His purposes for my current place in this life, I would expect that you also have had, or will have, those times in life where you wonder what He is up to. Not knowing what lies ahead, we will hope that the road each of us is on right now is the right one. I am trusting that it is for both you and me.

Ahava to my family of friends,

Steve Martin


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Ahava Love Letter #46   Date: Dec. 12 in the year of our Lord 2012 (12/12/12!)

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