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It's REUNIONIZE Time! - Aug.10, 2013 in NC

First Annual 

Reunionize Time!

Saturday - Aug. 10, 2013 

2-6 pm

Pineville Lake Park 

1000 Johnston Dr. 


John O'Leary - our faithful sound man 
at All Nations Church,
serving from 1995 to at least 2002!

Greetings to all of thee.

I will be missing my 40th high school reunion this year in Waterloo, IA this summer. (Go Columbus High Sailors!!!) We have a BIG Martin family reunion around the same time.

I am sad about not being able to participate. I enjoyed high school and the friends I had there.

So...I got to thinking. If there are any of my connected e-mailers, Bloggers, Twittervillees and/or FaceBookie friends out there, who either went to church with Laurie and I, or were on ministry staffs or worship teams, or are part of the three main ministries we are currently involved with...

We could have a BIG reunion here instead!!

Here are the lists:

1. Victory Church - LaSalle/Peru, IL (1977-1980)
2. Shiloh Fellowship/New Covenant Christian Church - East Lansing, MI (1980-1987)
3. Good News Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL. (1987-1994)
4. All Nations Church (founding members) - Charlotte, NC (1994-2001)
5. Cornerstone Fellowship Church - Pineville, NC (2001-2004)
6. St. Giles Presbyterian Church - Charlotte, NC (2004-2006)
7. Morningstar - Fort Mill, SC (2006-2010)
8. Antioch International Church - Fort Mill, SC (2010 - present)

Or was on staff with me at one (or more) of these ministries:

1. Derek Prince Ministries (Ft. Lauderdale 1987-1990) and Charlotte, NC 2001-2005)
2. Mahesh Chavda Ministries/All Nations Church - Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte (1987-2000)
3. Vision For Israel  - Savannah, GA and Charlotte (2005-2010)
4. Samaritan's Purse - Charlotte, NC (2010, 2011)
5. Covenant Keepers - Charlotte, NC (2011-2012)
6. Charlotte Rescue Mission - Charlotte, NC (2012)
7. Antioch International Church - Fort Mill, SC (2012-present)

(L-R) Bob Sherrill, Doug Goff, Bob Smith 

All Nations Church (1995)

Gilbert Crespo (now with the Lord in heaven)

All Nations Church (1995)

Derek Prince Ministries 2004

Or you are one of our good friends with these networked ministries:

1. Beit Yeshua (2006 - present)
2. Christians For Messiah Ministries (2004-present)
3. Highway To Zion (2006 - present)
4. Love For His People (2010 - present)
5. One New Man (2012 - present)

Beit Yeshua's Curtis Loftin 2013

Cathy and Dale Hargett - Highway To Zion 2013

Then it's....


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time will be from 2-6 pm. 

Pineville Lake Park 
1000 Johnston Dr. 

Each family will bring a dish to pass and some cola or water drink. Bring the old kids, young kids, and ones still cookin'. The park provides grills, but bring your own charcoal if needed. Pretend you are going on a picnic so you bring all you would need.

Haul in the grandkids too, so the grandpas can run them down to get in some "off the couch" exercise.

All for the purpose 
of being together,
to have some good, 
old fashion bonding, 
fellowshipping time
in His prescense.

Write me back to get on the Reunionize Time update list -

Shalom y'all,


- along with my good wife Laurie

P.S. Please pass this onto those who would like to join us but don't communicate through social media or any other modern day technology. (I have to print this out for Laurie!) Or others who need to read a really good blog once in a while.

And if they can't make it, we can Skype them, like we may do with Sandi and Sue Lucas who live in San Antonio!

P.S.S. Enjoy the memory lane photos below! Can you remember who, when and where? You may be tested on these at the gathering, for they have been important, Body-connecting matters.

I may have to bring some copies of my 8,745, that I have just on my FaceBook page alone.

But here are a few...near the beginning...


Some of the worship teams over the years...


And now up to date...







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