Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 2 Spies: The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Foundation

The 2 Spies: The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Foundation: The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive collects and preserves the world’s largest collection of moving images that record the story of the Jewish people. The vaults contain material shot in Israel before and after the establishment of the State in 1948, motion picture records of many Jewish communities in the Diaspora and two special collections relating to the Holocaust.

Started in the late 1960s by Professor Moshe Davis and other historians of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. the Archives have passed through many hands and finally into Spielberg's foundation.. The Archive has over 13,000 films and videos and provides an invaluable resource.

Since it is Springtime in Israel, The 2 Spies would like to share the Archive's film on Spring in Israel in 1939. Enjoy!

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