Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Israel IS A Person - Yeshua IS Israel" - Ze'ev Nevo of Israel Media Ministries (Part 2 of 2)

Ze'ev Nevo

Ze'ev Nevo, Founder of Israel Media Ministries, is an Israeli Jewish believer. 

He was the guest speaker at  An Evening Honoring Israel, an annual event to bless Israel and the Jews on their Independence Day anniversary celebration. 

Beit Yeshua (Curtis Loftin and Doug Williams, co-Founders) host this time. 

Highway To Zion (Cathy Hargett) and Love For His People (Steve & Laurie Martin) 
are blessed to join together with our support.

We love to hear the Word of God (Torah) as Ze'ev shares this fascinating truth!

(YouTube - Part 2 of 2) Yeshua IS Israel - Ze'ev Nevo

 Ze'ev with Janice Anthony of Beit Yeshua

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