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Kathie Walters - "Put up your sail and catch the wind." Or "Getting in and out of boats." (Identity Network)

Kathie Walthers

"Put up your sail and catch the wind."  
Or "Getting in and out of boats." 

Have you ever thought of something you would like to do, but you couldn't figure out how it would work or how it would succeed? So you dropped the idea "until later." 

What about the book or booklet you were going to write, but never got around to it? What about the art classes you wanted to take? What about the place you promised yourself to go? Or the person or ministry you really wanted to hang out with? 

You know we only have one life to live down here. You may as well have some adventures. I tell the older people, the grandpas and grandmas - this is the best opportunity you've ever had to get up and do something adventurous.
How do you know if it is going to work? Well sometimes you don't know, you have to "give it a go," as they say in NZ or as Janice's husband, David says to her, "Put your sail up and see if the wind will catch it." 

Take the Opportunities 

You have to take opportunities - doors can open and close, windows of opportunity can open and close.  If you don't have your spiritual antenna up you can miss those doors, because you are "busy."  Did you know you can be so busy working for Jesus you can totally miss a God opportunity?  Jesus doesn't require you to work for Him; He wants you to yield to Him so that He can work THROUGH you. Much easier that way.
Some opportunities mean that you are in the boat. But you have to push off from the shore. You have to leave familiar territory - your comfort zone and launch out, not exactly knowing all the details on the map either. 

Sometimes you have to get OUT of the boat if the boat has become your comfort zone. Remember Peter, he got out of his comfort zone didn't he?  A boat - that's his territory -  he was comfortable there. He was a fisherman and guess what?  Fishermen practically live in boats. A very familiar place for him he had probably managed to keep safe in all kinds of weather before now. But suddenly! Peter saw Jesus walking on the water. Do you know just like you, Peter had never actually seen anyone do that before. 

I'm sure he had eyes like saucers. "Whaaaat?"  But before he knew it, he realized this was an opportunity, and he leapt into an unknown sphere of faith. He couldn't wait for Jesus to get in the boat, because that particular  opportunity would pass.  He leapt into action, didn't he? 
Next thing - there he is walking on the water. Whhoooa amazing.  Of course we all know he got His eyes off Jesus and had to get back in the boat, but at least he had a go.  At least he knew in future that's a possibility. 

Sometimes You Can't Wait 

You know sometimes there isn't six months for you to debate about how to respond to an open door.  You have an idea of something but that's not enough - you have to push out from the shore, you, have to raise the sail. You have to let the wind catch the sail. 

Do you know that in Ireland in the 5th century and 6th century there were many preachers in the monasteries. During that Celtic revival the monasteries would have about 4,000 young men and women. They were like our Bible colleges. They healed the sick, preached the Gospel and raised the dead.  Some of them, called the Peregrini, would get into a boat off the shores of Ireland. The boat had no engine, no oars and no rudder. They hoisted the sail and trusted God to send the winds to take them where they were meant to go.  Brendan, the navigator, had many miraculous adventures that way. He even sailed to America (the land of promise he called it.) 

So, what about you?  You can stay in your comfort zone - in your familiar boat, or you can raise the sail and let the winds take you out and into the purposes of God.  It's so easy to get settled, isn't it? Now is not that time. We all have heard and seen the prophesies about the move of God and about the CHANGES. 

Follow Me 

Peter was probably quite successful as a fisherman. He was comfortable there - it's what he knew. But He met Jesus and Jesus really turned his boat upside down. There he was in his comfort zone life and suddenly he met a man unlike any other man he had ever met. One day Jesus said, "Hey Peter, leave all that fishing, get out of your boat, I have some other fish to fry."  Kathie's interpretation, but it's good (and scriptural). 

Peter had to make a decision didn't he? Jesus didn't say, "I will give you six months to think it over and if you feel so inclined, well you can come with me."  He just said to Peter, "Follow me," and probably carried on walking. 

Are you ready to hoist the sail?  Are you going to push away from the shore?  If you want things to change you have to do something different. I don't believe it's the will of God that you are in a job that you hate, or a ministry or church you can hardly stand; That's immoral really as you will never give it your best. He puts His desires in your heart so that when you serve Him, it's delightful, because it's in your heart. What really is in your heart?  Keep your antenna up.  Hoist the sail, let the wind come and take you where He wants you to go. 

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Kathie Walters

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