Friday, February 21, 2014

Rocking the Noah boat - movie report by Chris Stone Founder Faith Driven Consumer

Last week we wrote to you about the flood of controversy
surrounding Paramount Pictures’ $125 million film Noah
to be released on March 28th.

We asked you to weigh in, and tell us what you think.

Talk about rocking the boat! In the few days since we shared your
concerns about Noah, national and international press attention has
tried to pit Faith Driven Consumer in a battle against Paramount –
a la David and Goliath.

To recap: We shared Hollywood-based press stories with which
questioned the degree to which Noah will appeal to faith-based
audiences – given reports that the biblical story has been changed
significantly. And we asked you to weigh in and tell us whether
you as a Faith Driven Consumer would be satisfied with a
biblically themed movie – designed to appeal to you – which
replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood.

When the results were tallied, an overwhelming 98% of Faith Driven
Consumers told us that they would not be satisfied with a biblically
themed movie that changes the biblical message. Then we shared
the results of this consumer survey in an effort to engage with
Hollywood on the entertainment needs, wants and desires of the
46 million Faith Driven Consumers like you and me who spend
$1.75 trillion annually.

Creating a storm of controversy was never our intent. Instead,
 we simply advocated on behalf of Faith Driven Consumers in
the marketplace of goods, services and ideas – and created
a point of dialogue where our community’s interests are expressed.

Take a moment now to read this open letter we wrote to
Hollywood about the Noah movie controversy. And be sure
to share it with your family and friends.

Thanks for joining the Faith Driven Consumer community.
Together, we are engaging corporate America and creating
a welcoming place in the market for faith-based interests
and values.

Chris Stone
Faith Driven Consumer

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