Friday, April 18, 2014

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Heaven Is For Real
#IBelieve Heaven Is For Real!
You're one of the millions who have read the book. You've seen the trailer at your local theater. Now, get ready for the most inspiring motion-picture event of the Easter season: HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. Now showing in theaters, this movie will have you saying #IBelieve!

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The Story
The Story
The Burpos are the perfect picture of small-town Americana: mom, dad, daughter, and son... until a serious illness lands young Colton in the hospital. Fearing they will lose their son, the parents cry out to God. While Colton's amazing recovery should lead his family back to normalcy, they quickly discover nothing will ever be the same again. With childlike innocence, Colton begins talking about having visited Heaven and his incredible experiences there. HEAVEN IS FOR REALtells one family's story about Heaven and the impact it has on their community... and the world.

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The Impact
The Impact
"I believe that the film will serve as a great conversation starter to get people talking about God, Heaven, and the afterlife. I also believe that the movie can prove to be very healing and hopeful for those who've experienced loss and need to be reminded of the fact that Heaven IS for real!"
Bryan Hardwick, Small Groups Pastor, Adventure Christian Church, Roseville, Calif.

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