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Sharing Love from the Lighthouse Center, India - Pastor John Ebenezer - Update April 25, 2014

Sharing love from south India

April 25, 2014

Dear Steve,

Shalom, as I am very much busy for the VBS and we have in 3 centers  about 11 hundred children from all walks of life joining with us,please pray for them and staff too. As I am coming to USA states in July first week first I will be at Pittsburgh, then Orlando and then Madison etc. After that I am  able to see you some day but I will be in touch with you all the time.

As I have funds with you now I am using Indian money for the VBS and other needs. We are all praying for your ministry in India and Israel and Jews too. I also do the same praying for the nation of Israel and Jews to believe in Jesus Christ Yeshua.

Now its very hot to day 42 degrees it goes every day until June 15th may will be highest of all. We are unable to go out after 9 AM to 5 PM but our GOD is able we are able to travel some days. Please pray for us as we are going to 3 states. We need a VAN for the ministry and secondly we need to have INN at Light House Center to educate the Hindus and other caste children and teach them the BIBLE too. This is my dream and vision to make children know Jesus Christ/

Many families come to church and souls can be saved in 10 to 15 weeks time. Please pray with us. You are in my daily prayers and for ministry. He will make you a leader of the nation to bring many souls into His kingdom hallelujah...Amen.

All the pastors David, Lucie, Joseph and many others are praying for you. Looking forward to see you when you will be with us again. Praise HIM.....

Ahava and shalom,

John Ebenezer
Lighthouse Center, India
Pastor John Ebenezer
"Great is Thy faithfulness, O God"
"Bless the Lord, O my soul!"


Pastor John Ebenezer, Lucie and Steve Martin
Hyderabad, India
Feb. 2010

A new church in India coming

Love For His People, Inc. has supported Pastor John and his ministry in Hyderabad, India since 2004. I have ministered and traveled along with him to several of the churches he has planted and also spent a week teaching his annual Pastor's Conference on the importance of blessing Israel and the Jews. I can attest to the great work he has done over many decades.

John made his first trip to Israel in Nov, 2013 on the Love For His People Ahava Adventures trip. We plan on taking more pastors there in the future.

Please share your love and support along with us, to bless the orphans and kids that he is reaching and teaching about Jesus. 

Contributions made through this ministry receive a USA tax deduction.

Love For His People, Inc.
P.O. Box 414
Pineville, NC 28134


Steve Martin
Love For His People

Pastor John in Jerusalem Nov. 2013
on the Love For His People
Ahava Adventures trip.

John reading the chapter I wrote about him in my book Ahava Love Letters.  
(Xulon Press, Sept. 2013) I gave to him in Jerusalem Nov. 2013. Steve Martin

(Photos by Steve Martin)

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