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Bobby Conner: Golden Shafts - It's About The HARVEST! A Dream Visitation From Bob Jones

Bobby Conner:
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Bobby ConnerA Vivid Dream: "You Have a Visitor"

In the early morning hours of March 28, 2014, around 3:30 AM, I received a very vivid dream, which I feel is significant to help the Body of Christ gauge the season we have entered into. This was much more than a mere dream. This was a prophetic encounter! As the dream commences, I am in my study at my desk in Moravian Falls, North Carolina, and I am working on a new book.

The Holy Spirit said, "You have a visitor." Thinking someone was at the door, I am about to open the door. However, the Holy Spirit said, "Your visitor is at the window." Turning to look at my windows, suddenly with a flash of light appearing just outside my window, striding down what appeared to be translucent, pearl-colored stairs, was Bob Jones. He had the most winsome, warm smile and looked absolutely wonderful. However, in the dream I was completely aware that Bob had passed and gone to Heaven on February 14, 2014.

Bob JonesBob simply stepped into my study. I did not need to open the window, he just walked right in. His appearance was incredible: He was firm and fit, and he was dressed in a wonderful, soft, beautiful, elegant, white robe past his waist down below his knees, like a long shirt. 

His hair was extremely white and glistening. I was amazed at his skin: It was without blemish, white and soft, and his smile was truly radiant and beautiful. His eyes were bigger than normal and extremely clear, sparkling like that of an excited child.

I had been expecting his visit; nevertheless, words can't describe my delight and thrill! I was so excited to see my dear friend, I said, "I've been expecting this meeting! And looking forward to it." He quickly replied in an excited tone, "Me too!" His next words were, "You are doing fine!" And he said, placing both hands on his chest, "And I am doing wonderful."
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Golden Shafts

In this encounter it seemed as if we could communicate without actual conversation, spirit to spirit, with our hearts. Then he said, "Have you noticed your hair?" I replied, "No, not really!" He said in an instructive tone, "Run your hand through your hair." Accordingly, I ran my right hand through my hair; it felt perfectly normal. Then Bob said in a delighted, gleeful tone, "Look in your hand." 

When I looked at my hand, I had hundreds of golden pieces of strands. These golden particles seemed to me like the shaft of arrows, only much smaller! They were round and very straight, about one foot in length.

Ripe grainBob said in an excited, informative manner, "Do it again, and again, and again!" Each time, more and more golden shafts appeared until my hands as well as his were overflowing with these golden strands. Bob declared with a wonderful twinkle in his bright blue eyes, and a smile of someone who knows a secret that you are about to learn, "Watch closely!"

Suddenly these golden shafts appeared to turn into wonderful, huge stalks of ripe grain

These golden stalks filled not just our hands, they were now so huge you could hardly get your arms around them. And they continued to expand larger and larger. The rapid acceleration of their increase was breathtaking. 

(Photo via Flickr by Tom McCagherty)

It is Harvest Time

Bob said with a childlike smile, "YOU know what this means don't you?" I replied somewhat tentatively, "I think I do!" He said in a most confident tone, "It is the HARVEST!" He said, "The coming harvest will be spearheaded by the prophetic."

The prophets will be used in an unprecedented way to announce and declare the fields that are now ripe and ready for harvest. The prophetic voices will sound a clear trumpet call to bring forth the Body of Christ to stand up and speak up, becoming anointed evangelists.

Bob said, almost in a personal matter-of-fact manner, "It is so much better to watch from my vantage point." He added, "I know we have much to talk about, but we will do that later!" And suddenly there was a strong flash of light extremely blue bright, and he was gone. In the dream, I am standing in my study, my body and mind both pulsating, shaken to the core by the visitation.

Abruptly, I am awake laying in my bed, my body still responding to the event that I just experienced, my heart pounding and my spirit electrified.

The main enlightenment we must comprehend from this encounter is: It is harvest time. The end of the age is now upon us. Arise prepare your heart to thrust yourself into the harvest field.

Bobby Conner
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Bobby Conner: This "Gentle Giant" is uniquely anointed with refreshing humor and razor-sharp prophetic accuracy, which has been documented around the world. Bobby's dynamic capacity to release outstanding demonstrations of the miraculous – healings, signs and wonders – reveals the very heart of the Father toward us! Surviving a dramatic abortion attempt by his mother, being rescued again by the hand of God from drug dealing and suicide, the story of Bobby Conner is a display of a man who now walks in his God-ordained destiny to set others free! 

Highly esteemed as an internationally acclaimed conference speaker, Bobby has ministered effectively to over 45 foreign countries as well as here in the States for many years
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