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Ken Malone: We Are in a Season of Giving Birth

Ken Malone:
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It's been held back for a long time, but a season of new life and abundance is upon us!

Ken MaloneAs I write this, my body is trembling under the power of Holy Spirit. I was at a meeting at The Altar in Port St. Joe, Florida, with David and Cindy Fernandez on Aug. 15, 2014 when I received a vision from the Lord.

I saw and heard the radical remnant of the Lord pregnant with the dreams and visions of the Lord. They were pregnant with the purposes of God in the Earth.

Many are pregnant with awakening revival for their nation, cities and families. Others are pregnant with a harvest of souls. Still others are pregnant with signs, wonders and miracles. Then there are those who are pregnant with His presence, intercession and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Beyond Full Term

Friends of GodThe radical remnant I saw and am seeing is
beyond full term. Something is keeping them from delivering God's purpose. The remnant is not able to deliver. Groaning and travail as with a woman in pain of childbirth is on the remnant. But no one can deliver. (Photo via pixabay)

The Accuser of the Brethren

Suddenly, I began to see why we could not deliver. The accuser of the brethren was standing there making accusation against the remnant. Dreams and visions from the Lord are being held hostage in the womb of the sons and daughters of the Lord by this accuser (see Revelation 12 and Zechariah 3).

The accusations were strong and demanding, going back many generations. Some of the dreams and visions have been within the womb of the remnant for decades. Some have been passed through the generations but have yet to be birthed. Many of the dreams and visions will deliver nations and bring awakening to generations, even generations yet to come.

Judgment Released Against the Accuser

I then heard the Lord say, "I am shutting the mouth of the destroyer, and I will establish a throne of righteousness and worship in the land." A release of joy came to my spirit as I heard the Lord release the vengeance of our God against the accuser of the brethren (see Isaiah 61:2).

A Season of Giving Birth

After this vision/word, I looked up the Hebrew month we are in. It was the 19th of Av. On the Hebraic calendar, Av is a month of GIVING BIRTH.

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War Over the Harvest

The accuser is warring over your harvest. But it is your season to travail to prevail. We must enter into the place of Isaiah 54:1-3: "Sing, O barren, You who have not borne! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, You who have not labored with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman," says the Lord.

"Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left, and your descendants will inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited."

Don't try to answer the accuser based on your merit or righteousness. Our answer is based on the righteous Blood of Jesus that was shed for remission of sin.

Strategy: Travail to Prevail

It's important that you enter into a time of worship in this season. I want to encourage:
• Churches, pastors – Take a Sunday to dedicate the entire service to worship. Encourage your congregation to press into worship for the harvest and for awakening in your city.

Friends of God• Prayer groups – Spend time entering into Harp & Bowl (Worship & Intercession – Revelation 5:8) and give birth to the purposes of God.

• Worship teams – Worship leaders, gather your team to enter into worship and exalt the Lord.(Photo via flickr)

• Houses of prayer – You are an important part of this. Enter into a place of worship over the harvest of souls in your region.

• Home groups – Press in through worship. We need your voice to reach into the heavens.

• Families – Restore the altar of worship in your home. This will unlock the dreams and visions you are pregnant with.

• Business leaders – Take time to worship the Lord in your office or with your employees. Unlock the hidden resources of heaven in your business.

Used by permission from Charisma Online Magazine.

Ken Malone, Founder of Forerunner School and Ministry, Inc 
Forerunner Ministries

Ken Malone is being used by God to mobilize the Body of Christ throughout Florida and the nation. After being a pastor for 24 years Ken has recently stepped down from a pastoral position. This has allowed God to launch Ken into his apostolic role within Florida and the nation. He is an ordained minister and serves as the founder of Forerunner School and Ministry, Inc and serves on the board of Dutch Sheets Ministries. He and his wife Cheryl travel across Florida and the nation equipping, empowering and sending out Believers into the harvest.

Traveling extensively throughout Florida and the nation, spiritual breakthrough in the heavens over churches, cities and regions is producing a great momentum toward an unprecedented Book of Acts revival. Ken walks in a governmental apostolic mantle that releases the Body of Christ into their destiny. He also ministers with a prophetic, seer anointing which enables him to identify activate and release redemptive gifts in individuals, churches and cities.

Ken and Cheryl have been married since 1973. They have four children, six grandchildren and have mentored many spiritual sons and daughters. They make their home in central Florida.

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