Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gathering Storm: War on Faith Spiraling Out of Control?

Gathering Storm: War on Faith Spiraling Out of Control?

Fox News host Todd Starnes has a message for people of faith: make no mistake -- dark clouds are gathering, and a great storm is approaching.

In his role as a popular Fox News radio host and commentator, Starnes follows current developments in today's culture war.

In his latest book, God Less America, Starnes lays out in great detail the growing attacks on religious liberty and Christianity in the United States.

And while he presents it all in his trademark southern storytelling-style with humor and wit, his book shows that the assault on traditional values in America is no laughing matter.

Has the war on faith in America spiraled out of control? Starnes talked more about this and his new book on The 700 Club, Tuesday, May 27.

Also, Starnes spoke with CBN News' Heather Sells on why he thinks Christians are under attack in the United States. Click below for his comments.
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