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Sometimes activities are so important in Body of Christ. We need to do things for God, if what we do is according to God's will. But sometimes activities are just a tradition which are not from God's heart. Sometimes activities takes so much time in a congregation, week after week, that the fellowship time with God and seeking His face comes in a second place. The enemy wants to keep Christians from having time with God.

If you have a friend it is good to spend time with that friend. Jesus wants us to do things for Him, but also desires that we spend time with Him. He wants us to be His friend that we talk to and spend time with. In Song of Solomon we can consider the relation of the bride to the bridegroom. Our relationship with Jesus is not just between a usual bride and bridegoom.

We see here that there is a deep relationship, where the bride and the bridegroom love each other. They do not just have shallow conversations. In Song of Solomon 6:2 we read, "I am my beloved`s and my beloved is mine." Here we see that close relationship.

In Song of Solomon 2:14 we understand that Jesus loves to have fellowship with us. I looked at a picture of a white dove one day and thought the bird was very beautiful and got inspired to paint a dove. It is written in this Scripture, "Oh, my dove, in the cleft of the rock. In the secret places of the cliff, let me see your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely." Jesus does not want us to be just any face, but He is longing to see our face and hear our voice. He loves us so much; each and everyone personally. 

In Isaiah 62:5 is written about God's love for us, "As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you." It means a bridegroom who loves his bride from his heart. Sometimes men treat women bad and look down at them, but in Song of Solomon we see that the bridegroom treats a woman with respect and love and does not look down at her. God also made Eve from a bone close to Adam's heart. She would be close to his heart and show his love for her. He would not rule over her in a hard, wrong way, but was to have a heart of care, giving to her from his heart.

The woman at Jesus' feet had seen Jesus' attitude. He did not look down at her. He did not look at her with a hard attitude. He had a heart of love and compassion to her. There were people who looked down at her and saw her like trash. They thought their sin was less than hers and did not have love for her. This was the attitude the woman had met. But when she met Jesus, His attitude was different. He did not have a hard attitude condemning her. 

The woman at Jesus' feet had seen that Jesus loved her and dared to come to Him. She was touched by His great love for her and she cried at His feet. She cried, thinking of Jesus' great love. She was thinking that her sins were many but was touched by Jesus' forgiveness of her and His love for her. Jesus said that anybody who has been forgiven much will show more love. The man thought he had less sin. Jesus wanted to teach him to be humble. The man came with his own works. The woman did not come with her own works. She was just aware of Jesus' grace who had forgiven all her sins.

She was humble and her heart was deeply touched by Jesus' heart. It was not like "dry bones" in the law but  life in a heart which was deeply touched by Jesus. She felt His love so strong that she just went down crushed at His feet. Before Jesus she felt like nothing in her own strength but just to rely on Jesus' grace and love. She felt so accepted and loved by Jesus, she wanted to give Him anything precious from her heart. She gave him precious oil from her heart to show her love and was glad that He had forgiven  her sins.

The woman had a heart who was touched in tears by the love Jesus gave to her. We can read in Song of Songs about the bride's relation to the bridegoom. Here we see that her heart was touched. It was not a heavy burden, not in the law, but in freedom of love.

The bride expressed her love to the bridegoom in Song of Solomon 5:10, "My beloved is white and ruddy, chief among ten thousand." In the text you can see that the bride loves the bridegoom, from the words she expressed and her desire to have a close relationship. She loves the bridegoom and has met his love in their relationship.

Jesus our bridegoom loves us so much and loves when we have a close relationship in being His friend. Song of Solomons says, "My beloved is mine and I am his."

He loves us so deeply.

Eva Haglund

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