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"I gave you a cherished land..." - ISRAEL365

I gave you a cherished land, the heritage coveted by the multitudes of nations.  And I said, ‘Call me “my father,” and do not turn away from me.


וְאֶתֶּן לָךְ אֶרֶץ חֶמְדָּה נַחֲלַת צְבִי צִבְאוֹת גּוֹיִם וָאֹמַר אָבִי תִּקְרְאִי לִי וּמֵאַחֲרַי לֹא תָשׁוּבִי

ירמיהו ג:יט

v'-e-TEN lakh E-retz KHEM-da na-kha-LAT tz'-VEE tzi-v'-OT go-YIM va-o-MAR a-VEE tik-r'-EE lee u-may-a-kha-RAI lo ta-shu-VEE

Today's Israel Inspiration

Jeremiah describes God embracing the nation of Israel like a father, and sheltering them from harm. It is the ideal of all humanity to feel this protective love and care. But when little Sara, age 2, showed up at a foster home in Israel having been found wandering the streets on her own, the signs of abuse on her small body showed that she had experienced more in her two years than many experience in a lifetime. The special family who was matched to care for Sara, and over 25 other neglected children over the years, sees their work with Israel's foster care organization, The Summit Institute, as their calling in life: "This is a way for us to put to use our ability to give." Share in the merit of Summit's work, providing a loving future for Israel's forgotten children.

Find the Israel in You

Jumpstart your day with this short video that gives a glimpse into the Negev's Ramon Crater. Be inspired to "find the Israel in you."

The Forgotten Child

As Israel’s southern region works to recover from the stress and trauma of a war-torn summer, one organization is reaching out to help those who might otherwise be forgotten in the scuffle.

Israel for Beginners

Humourously dubbed: "A Field Guide for Encountering Israelis in their Natural Habitat," this tongue-in-cheek book explains the ins and outs of Israeli culture!

Today's Israel Photo

Noam Chen's stunning photo of colored sand at the Ramon Crater in the Negev. The crater, called a "makhtesh," is a geological landform considered unique to the Negev desert of Israel.

Yesterday's Photo Trivia

Yesterday's photo by Hillel van-Leeuwen was taken in the resort city of Eilat on the Red Sea. Eilat is mentioned a number of times in the Bible, as one of the spots where the people of Israel stopped on the way out of Egypt. Today, visitors enjoy fun water sports such as scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and windsurfing!

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“I Love Your Special Beautiful Messages Each Day”

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Thank you for that gorgeous Song of Prayer for the IDF. I will save it and sing along daily for them! I love your special beautiful messages each day, they inspire me. I have prayed for Israel for many years... Thanks, and G-d Bless, Gay Ford

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people of Israel in this time of trouble. God bless and keep you safe. Linda D.
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