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Monday, December 3, 2018

Prophecy: This Is a Year of Apostolic Authority and Liberty - RYAN LESTRANGE CHARISMA NEWS

(Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash)

Prophecy: This Is a Year of Apostolic Authority and Liberty

As I was spending some time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about prayer and the next wave of houses of presence. I have had a series of prophetic encounters recently about the houses of presence that the Lord is establishing to act as governmental centers for the kingdom of God on earth. There is a radical reform at hand as a new breed of apostolic hubs arise. These are places of divine pursuit and also glorious presence. The people of God are being drawn back to the place of pursuit and encounter.
"He said to them, 'It is written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer,' but you have made it 'a den of thieves'" (Matt. 21:13).
These hubs must have a strong engine! They are called to propel the body forward but it takes movement and momentum. As I was pondering what I have been sensing, the Lord began to speak to me: "I am restoring the engine. I always intended the engine of the ekklesia to be prayer. I birthed my church in the upper room. A prayer and seeking meeting turned into a glory outpouring. This is the model for local, regional and national transformation."
Ministries are being raised up to serve as hubs of revival, awakening and transformation in their region. A strong prayer movement is the engine that powers the entire operation. A new value system is being placed within the new breed. They understand the critical nature of prayer. There is a massive mantle of intimacy and seeking that is being released on a local and regional level.
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Many regions have not been cracked open effectively by an apostolic anointing due to the lack of strategic prayer. A new wave of planters is arising who will build new wineskin apostolic bases with strong prayer ministry at the core. It will become the centerpiece for all that is done.
As the engine is established, the momentum will break forth.
There is a return to the core, the essence of New Testament ministry. Strong regional hubs are arising with a breaker anointing to break down the walls that have held back heavenly plans of transformation. This is a year of apostolic authority and liberty: "The breaker goes up before them; They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it. So their king goes on before them, And the Lord at their head" (Mic. 2:13, NASB).
One of the words for "sent forth" is the Greek word apostello, meaning "set apart, set at liberty, to send out on a mission, and to send from one place to another for business or employment."
Apostles carry the spirit of the breaker. They are called to bring liberation. They have territorial mandates for regions. They break through long-standing walls and obstruction—they tear down that which is standing in the way. This is the picture of the apostolic momentum that is being unlocked, but it cannot and will not go forth effectively without the engine of prayer. The core of The Hub must be intact and revved up to release the spirit of the breaker. Apostles and apostolic ministries unlock an anointing of liberation. They come with a Holy Spirit bomb to annihilate the long-standing bondages and religious traditions that have choked out the Word of God. They break apart religious systems. They break apart ungodly barriers. They break apart evil words curses and regional strongholds. This anointing brings both personal and corporate breakthrough. This is why the powers of hell hate the one-two combo of apostolic and prophetic anointings. These graces will blast through restrictions to release kingdom power and authority.
Many are being given plans to establish and build an army of prayer. This season will bring a merge between apostolic ministries and prayer ministries. There have been prayer ministries solely focused on bridal love, but there is a transformational emphasis coming into the houses of prayer. They must shift into a more apostolic paradigm. The sound will change. The flow will change, and the operation will change. Many will be realigned, coming under apostolic authority in order to embrace the mandate of transformation. There will be divine merges as existing prayer ministries merge with an apostolic ministry to form an effective hub.
I hear the engine revving up in the spirit. The Lord says; "I am revving My engine of prayer, refocusing My people and preparing them for a fresh wave of building in the glory." 
Ryan LeStrange is an apostolic and prophetic revolutionary, laboring to see global awakening. He is the founder and apostolic leader of a global network of ministries known as TRIBE Apostolic Network. He is the senior leader of the iHub movement, planting and overseeing a network of governing churches, apostolic hubs and revival hubs. Ryan is also a real estate investor, active in the business arena, and an accomplished author. His latest release is titled Hell's Toxic Trio. Ryan and his wife, Joy, have one son, Joshua, and currently reside in Virginia.
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Sunday, July 8, 2018

"A Sizzling Summer of Liberty and Justice" Johnny Enlow The Elijah List

July 7, 2018

"A Sizzling Summer of Liberty and Justice"
Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWe've been receiving quite a few words about the Justice of God coming on a grand scale...for our nation and the nations of the earth.

Johnny Enlow is one that when he speaks, I listen. He truly speaks from the heartbeat of God into important matters in our day.
People are saying this is going to be shifting summer with many changes to come...just as Johnny Enlow shares here:

We have entered into a sizzling, summer season where Liberty and Justice will be warred over and where Liberty and Justice will win... There is a renewed battle for the soul of America and it is time to agree with God over our nation's identity and destiny. Yes, the Kingdom agenda is greater than "patriotism" but our King's agenda is for every nation to find its God-designed identity and destiny.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

"A Sizzling Summer of Liberty and Justice"
Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

Agreeing with God and Overcoming Evil with Good

We have entered into a sizzling, summer season where Liberty and Justice will be warred over and where Liberty and Justice will win. Devious, demonic forces have targeted unhealed wounds in many otherwise decent people and people groups and have manipulated them into being part of a misinformed initiative to sabotage roots of Justice and Liberty in the United States of America.

Twisted narratives have been spun inciting even violent responses, and the enemy has desired and purposed to stir up a de facto civil war. He will ultimately fail in his objectives, but it becomes important for those called by His name to agree with God and overcome evil with good.

It's Time to Seek Our God-designed Identity and Destiny

As revolutionary winds blow through the land, it becomes important to know how to respond. One wrong response would be to rise up angrily and divisively. The political spirit would have us demonizing flesh and blood when that is not where our battlefield lies.

Another wrong response would be to just remain passive and hope that qualifies as loving. This is not a time for ANY kind of passivity. There may be instances where it is in fact important to show up in the streets and be a visible evidence of light. As this takes place, it becomes equally important to not be antagonistic or violent, but to show up in strength of numbers and resolve. Insulting and mocking is out, but firm resilience is in.

There is a renewed battle for the soul of America and it is time to agree with God over our nation's identity and destiny. Yes, the Kingdom agenda is greater than "patriotism" but our King's agenda is for every nation to find its God-designed identity and destiny.

We can be so quick to decry patriotism that we reject the concept itself of a nation having its unique identity and destiny. We are to seek the well-being of the nations where we have been placed because that is why we were put there (Jer. 29:7). As God sweeps through the nations, He is in fact looking for those who would feel His love for their nation's well-being and not just dismiss it as "patriotism". While it is possible to be "patriotic" and yet blind to the Kingdom, when you are in-tune with the Kingdom you will find yourself feeling a patriotic love for your nation while viewing it through a proper Kingdom lens.

Heaven Will Move as We Move

For some time now there has been unprecedented, angelic/hosts-of-Heaven activity over us, and many of these have been advancing on heavenly orders given to them. Many more are waiting to be released as we, the saints, arise and shine with a correct representation and understanding of our Father's heart at this time.

There is a great cleansing and a great clarifying that is presently taking place in our land and we have significant surprises yet before us. This summer will be much like the horse Justify running the third leg of the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. The rain, the mud and the fog will be lifted and a great clarity will come.

Liberty and Justice have been greatly challenged—even in many named Liberty or Justice—but Liberty and Justice are going to greatly triumph. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society – until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A List Of 100 Things That Liberals Hate About America - Posted: 31 May 2017 Michael Snyder THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG

Posted: 31 May 2017  Michael Snyder  THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG

Why do liberals seem to hate just about everything that is good and true and right about this country?  

Earlier today I was writing an article about Kathy Griffin and the hate-filled ideology that she represents, and it got me thinking about a lot of things.  I truly believe that her now infamous photograph will turn out to be a defining moment in American politics.  It has become exceedingly clear that Kathy Griffin and those like her have nothing to offer but anger, hate and violence, and that is not a message that most Americans are going to embrace.  

So if true conservatives can start communicating a message of love, peace, prosperity, liberty and freedom that is based on the principles and values that this nation was founded upon, there is no way that the left is going to be able to compete with that.

If we want to make America great again, we need to embrace the things that made us great in the first place.  Unfortunately, the left tends to hate most of those things.  In fact, many leftists will actually tell you that America was never great.  These “progressives” want our nation to be fundamentally “transformed” into an entirely different place than our forefathers intended, and they plan to use big government as the tool to conduct that “transformation”.

If they ultimately win, the country that you and I love so much today will be gone forever.  I want you to read the list below and imagine what the United States would be like if all of these things were eradicated.  The following is a list of 100 things that liberals hate about America…

#1 The U.S. Constitution
#2 Liberty
#3 Freedom
#4 Success
#5 Big Trucks
#6 Capitalism
#7 Free Markets
#8 Wealthy People
#9 Economic Prosperity
#10 The Rule Of Law
#11 Traditional Values
#12 The American Flag
#13 The Founding Fathers
#14 Guns
#15 Limited Government
#16 Religious Freedom
#17 Homeschooling
#18 Private Schools
#19 Christian Schools
#20 Entrepreneurs
#21 Ronald Reagan
#22 Donald Trump
#23 Mike Pence
#24 Country Music
#25 Rush Limbaugh
#26 The Tea Party
#27 Lower Taxes
#28 Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs
#29 Jesus
#30 The Bible
#31 The Christian Faith
#32 The Drudge Report
#33 John Wayne
#34 Alex Jones
#36 Tupperware
#37 Big Cheeseburgers
#38 Football
#39 Clint Eastwood
#40 The Army
#41 The Navy
#42 The Marines
#43 The Air Force
#44 Ron Paul
#45 Rand Paul
#46 Marriage
#47 Family
#48 Babies
#49 Wal-Mart
#50 Flag Pins
#51 Steakhouses
#52 Chuck Norris
#53 Bottled Water
#54 George Washington
#55 The 1st Amendment
#56 The 2nd Amendment
#57 The 10th Amendment
#58 The Pledge Of Allegiance
#59 McDonald’s
#60 Coca-Cola
#61 Fried Food
#62 Muscle Cars
#63 Charlie Daniels
#64 Dolly Parton
#65 Duck Dynasty
#66 Johnny Cash
#67 Sarah Palin
#68 Cheesesteaks
#69 Sean Hannity
#70 Rodeos
#71 Cadillacs
#72 Barbie Dolls
#73 Ted Cruz
#74 Fiscal Sanity
#75 Charlton Heston
#76 Israel
#77 Benjamin Netanyahu
#78 Miners
#79 Loggers
#80 The Coal Industry
#81 National Sovereignty
#82 National Borders
#83 Uncle Sam
#84 The Washington Redskins
#85 Small Businesses
#86 Self-Employment
#87 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
#88 Military Veterans
#89 The Phrase “Islamic Terror”
#90 Big Families
#91 The Bible Belt
#92 The Creation Museum
#93 The 10 Commandments
#94 Anyone That Is Pro-Life
#95 Anyone That Disagrees With Them
#96 Hard Work
#97 Patriotism
#98 Winning
#99 The Truth
#100 The American People

Saturday, January 9, 2016

"You Have a Mountain to Climb – And it is So Worth It!" Debbie Kerekes, California - THE ELIJAH LIST

Do You Feel Stuck by Death, Crushing Blows, or Disappointment?
I have been seeing a vision of a person standing staring into a huge, dark, mass grave. In this grave is so much death. Disappointments, fears, despair, dead dreams, and broken promises are there; devastated relationships, disastrous set-backs, and worry for the souls of loved ones. There are missed opportunities, betrayals, and the untimely passing-away of significant people.
The eyes of this person are unblinking, riveted, looking into the hole, grieving and paralyzed with loss. They are becoming dark and obsessed, rehearsing in their minds what could have been, and even what SHOULD have been or might still be. They are stuck.(Photo via Pixabay)
They have been staring into the darkness, either hoping to prevent future pain by understanding fully what happened, waiting for closure, or hoping for resurrection.
But the Lord says to STOP. Stop staring into that hole of loss, and ask for a fresh revelation of His love to push out the fear and crushing disappointment. Stop waiting for people, movements, or organizations to repent and come to the Light. Stop trying to figure it all out, losing your peace and joy because someone you love doesn't "get it." Stop staring into the abyss, waiting for something you hoped would come to pass.
When sorrowing over what others did, or failed to do, keeps us from what wecan do, it has gone too far and we cease to be in the "present," living out of our past. When we lose all joy by lingering and hoping that something can be salvaged from the ashes, we have waited too long. If we remain staring into the pit of death, death will start staring into us.
I saw a mountain right next to this pit, and the Lord told me to say, "This mountain is YOURS to climb." Not the culture's mountain, the country's or the Church's, or even you and your best friend's (although those mountains also exist). This one is yours. You can't climb it if you remain by the abyss. (Photo by Jennifer Page "My Firm Foundation" via
The fear that moving up that mountain will leave loved ones or promises behind is a deception of the enemy to keep you (and possibly your loved ones) in bondage.
The mountain is your journey with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus our older brother, and with our Heavenly Father. It may be dry or abundant, public or hidden, challenging or comforting. You will be brought straight up the side of the hill, full of anointing, gifting, and victory, just to be turned around and brought back down in darkness of night to acclimatize. 
At times you will see visions and vistas like never before; other times you will walk by faith, only seeing the next step ahead, with not even a "star" to see by.
We have been defined by performance Christianity, which is fueled by the cruel master, "Fear." God wants to reveal powerful weapons to us, which the enemy has defined as wimpy and irrational. The world longs for the children of God to walk in these things with authority and boldness: Rest that only Jesus gives, peace that cannot be faked, confidence in the friendship of the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge of the fullness of the Father's uncreated grace and favor over us.
ElijahList Prophetic Resources
Start with Asking the Lord for a Revelation of Himself and Thanksgiving
Ask the Lord for a revelation of Himself. He may show you in a moment what He wants to reveal, or it may take time. Three years ago the Lord told me He wanted to reveal His GRACE to me... What a three-year journey it has been! The answers have come from a hundred different sources, in a million different ways, and there is more to come. Could He have revealed it in a day or a moment? Of course! (Photo by Jennifer Page"Redeemed" via
He transported Philip from one place to another in a flash, but normally He shows us by journey. He may want to reveal His love for you, His Fatherhood, His deliverance, or His divine rest. He may wait to give you a revelation of how He speaks to our hearts in silence, or the power of our words. It will be your journey to embrace.
Start with thanksgiving. Thank Him for even the smallest things, but start thanking Him and make it a conscious habit. Thank Him through tears, thank Him in pain, and thank Him out loud so you can hear your own voice. Thanking God by faith in the face of despair is one of the most precious gifts we can offer, and one of the most life-transforming. It will lead to the dearest and most intimate, childlike praise, and result in a powerful joy of spirit that transcends both mind and emotions.
Thanking Him creates the atmosphere that will sustain you in the high elevations (testing) of your mountain... And for those of you who have stared so long into the abyss that you actually fell in? Start thanking Him and His LOVE will lift you out.
Shake Off Your Grave Clothes and Journey Up the Mountain and Inspire Others to Climb Too
When you have been in a dirty-air environment for a long time, you start becoming impervious to the odor. Submerge yourself in air that is polluted, toxic, or smells of death or decay...and your senses begin to dull. And then, when you leave the area, it can stick to your clothes, or seem as though the smells are lodged in your head or on your hair, and follow you everywhere!
Leaving that pit of despair and grieving to move up your mountain of grace and faith, you might not even realize how bad it was down there...until you look back and can't even see the ground or the "city" you were in for the haze of pollutants layered over it. And you may forget how bad it smelled until you get around those still living there, now shocked at what they (and you) had become used to!
Life is very different on the Mountain, and people will respond differently to you. This is a real re-set, a new thing with new challenges. People under demonic influence may now react very strongly to you when you walk by, where before they might have ignored you. 
Some people will want what you have. Your joy, your liberty, and peace will inspire them to shake off their own grave clothes and make the journey up their own mountain! But don't be surprised if others get confused, jealous, or bitter, and feel abandoned by you. 
(Photo by Kevin Moffatt"Come Out!" via
Sitting by a mass grave of dead dreams and lost hopes is not intolerable if you think that by sitting there you will get you some kind of answer. And staring long enough into the abyss to "figure it out" can even be strangely satisfying if others will join you there in your hopeless least you have company.
This is a BIG transition, a HUGE seasonal change, not a little one (and life has many of all sizes!). People will come at their own pace and level of revelation. Love fully, have mercy, but keep moving up in response to Christ, cooperating with the Holy Spirit.
What Fragrance are You Giving Off?
My friend, Gloria Dinerman, said, "One of my favorite Scriptures is 2 Corinthians 2:15-16'For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, to one a fragrance from death to death, to the other a fragrance from life to life. Who is sufficient for these things?' 
When grace has truly touched our lives, the transformation should be noticeable to all who come in contact with us. I guess a good question to ask would be, are we giving off the fragrance of Heaven?" (Photo by Robert Bartow "Dark Yet Lovely" via
Remember, when the old smells (anger; despair; self-pity; self-loathing; disappointment; fear; prolonged, disabling grief) start to press in on you, start thanking God. Thank Him for the smallest and biggest things, the good and the difficult. Then, let this thanksgiving lead you to high praise, and your atmosphere will change! You will have to fight for this...but it is SO worth it!
Debbie Kerekes
Debbie Kerekes: In 1970, Debbie became a Christian in the Jesus Movement under the ministry of Lonnie Frisbee and Billy Graham. From day one, she loved Jesus and gave her life over to prayer and intercession, while God also lead her in the ways of seeing and prophecy. She and her wonderful husband mostly attended Foursquare and Vineyard churches through their lives and raised three amazing children in California.
Intimacy and partnering with Him in prayer is to Debbie the most rewarding thing. Helping people know Him better, find liberty, freedom, joy, and rest in Him...seeing people come into their true identity in Christ is priceless! Debbie spends most of her days in prayer, prayer with others, and spending time with her family, friends, and grandchildren.
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

When Christians Use 'Liberty' as a License for the Flesh Dr. Michael Brown


But it's another thing entirely to be polluted by the world in the name of liberty and to exalt the flesh in the name of freedom.

But it's another thing entirely to be polluted by the world in the name of liberty and to exalt the flesh in the name of freedom. (Flickr/Creative Commons)

When Christians Use 'Liberty' as a License for the Flesh

In the Line of Fire, by Michael Brown

I could hear the shock and pain in his voice. He could not believe what he had just seen at a birthday party for a pastor's wife.
How could this be?
I received a text from this friend during my radio show, so I called him as soon as the show was over. What he told me brought tears to my eyes.
Please understand that the man calling me was no Christian prude.
He had lived a worldly life before meeting the Lord, and he knew the party scene well.
And he was no uptight, old-fashioned traditionalist, no fun-killing legalist.
He was simply a lover of Jesus who was mortified by the spirit of the world flooding into the church, and in a million years, he would never have believed that the party he attended was for the wife of a respected pastor.
He told me that the pastor functioned as the DJ, playing 30-40 songs over the night. Not one of the songs was Christian, and some of them were downright profane—meaning full of profanity and even celebrating pot and the like. These were the sounds that filled the room.
At one point, the wife of another leader climbed onto a chair, grabbed the ceiling to brace herself, then began to dance like a stripper.
This was at a party for Christian leaders!
But should we be surprised when we hear reports like this?
After all, to speak against sin today is to be "judgmental."
To call for holiness is to be "legalistic."
To live differently than the world is to be "religious."
Yes, this is the putrid spiritual atmosphere we find ourselves in today.
I don't know this pastor personally, but I do know that he errs on the side of "grace" and "liberty" and prides himself in not being "judgmental."
And so, as grieved as I was to hear the report, I couldn't say I was shocked, especially since this pastor openly celebrates his love for carnal entertainment.
You see, it's one thing to welcome the worst of sinners into our midst, showing them the love of God, introducing them to Jesus, and being patient with them as we grow.
It's one thing to show mercy to believers who fall, reaching out to them with compassion and gently leading them back to restoration.
It's one thing to preach against legalism, which I define as externally imposed religion, meaning, laws without love, rules without relationship, and standards without a Savior.
And it's one thing to extol God's grace, recognizing that He loves on our good days and our bad days and that our relationship with Jesus is not measured by our latest spiritual accomplishment.
But it's another thing entirely to be polluted by the world in the name of liberty and to exalt the flesh in the name of freedom.
Paul warned about this plainly, writing, "You, brothers, have been called to liberty. Only do not use liberty to give an opportunity to the flesh, but by love serve one another" (Gal. 5:13).
Peter warned about it as well, writing, "As free people, do not use your liberty as a covering for evil, but live as servants of God" (1 Pet. 2:16).
But there's something even worse than abusing the freedom we have in Jesus, which, for the record, is freedom from sin not to sin.
It's the fact that we cannot possibly have intimacy with God's heart and, at the same time, indulge the flesh so freely. Something very deep is lacking in our relationship with God if we can party like the world without shame.
It is impossible to be close to the Father of lights and to love darkness, just as it is impossible to be in a close, intimate relationship with your spouse while living in unrepentant adultery. If you're faithful to the one, you'll hate the other.
Take a moment and bathe yourself in these beautiful words from Paul, then go back to the scene of that party, which my friend could barely convey in words, and ask yourself if the two are compatible:
"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. 
For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. 
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret." (Eph. 5:1-12, ESV).
Do you want to be an imitator of God? I do!
Then let us walk in His life-giving, grace-filled light, loving what is good and hating what is evil. That is the life of a disciple of Jesus, and it is life indeed, life to the full.
But there's one more part to this story, and it's the most heartbreaking part of all: People will come flocking to hear this pastor preach on Sunday, loving his "no condemnation" message, continuing to live in sin and continuing to be comfortable in sin, deceived by this self-deceived leader. They love his message because they love the world.
May we all examine our own lives first, may we pray for this pastor and his family, and may we, as dearly loved children of the Father, "cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God" (2 Cor. 7:1, MEV)
(I encourage you not to try to figure out which pastor I'm talking about, as it could easily be one of hundreds, if not thousands. Let's simply pray for him and examine our own lives.)

Michael Brown is the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show The Line of Fire and is the president of FIRE School of Ministry. His newest book is Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide. Connect with him on Facebook at AskDrBrown or on Twitter @drmichaellbrown.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Rain is Falling by James Donovan

My Rain is Falling 

by James Donovan

Identity Network
I am The Great I AM! I am the Lord that calms the storms and departs the seas. I am moving upon planet earth with a mighty move of My Spirit. Like the natural rain comes down and replenishes the earth to grow and bear a harvest of fruit. My rain drops are falling. My mercy is falling like the rain and springing up a well and bringing forth life. I am opening up the heavens and invading the earth with spiritual rain. I am bringing forth refreshing to those who are weary and down trodden.
In the natural the dark clouds open up and the rain comes down. In the same way, My glory clouds are releasing My rain. It is a spiritual rain, which is full of My presence and My glory. I am bringing forth newness of life and new growth. I am reviving and bringing newness of life to the dry and wasted areas of your lives; to bring about change and to revive you to the newness of life that I have for you; to enable you to flow in My Presence.
I Am Opening Heavens and Pouring Down My Rain
My rains bring refreshing and growth and I am moving. I desire you, My people to move by My Spirit in these days, and to flow with My resurrected power and authority. So I am reviving you, My people and calling forth My chosen ones to flow in the river from above; to flow and be led by My Spirit. For My Spirit brings freedom and liberty.
I am calling My chosen ones to flow and soak in My presence and harken to My voice, and be led of My Spirit. For I am bringing new growth and spiritual maturity to those who will yield to Me. Press into Me, and receive My rain drops from heaven; which is more of Me. For My rain is falling upon earth bringing a mighty revival to those who shall receive My glory, My giftings, My anointing and walk in My power and authority with signs and wonders following. For I AM A GOD OF MIRACLES!
Be glad and rejoice for I am opening the heavens and pouring down My rain; My presence. I am restoring, and rebuilding. I am bringing forth newness of life from those areas previously devastated, to those who will receive My presence, and walk in My presence. For where My Spirit is there is freedom and liberty.
Yes, Lord
I am raising up a people who in the natural look peculiar. But I am moving through those who say, "Yes Lord, send Your rain. Yes Lord, send your Presence. Bring forth change by Your Spirit, for You are our God!" I am raising up those who rejoice in My rain upon planet earth, and acknowledge that I am bringing forth change and touching lives for My own Glory.
My Presence brings forth My love. So receive My love. Come and walk with Me this day. Receive My rain. Receive My presence in your life, not just on Sundays but every day. Let My presence come on you and cover you with My love all the time and in every area of your lives. For I am raising up a people who will walk in My love and give My love away.
For, through My presence I AM filling you up with Holy Ghost fire to be My conduits, fulfilling the destiny I have for you. Be releasers of My Greatness in this season.
James Donovan

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gathering Storm: War on Faith Spiraling Out of Control?

Gathering Storm: War on Faith Spiraling Out of Control?

Fox News host Todd Starnes has a message for people of faith: make no mistake -- dark clouds are gathering, and a great storm is approaching.

In his role as a popular Fox News radio host and commentator, Starnes follows current developments in today's culture war.

In his latest book, God Less America, Starnes lays out in great detail the growing attacks on religious liberty and Christianity in the United States.

And while he presents it all in his trademark southern storytelling-style with humor and wit, his book shows that the assault on traditional values in America is no laughing matter.

Has the war on faith in America spiraled out of control? Starnes talked more about this and his new book on The 700 Club, Tuesday, May 27.

Also, Starnes spoke with CBN News' Heather Sells on why he thinks Christians are under attack in the United States. Click below for his comments.
Website: CBN News

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kathie Walters: Heavenly Ladders and Tables

Kathie Walters

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Within days of each other, both Jeff Jansen and Kathie Walters received similar types of revelations about open doors, heavenly ladders, and tables. God is at work, all over the earth, at SEEMINGLY an accelerated pace to provide these same doors and "tables prepared for you".

Just as we are witnessing a confirmation of the Open Doors and Ladders from both Jeff and Kathie at almost the same time, you too can have confirmation that these articles today will bring to you. 

I know many of you are getting this same type of revelation and these words will serve as a confirmation to you from the Lord.

Read and be encouraged as Kathie lays before you a number of angelic visitations and God encounters, both in history and in the present time! Understand the vision on the earth today from the Lord...and then run with it!


Steve Shultz

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Kathie Walters:
Heavenly Ladders and Tables

Kathie WaltersOct. 23, 2013 

I just returned from a trip to Wales, England, and Scotland – three conferences and a group tour of Wales. It was wonderful, as any God adventure is. 

While I was traveling, every day I kept having dreams of "ladders and tables". They were painted lovely colors - purple, red, blue, green, lilac, etc.

While doing a conference in Bedford, England with "His Fragrance Ministry", I again saw a ladder (over Bedford). I was still wondering what was going in the spirit and what God was saying with the ladders and tables. 

On Friday night at the end of the meeting, I was talking to someone, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge angel standing to the side of the room.

I mentioned it to a few women standing nearby and one of them who was with our tour group, Carol, went over to that place at the side. Next thing I saw was Carol totally taken up in the spirit and she was "gone" from us.

We eventually helped carry her back to the bus. Later she told us that she had an encounter with an angel from William Wilberforce's ministry. Someone else, separately, had a vision of slaves in the hold of a ship. I was still seeing the ladder with angels going up and down it over Bedford, England.

Spirit of Liberty

William Wilberforce was a great abolitionist born in 1759. For years he fought for freedom from slavery in Britain. He was also discipled by John Newton – writer of the famous Hymn, "Amazing Grace". 

It was in Bedford also that John Bunyan wrote "The Pilgrim's Progress" and many other books when he was in prison there. (Photo: William Wilberforce)

So then, after that conference in Bedford, I saw many ladders and tables being put in place. What does that mean? 

Well, William Wilberforce, John Newton and John Bunyan were all proponents of grace – they all disengaged from organized religion where people were controlled by a hierarchy. Bunyan was put in prison twice for preaching that ordinary people could read the Bible for themselves.

Galatians 5:1 "It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery."

There is a mighty move being stirred – many great callings being released. 

But God is sending a great spirit of LIBERTY because we have to hear God for ourselves. It's a wake up call for people who already think they are awake. 

It's a new calling for many people who think they have nothing much to offer. God wants to break that box you have put yourself in or you have allowed others to put you in.

Ladders in Different Places
I know Jesus is THE ladder – in that He is the One that connects us to God, our heavenly Father. 

But there are ladders and places where people have been praying and getting rid of the enemy in the gates and opening up many heavenly portals. 

That's part of the churches ministry – to take the enemy from the gates in the Name of Jesus.

When I was in New Zealand last year, we discovered an ancient spirit guarding the coastline near Ohope. When the pastor and Margaret Knight and I kicked it out, a huge angel came into NZ to call the intercessors to pray for certain things. 

Just like Daniel, the angels of God do get held up sometimes. That's why we have to live in the spirit realm.

By the way, there is nothing hard in that – every one of us can live in the spirit realm. It's our inheritance in Christ. You don't have to qualify – Jesus died and rose again and qualified you forever and He lives and is always making intercession for YOU. 

Maybe you are one of the groups who have been praying, allowing God's ladders to be set up where the angels of God can bring the things God has prepared for you and others.

In these places I've discovered what I call "Table-layers". These are people who lay a table and provide food for others to come and eat. In different areas there are those who make available the tables of God. 

They invite the various ministries to come and then they open the table for others to come and eat. These are going to be tables and ladders to bring great freedom to the Body of Christ. 

That is why angels like the one in Bedford, who helped Wilberforce bring the freedom to the slaves, are involved in this move of liberty. We must be free from our concepts and boxes and listen to what He is saying in this time.

I know there are many surprises for all of us and open doors

Do you remember the angel from New Zealand who came to my house a few years ago and sang me the whole song from Aladdin, "A Whole new world"? It starts off with an invitation. Remember, the prince says to Jasmine, "Do you trust me?" and she replies, "Yes," and the she takes his hand and he takes her on a wonderful ride where she sees things from a whole new perspective.

We seem to think sometimes that for God to bring a move to our place (house or church or meeting place) we sometimes have to do something to "qualify". Well yes, you do – you have to just believe. He is a covenant keeper and He will do as He says.

Hebrides Revival

In the Hebrides Revival (see my book "Bright and Shining Revival") the pastor on the Isle of Lewis (Hebrides Islands) and six men from his church got together in a barn and called out to God for a visitation. Guess what? God heard them because He said, "When you call I will answer." 

When He said, "If you call on Me, if you seek Me... I will heal the land." They did what He said (seek Him) and then started to declare what He said. They believed Him and told people, "God is coming, He is healing the land." They didn't keep praying because they got the answer when He said it the first time.

Then the power of God came and whole towns were saved. The Spirit of God chased people in the bars and dance halls. They ran out to the church or the police station. 

I spoke to people myself who told me that when the presence of God came down they packed up and left the Islands and went to live on the mainland until it was over. They told me, "If we stayed, God would get us." 

They didn't qualify for a spiritual ladder – they just prayed and believed. God sent a ladder, an open Heaven, and they laid a table for people to comer and dine.

Liberty = Freedom

Maybe you are praying and believing – maybe you are a table-layer. You don't have to qualify for that either. You have to step out in faith as you are led by the Spirit to do what He tells you to do, go where He tells you to go, and say what He tells you to say. 

Come on, let's run after Him. Jesus died and rose again to purchase your freedom, not your religious mindsets.

Take that opportunityDon't be in the hold of the ship when the captain is inviting you to His table. The seating is in the heavenly places already prepared for you.

Don't miss the beautiful setting that has your name on it already. There's not another you – you're it. 

God didn't make a spare one of you in case you don't work out.

This is a note from Carol Bengele, who had the initial encounter with the angel from William Wilberforce's ministry:

"I am not sure what the total significance of that encounter is but I know it was monumental. Keys are being given to those who have been crying out to see the religious slavery broken off of God's children. Keys to set the captives free, both saved and unsaved. 

The new Abolitionists are arising who will do whatever is necessary to loose the bound and oppressed
"As for Moggerhanger (the meeting place in Bedford where the conference was held) I believe it will become a place where freedom will be ministered at every level and to every level of society. 

People will come to breathe in the atmosphere and receive a key to influence the lives of those in their own nations. It will be known as "The Freedom Center". Cast off the shackles that keep you bound to anything but Christ. Freely you have received now freely give."

God is sending "cows" (a continual means of provision) – small businesses, to help you to prosper. 

We all have things to do and places to go. I just returned from a wonderful trip to the U.K. Now I am headed for Australia and New Zealand next week. I would love to see you.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to "qualify." She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.