Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Alveda King Calls Black Congressional Caucus to Carpet After Gruesome Planned Parenthood Videos

Alveda King Calls Black Congressional Caucus to Carpet After Gruesome Planned Parenthood Videos

Alveda King speaks out against Planned Parenthood.
Alveda King speaks out against Planned Parenthood. (Flickr)
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Dear Congressional Black Caucus (CBC),
I am writing to you regarding recent videos that have gone viral exposing Planned Parenthood's practice of harvesting and selling aborted babies' body parts.
If they or anyone else had been exposed for harvesting and selling animal body parts, there would be such an outrage from the left and right. But for some reason it seems to be OK to chop up the unborn babies and harvest their body parts.
The videos are shocking, yet still nary a word from the CBC.
CBC, I ask you: Are you so beholden to the abortion lobby that you are totally paralyzed and unable to garner the necessary will to denounce their behavior?
I thought surely this current gruesome behavior on the part of PPH would be the catalyst for change: Surely, now the CBC will yank their support of an industry that is involved in the illegal harvesting and selling of body parts of aborted babies. Yet we hear nothing. Your silence is deafening.
For the record, my Uncle Martin Luther King Jr. was pro-life. Even though his wife attended the awards ceremony where Planned Parenthood gave a plaque attributed to MLK, he didn't attend. MLK; my daddy, A.D. King; and their father, M.L. "Daddy" King were pro-life. Granddaddy even saved me and one of my children from abortion. Thank God he did.
Meanwhile, Sanger and her PPH Federation targeted and have sometimes paid black leaders—doctors, preachers, lawyers, teachers—with grants and scholarships to convince them to join her. Does this sound like love and compassion?
Attention, CBC (Congressional Black Caucus and Concerned Black Clergy). As a post-abortive mother, I know firsthand the pain abortion can bring. There is no agape love in abortion and trafficking baby body parts. They are hateful and violent deeds.
CBC, you cannot serve both God and money. You cannot serve both Planned Parenthood and your constituents. By serving Planned Parenthood, you are not only hating the other or despising the other, but your position is helping to kill our people.
CBC, it's not too late to put your constituents first, where they belong. Get involved—no, take the lead—in the investigations of Planned Parenthood. Take the lead in calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. It's time to stand up for truth.
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