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Jerusalem Log #8 - 05.08.17 Jerusalem, Israel - “Until The End” by Steve Martin

“Until The End”

Jerusalem Log #8
 Monday 05.08.17
Jerusalem, Israel

Greetings from Israel, before I head to the airport for home.

These last 10 days in the Land of Israel were as usual – you never know who you are going to meet. But then again, when the Lord lays out His plan, step by step, and you walk in it, you know, “Yes, that was the Lord.”

As I consider some of the more important aspects of this trip, I am grateful for the destination the Lord had planned, and laid out day by day (there was a song like that…years ago.) The people you stay with – along with their families and friends – and the ones they interrelate alongside, make it more meaningful each time I am here. Your love for them and desire to stand with them in these times grows in your heart. You know it is part of the plan the Lord has for you. And for them.

Nissim and Hadassah Lerner, with Steve Martin

Being with the ones we support through Love for His People, such as the couple who have volunteered with Christian Friends of Israel now for almost seven years (the accountant there knows the actual length!) and the grandparents north of Jerusalem with 13 grandchildren living within walking distance make it what it should be. 

Patricia Solveson from Wisconsin, USA

Meeting the mural lady, Patricia Solveson, who incredibly painted the entire length and height of the cemetery where Derek and Ruth Prince, Lance Lambert, and other men and women of God who are buried there, who taught the Lord’s Word on the prophetic destination of the Jews in this Land of theirs, and now have reached their eternal reward, was amazing. She told me of the older Jewish man who would come to the cemetery out of curiosity, and ask questions. “Why the Star of David on these Christian headstones?” he inquired. By walking him through the biblical truth laid out in dramatic colors on the wall, from Genesis to Revelation, he came to know his Messiah too, Yeshua HaMashiach.

Katherine Joseph and Cindy Lou at CBN News Jerusalem

And now being able to say I have met the faithful Christian and Messianic Jews who make up the CBN News staff, who daily broadcast truth from the capital of Jerusalem to us living around the world – these are part of the reason why I come. These are why so many come. To be with the people of Israel.

Chris Mitchell - CBN News Middle East Chief Bureau

The Lord is joining many to many, as He continues to lay it all out, fulfilling His eternal purposes and plans. Believing Jews and believing Gentiles walking together, with Him bringing His Body ever closer to their final destiny.

I will always stand with Israel. My wife Laurie and I will join with those who do, from all the nations. The Lord Jesus’ has given us the commitment, and the strength in Him, for this purpose.

Jews and Gentiles together in Him - The God of Israel

I pray you are one counted among those who will also be there until the end.

Ahava (love) and Shalom (peace) from Israel!

Steve Martin

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