Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump's 'Historic' Trip to Israel; Netanyahu Slams Jordan; The Jewish Festival of Fire! - UNTIED WITH ISRAEL

United with Israel

May 15, 2017

Netanyahu: All Nations Should Move Their Embassies to Jerusalem!
WATCH: Why Trump’s Upcoming Trip to Israel is ‘Truly Historic’
WATCH: Camera Captures Terrorist Stabbing Jerusalem Policeman
Netanyahu Slams Jordan for Backing Terror Attack in Jerusalem 
WATCH: What’s on the Agenda for Trump’s 26 Hours in Israel? 
Meet Hebron's New Mayor: A Terrorist Who Murdered 6 Israelis  
WATCH: Experience Lag B’Omer – The Jewish Festival of Fire! 
Hundreds of Thousands Celebrate Lag B’Omer at Mount Meron 
Tillerson: Trump Still Considering Embassy Move to Jerusalem 
Bin Laden’s Son Calls for Attacks Against ‘Jewish Interests Everywhere’ 
WATCH: Israeli Humanitarian Aid Transcends Borders 
Bennett Chides Netanyahu for not Rejecting Two-state Solution 
Israeli Arab Locks Up Brother for Wanting to Convert and Join IDF 
Understanding Lag B’Omer: The Mystical Holiday of Holy Fire 
WATCH: An Electrifying Experience of Fire and Soul! 
Lag B’Omer and the Mystical Israeli Village of Meron 
WATCH: The Animated Story of Lag B’Omer 
Lag B’omer: Remembering Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai 
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