Sunday, July 8, 2018

Guam is now abortion-free as no doctor is willing to commit abortions - Live Action News

Guam is now abortion-free as no doctor is willing to commit abortions
The last abortionist on the island of Guam has retired, leaving the island completely abortion-free. Read more



Ever since the announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, discussion of Roe v. Wade has been reinvigorated. Read more

Two people getting married doesn’t normally make headlines. But for Lize and Ruben, the congratulations are rolling in from around the world. Read more

New Mexico Alliance for Life has released a series of emails it obtained, asserting a cover up in an autopsy report of a woman who died during a late-term abortion. Read more

Gallup has released a new poll which shows that support for Planned Parenthood has risen slightly since 2015, an indication that pro-lifers still have a lot of work to do to expose the ugly truth about this taxpayer-funded abortion corporation. Read more

“You’re so special!” If I had a dollar for every time my wife and I have been told that I would never have to work again. Read more

After playing a wide variety of music for 300 preborn babies, researchers from Spain released the results of their intriguing study in June. Read more

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