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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Did Archaeologists Just Discover the Site of the Ethiopian Eunuch's Baptism - CBN NEWS

(CBN News/Video)
Israel archaeologists announced the discovery of a large pool and a fountain dating back 1,500 years at the site of an ancient church near Jerusalem.
The discovery of the large pool at Ein Hanniya Park is getting a lot of attention. The site may be where the Ethiopian eunuch's conversion as recorded in the New Testament took place. 
"We believe that some early Christian commentators identified Ein Hanniya as the site where the Ethiopian eunuch was baptized, as described in Acts 8:26–40," said Jerusalem District Archaeologist Dr. Yuval Baruch, in a statement. "The baptism of the eunuch by St. Philip was one of the key events in the spread of Christianity. Therefore, identifying the place where it occurred occupied scholars for many generations and became a common motif in Christian art."
The pool is part of a system of pools unearthed at Ein Hanniya Park between 2012 and 2016.
According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, the pool was constructed during the Byzantine era. The pools date between the 4th and 6th centuries A.D.
"The most significant finding in the excavation is a large and impressive pool from the Byzantine period," explained Irina Zilberbod, the excavation director for the Israel Antiquities Authority. "This pool was built in the center of a spacious complex at the foot of a church that once stood here. Roofed colonnades were built around the pool that gave access to residential wings."
The archaeologists who excavated the site still have a lot of questions about the pool's exact use.
"It's difficult to know what the pool was used for—whether for irrigation, washing, landscaping or perhaps as part of baptismal ceremonies at the site," said Zilberbod. The pool's water, she noted, drained through a network of channels to a fountain.
Engineers have restored the ancient water systems and water now flows from the pool to the fountain like it did in ancient times.
Other artifacts found included a silver coin from the 4th century B.C. and an ancient capital, or part of a pillar. Archaeologists say that the capital is typical of royal structures found the First Temple period between 960 B.C. and 586 B.C.
Baruch said part of the site is still owned by Christians and is a focus of religious ceremonies by the Armenian Church and the Ethiopian Church.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Jerusalem Attacker Uses Police Car for Cover; Israeli Students Discover First Temple-era Water System - World Israel News

World Israel NewsNetanyahu Slams EU and Obama in Leaked Conversation; Israeli Device Gets Wheelchair Bound People Walking; IDF Fully Exposes Its Massive Aid Program for Syrian Civilians
July 21, 2017 
WATCH: Jerusalem Terrorist Uses Police Vehicle for Cover
Israeli Students Discover First Temple-era Water System
WATCH: Why is Roger Waters ‘So Bugged About Israel?’
IDF Fully Exposes Its Massive Aid Program for Syrian Civilians 
WATCH: Rehab Doesn’t Work for Terrorists 
Netanyahu Slams EU and Obama in Leaked Conversation 
Palestinian Terrorist Killed While Attempting to Stab IDF Soldiers 
WATCH: Israeli Device Gets Wheelchair Bound People Up and Walking 
Negotiations for Hamas-Israel Prisoner Exchange Reach a Standstill 
WATCH: Israel Determined to Block Iranian Bases in Syria 
US Demands Hezbollah End Weapon Stockpiling 
Sen. McCain, Close Friend of Israel, Diagnosed with Brain Tumor 
French Far-left Head Denies France’s Holocaust Responsibility 
WATCH: Americans in Syria Help Retake ISIS Stronghold 
US: Iran Remains Top State Terror Sponsor 
Israel Sends Firefighters to Combat Montenegro’s Blazes
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Discover Fascinating Biblical Insights With The Israel Bible ✡ "She Called His Name Moshe" - ISRAEL365

And the child grew, and she brought him unto
Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son.
And she called his name Moshe, and said:
‘Because I drew him out of the water.’

וַיִּגְדַּל הַיֶּלֶד וַתְּבִאֵהוּ לְבַת פַּרְעֹה וַיְהִי לָהּ לְבֵן וַתִּקְרָא שְׁמוֹ מֹשֶׁה וַתֹּאמֶר כִּי מִן הַמַּיִם מְשִׁיתִהוּ

שמות ב:י

va-yig-DAL ha-YE-led va-t’-vi-AY-hu l’-VAT par-OH vai-HEE lah l’-VAYN va-tik-RA sh’-MO mo-SHEH va-TO-mer kee min ha-MA-yim m’-shee-TI-hu

Today's Israel Inspiration

Moses was the greatest of all the Jewish leaders, who is known with affection in the Jewish tradition as ‘Moshe Rabeinu’, Moses our Teacher. Although Moses speaks with God directly, he is identified by the Bible as the most humble person (Numbers 12:3). This verse describes his modest origins; the early stages before he became the tremendous leader and inspiration we know him as today. Learn about Moshe, Joshua, and all of our ancestors and their connection to the Land of Israel with a truly unique approach.

The Uniting, Inspiring, Unbelievable Power of Zionism

Former member of Knesset Dr. Einat Wilf tells the unprecedented story of a small group of people who survived and flourished, despite all odds.

Rabbi Goren’s Sounding of the Not-Yet Great Shofar

As we see in the haftarah and parsha, the path towards Geula (redemption) is not always a straight line.

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The Torah Codes End to Darkness DVD demonstrates through first hand interviews and advanced computer technology that Biblical codes are mathematically provable. With advancements in computer programming, over 2000 hidden codes have already been discovered.
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Gazing upon the plains of Israel, it's humbling to recall the history of the land, and wondering if perhaps our ancestors in times of old traversed these very fields.
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