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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Financed, Fueled and Fired Up for Action by Cindy McGill

Financed, Fueled and Fired Up for Action 

by Cindy McGill

Identity Network
I saw a huge transference of properties and houses and cars and all kinds of supplies, being given to ministries all over the place who are committed to doing the kingdom work.  God has entrusted some with great wealth for such a time as this.  For these who have been stewards of kingdom funds, God has given you the ability to make wealth, like the "Midas touch."  Everything you have touched has turned to gold.  

It has been His purpose for you and there is now a "fine tuning" happening in you to know where to channel the funds you have been stewards over.   You will have great confirmation for where to give and how much.  There are places that God is highlighting right now for these schools and centers to be birthed.  It will be like the colt that Jesus rode on into Jerusalem.  The Lord has need of it. 

In a dream, several months ago, I saw the bank vault of heaven.  I was standing at the door and Jesus was in the vault with a yellow hard hat on and a clipboard in His hand.  Inside, there was an unending supply of gold and silver in piles on the floor and all the way up the wall.  A bulldozer was actively scooping up gold and silver and Jesus would instruct a window to open and the bulldozer would pour out the gold and silver as Jesus commanded. I was in awe as I observed this operation.  It was done with such precision and supply.  At that moment, Jesus turned and looked at me and winked.  He said, "I own it."

When I woke up from the dream, I realized that we are never in need of anything He does not have the authority and resources to supply.  Kingdom resources have been stored up for many of us for this end harvest that is beginning.  At the time I had the dream, we were going through a very hard time in our church and many people were moving away or transitioning out for one reason or another.  

It could have been a very unsettling time for us, but God showed me His not only ability, but desire to "unload" His benefits to us.  We never missed one bill or payment or salary check during that church transition.  He supplied from the most unlikely places.  Someone would leave a check in the mailbox who didn't even attend the church, we would receive an overpayment from a year ago on a bill, people who visited our city would come to church and leave a check for just the amount we needed for that month.

When we are doing Kingdom business, God provides where He guides.  It's the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom and finances are very much a part of the kingdom.  I believe we are going to have abundance and over abundance of finances to not only operate on for the days ahead, but also to get out of debt, purchase properties, get prepared for days we have not seen yet. 

Prepare for Takeoff

My husband recently had a dream where we were on a type of spacecraft that looked like a pontoon boat.  The sides were open and it only had a roof.  This craft was full of people and without warning it took off, straight up in the air with rocket speed.  The impact of this rapid acceleration was so intense that one pilot had to stand on the other ones shoulders to maneuver the aircraft upwards avoiding obstacles in the atmosphere.

The new structure has open sides and the craft represents a ministry without walls that is infinite for expansion.  It is a horizontal invitation to reach out and take hold of people all around us. The top is God's covering. 

We are in a rapid acceleration now.  This waiting is over and this is a fulfillment of time.  Things we have been pondering in our hearts are getting ready to be realized.  I know we have all heard this before but it really is happening.  The stage has been set behind the curtain and we are now waiting for things to be revealed.

Keeping Foresight in the Midst of the Storm

We can't lose our vision and stray from our purpose when a storm approaches. We have a destination to reach and a job to do when we get there.  Just because we might experience a few turbulent moments doesn't mean we are not going to arrive at the prepared place for us.  I know there have been many messages about some terrifying things ahead.  I'm not denying for a second that things could get seemingly out of control and bumpy, but GOD IS IN CONTROL and that doesn't discount the assignment we have been given and the job we are equipped to do.  We are entering the days of the greatest harvest of souls we have ever seen.  People are starving to have the Truth.  We have an assignment and orders from Headquarters.  That is our focus and that is our destiny.

Cindy McGill

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