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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ahava Love Letter - "I Like Mike." Me too!


                                   "I Like Mike"

“Therefore God raised Him to the highest place and gave Him 
the name above every name; that in honor of the name given Yeshua, 
every knee will bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth,
 and every tongue will acknowledge that Yeshua the Messiah 
is Adonai, - to the glory of God the Father.”

Phil. 2:9-11, Complete Jewish Bible

Dear family of friends,

There is a local Christian radio station that daily gives a person’s name out, and if you have a child with that name, you are to call in and share a good word or two. Seems like they never run out of names, for it has been going on for some time now.

Early one morning I awoke up with the words, “I like Mike” in my head. Usually when that happens I know it is the Lord wanting to say something to me, or share something through me. My learned heart’s response is to listen further and obey His next words. Sometimes they don’t come right away, and so I just pray (usually in tongues.)

After a brief wait upon Him, I looked up online the origin and meaning of the name Mike, or the full name Michael. In its original Hebrew the meaning of the name Mike is: “Who is like God?” and “Gift from God.” In the Bible, St. Michael was the conqueror of Satan and patron saint of soldiers.

There are many Mikes that I know. On one office staff of 22 that I worked with, there were three Michaels, and so we had to specify each time which Mike or Michael we were referring to in our conversation. Something like “Market Mike” who headed up the retail incubator business, “Michael the CEO”, and “Mike the Graphic Man.”

In further prayer in seeking His purpose for the word received, the Lord began to expand on His early awakening of me with "I like Mike." The next impression was to write about two that are extra special, and have been spiritually influential in my family's lives. They must have been even more so on the Lord's heart that morning.

Therefore, I will share words of blessing on these two Michaels that have impacted lives in a very positive way. For them I give thanks to the Lord, for His creation is always good, and He did an especially grand work with these two. They are truly a gift from God.

The first one, whom I met in Michigan after he came to East Lansing as a single man from Maine in 1980, is now also a grandfather of my fourth grandson (his delightful first.) We both went to New Covenant Christian Church, learning how to be godly men and servants to those around us. When my family moved from East Lansing, Michigan to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where I had my first financial staff position with Derek Prince Ministries, he drove the 24’ UHaul truck. It was somewhat of a payback for the eleven times I helped move his family. Nice!

Now, not only is he also the father-in-law of our daughter Christen, and a board member of our ministry Love For His People, but along with his cake-making good wife Mary Ann, they are some of our closets and most treasured friends.

The Blade family - Mother's Day May 2013

I like Mike. I also love him dearly. Thank you Michael Blade for your shared life.

The second Mike has been a friend since the day my wife Laurie and I met him and his family in 1987 when we moved south of the Midwest. He was a member of Good News Church in Fort Lauderdale, the local Publix grocery store manager, and head of the Mahesh Chavda Ministries prayer group. Along with his good wife Leslie, they were steadfast in their walk with the Lord, faithfully laying their lives down for family, community and His purposes as they knew it. They still are.

When I left a ministerial administration position, Mike was the one who took over the baton for at least the next 12 years or more. Keeping in touch wasn’t always easy with our individual schedules, but on occasion we were able to catch up at a conference. He is an admirable man, and blessed those whom he served with honor and diligence. He is one that both young men and women can pattern their lives after. His wife Leslie is special too! (I got to hire her in the late 1990's, and she did a great job in the Contributions Department.)

Mike & Leslie Adams

I like Mike. I also love him dearly. Thank you both Mike and Leslie Adams.

Well, it looks like the Lord wanted to bless the Mikes today. I know the Lord likes, and loves, each Mike too. After all , He created them. I like that about Him. He knows each of us by name, and often lets others know when to pray, when to bless, and when to speak highly of His anointed servants.

I like that about Jesus, and I especially like HIS Hebrew name, Yeshua.

If you know a Mike, a Susan, a Mary, a Josh, or any other name under the sun, bless them today!

Ahava (love in Hebrew) to my family of friends,

Steve Martin

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Ahava Love Letter #68   “I Like Mike”  ©2013 Steve Martin 
Date: In the year of our Lord 2013 (08/17/13 Saturday at 5:05 am in Charlotte, NC)

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leadership Through Love - Chapter 6 - "The Visionaries Need You!" (Steve Martin)

           Chapter 6 
The Visionaries Need You!

-         They dream it - but you really make it happen
-         It takes a team. Not the Lone Ranger concept.
 -    The big head won’t get far without the neck
             (or heads will roll)

Did you ever see the Headless Horseman movie? The one who rides around in the woods on the horse during the night? (I guess since he can’t see, it doesn’t matter if it is day or night though, huh?)

Now imagine a head riding around on a horse without a neck, or without the rest of the body. Maybe it could happen in a sci-fi movie, but not in a business or ministry.

Visionaries dream the dreams, speak the dreams, share the dreams, and desire the dreams to come about. But without you, the other leadership, administrator and the support team (the rest of the body), not much will happen. The Lord has purposely set it in place that His whole Body will be needed for His work to be fulfilled.

You are a very vital part of the work, and without you doing your part, the visionary may not see his or her dream come to fruition. And without you realizing your importance and place in this part of the body, it most likely won’t happen. Or at least not to the extent that the Lord knows it can be, and wants it to be.

Without the neck to support the head, which will then allow the head to move about, the head may end up just “rolling around”, or being the Headless Horseman riding through the woods, trying to make the dream or vision happen. (Or is this the real picture when we hear or say that the “heads will roll”? A bit comical it is, I think.)

Visionaries need the administrators. They need the team. They can’t “move” without them – in the natural nor in the spiritual.

When I was a younger man, I was with the second ministry that I was blessed to work with, Mahesh Chavda Ministries. Early on in the job as the administrator, I was a bit shaky and lacking much needed confidence. Since 1978, when I first met Mahesh Chavda in LaSalles-Peru, Illinois, I had  a real desire to work with this ministry, but after a number of what I thought were “closed doors”, it looked like it was not going to happen.

(L-R) Andrew Maki, Art Maki, Bonnie Chavda
The Barn - 1995 in Charlotte, NC

The Lord had been the One who opened this door, in a very clear way earlier, but the right timing had to come to pass, and both sides involved needed to have confirming words that this was indeed the Lord. Unknown to me at the beginning, I would serve with this ministry team for 14 years. A good foundational building for the long term needed to be established, and it was important that we each realized this, as much as we were capable of knowing it.

We see in part, and know in part. So often the Lord needs to give us confirming words of encouragement along the way, to help us keep going, and do what is necessary to keep building the spiritual building.

Two prophetic words were spoken to me, one prior to my coming on staff with MCM, and one during the initial years. The first one occurred during the summer of 1990, in Kansas City, where I had gone with my family to assist Mahesh Chavda at a conference, while on our vacation. Nine months earlier I was supposed to have started with Mahesh Chavda Ministries, but what looked like a “death blow” to the connection had taken place, leaving me almost without a job either at Derek Prince Ministries or MCM. My family and I were thus preparing to move from Fort Lauderdale back to either the Midwest, in the land where Laurie and I grew up, or to Charlotte, NC, where things seemed to be happening spiritually.

At the end of the conference where we were at in Kansas City, I had gone up to the platform to help “catch” those who were “slain in the Spirit” during the prayer time. Jim Goll, one of the leaders and speakers of the host Kansas City Fellowship, and having a well known prophetic ministry, came over to me at the end of the prayer time, and spoke this very encouraging word, which put faith back into my heart.

“You are the very one whom this minister needs, to do that which the Lord wants to have done through him. There is not another at this time. It is you whom he needs as the administrator. You have what he needs. You are the man, not another.” 

Five months later the Lord’s time came to pass, for me to come on full time on the team of Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, as the Administrator. But during that long five months (and even during the times of doubt that still came later), I made it a point to re-read this prophetic word that had kept me hoping and waiting for the right time to come.

(L-R) Steve Martin, Mike Adams, Mahesh Chavda, 
Jodie Goodman, Leslie Adams

Another encouraging word was spoken to me within the first year in this position. Wanting to do the best I could, with my heart desiring to see Africa, Israel, and the other nations touched that this ministry had an affect in, I had concerns that I still didn’t have what was needed for the job. With only one year of college, no degree, and other “lacks” and skills that the world says you need to be an administrator, the concerns seemed understandable and justified.

Bonnie, who I considered my pastor in certain aspects, believing she understood many things I was going through in trying to serve properly, spoke a word to me “out of the blue”. As I was doing yard work around their home, as part of my duties, she came up to me and said that my administrative skills weren’t just something I had learned in the natural, but was indeed a spiritual gift that the Lord had given me. I had a gift from the Lord, which was in administration. (The Scriptures call it the “gift of helps” as one description.)

That was the first time I had ever heard that. I thought the administrative skills, knowledge and wisdom that I had were strictly due to my upbringing, which certainly had its important part, or the “learning on-the-job” that I had received in my prior fifteen years of management.

What this did was reveal to me that the Lord had placed me in this spiritual position. It was His gifts given to me, for His purposes to be fulfilled, that enabled me to do the job that needed to be done. My lack of natural training was “overlooked” because His Holy Spirit, working in and through me, gave me wisdom and understanding to support the visionary and the ministry.

What I came to understand even more, as the Holy Spirit continued to bring understanding to this gift in my life, was that this gift is one of the foundational stones necessary to build a strong building, and support the work placed upon it. He continued to show me the need that exits within the body of Christ, requiring this gifting, and even more specifically, those who are called to be the visionaries and whom serve in the apostolic work, need this gifting.

The head needs the neck to rest on, move about with, and be a connector to the rest of the body in the church, or the business staff.

Hey, the visionaries need you, the administrators, staff leaders and all the rest! Do your part!

Ahava ("love" in Hebrew) and shalom!

Steve Martin
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Note: To read the Intro, Chapter Listings and first five chapters, please use the Search Box in the top right hand corner of this Blog, and enter "Leadership Through Love." Be blessed in your reading!

Leadership Through Love

Chapter Listings

1.      A Gift for His Purposes

- The Early Years
- On the job training

2.      Use the Tools You Have, But Not the Staff

- Treasure the people, while digging the foundations
- Do unto them as you would…
- Bless and curse not: honor those who serve with you

3.      Right Man (or Woman!) for the Job

- All are created equal – make the most of this!
- If the Shoe Fits, Have Them Wear It

4.      Train and Let Loose

- It IS Who You Know and Are Known By
- Hire To Complement Your Strengths
- if you are weak, then they are strong
- Outsource as needed

5.      Burn Candles At Both Ends? – NOT!

- Rest and Sabbath Days
- Mornings with the Lord
- Trust in Him at all times
- We all are given 24 hours each day

6.       The Visionaries Need You!

-          They dream it - you make it happen
-          It takes a team
-          Head Won’t Get Far without the Neck
(or heads will roll)
7.      Field Trips and More!

- Staff Retreats
- Party Time!
- Birthdays and BBQs
- After Hours

8.      It Doesn’t All Depend On You

- The Lord is the Rock – Not You
- Whose strength  - yours or His?
   - Key Staff to Lean On
    - Trustworthy managers and assistants

9.      Practically Speaking…and Walking

- Handle each piece of paper once
- File so you can find it!
- Early morning – before the others come
- Take a Break

10.  Meetings – Time-manger or Time-waster?

- Do you really need all those meetings?
- Group or One-On-One?
- Why Morning and Mid-Week?
 - Prov. 24:6 “By wise counsel…multitude of counselors

11.  Acknowledge Him in All Your Ways

- Heart of Thankfulness
- Heart of Worship
- Heart of Service

12.  Another Man’s Vineyard

-          Follow & help fulfill their vision
-          Faithful with another’s
-          Learn and growth until your time
-          The proper way of moving on