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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How Well Do You Know Jerusalem?! ✡ "Peace Within Your Wall" - ISRAEL365

Peace be within thy walls, and serenity
within thy palaces.


יְהִי שָׁלוֹם בְּחֵילֵךְ שַׁלְוָה בְּאַרְמְנוֹתָיִךְ

תהילים קכב:ז

y'-hee sha-lom b'-khay-laykh shal-va b'-ar-m'-no-ta-ikh

Today's Israel Inspiration

Since the destruction of the House of God, the Holy Temple, we focus on bringing holiness into the world "within the walls" of our personal dwellings. In Jewish tradition, a home filled with spirituality and living within God's precepts, is referred to as a "miniature Sanctuary" - מקדש מאט - "mik-dash mi-at." Bring blessings into your home with a special "Birkat Ha'Bayit," Blessing for the Home, written in both English and Hebrew.

MOST Inspiring Thing
About Israel

A film crew travels all over Israel, and asks Israelis from all walks of life, “How does Israel inspire you?” Their answers will astound you!

Syrian Refugee: "Jews are Most Humane & Generous People of this Era"

While most of Israel’s Arab neighbors routinely vilify the Jewish State, one Syrian refugee has set out to express his gratitude to the one nation he least expected to offer a helping hand.

Hand Carved Stone Mezuzah Case

Choose a beautiful, handmade Mezuzah case made from stones from the Holy Land of Israel! Carved by artists who lovingly shape them with the words of the Mezuzah scroll ever present in their mind. Available in various shades of ivory and charcoal, you can choose between a simple, but stunning, rectangularly designed case, or a case carved in the shape of the modern day map of Israel.
Sizes: 5″x1″, 8″x2″

Israel Photo Trivia

How well do you know Jerusalem?! Guess what this beautiful structure is!Send me an email or post your answer on Facebook.

Thank You

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“I am trying to learn the Hebrew words you have translated
every day”

It’s great to hear from so many of you - stay in touch and let us know where in the world you are enjoying Israel365!
So great to be in contact with Israël365! Thank you so much for everything

Shalom Rabbi Tuly, We really enjoy your emails! My husband keeps up to date with Israel news and we love the land of Israel! I am trying to learn the Hebrew words you have translated every day and am wanting to teach them to my children as well! Shalom from Manitoba, Canada! Eddy and Elsie Loewen
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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