Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ari Sorko-Ram Shares his heart at Messiah 2012

Ari Sorko-Ram Shares his heart at Messiah 2012

The second night of Messiah 2012, was a night of connection between the Messianic movement in America and the Messianic movement in Israel. The service began with worship being led by a group of Israeli's, as they brought real excitement to the service with their songs, each word which felt as if they came from deep within each individual singer. One highlight was the video accompanied by Shani Ferguson, daughter of the nights guest speaker Ari Sorko-Ram.

The youth worship team was followed by a concert by Barry and Batya Segal from Jerusalem. The Segals are known for there TV program Roots and Reflections and their humanitarian work through their ministry Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse. The concert by the Segals was the perfect way to prepare the conference attendees for the evenings message brought by Ari Sorko-Ram. Just before Ari spoke his wife Shira introduce a group of forty Israeli youth who we brought to the conference through the efforts of the MJAA and Jewish Voice Ministries International.

Ari's message encouraged the crowd to identify the difference between a vision and an assignment. The difference being an assignment is something we are called to personally perform and a vision is something that should live on after we finish our assignment. A primary example given was king David and King Solomon. King David was given the vision for building the Temple but King Solomon actually completed the vision establish through his father.

His message purpose seemed to be to encourage those who have been leaders in the Messianic movement to not look at their vision as something that ends with them, but instead to pass the vision on to the next generation to follow through until in is completed or passed on to the following generation. He also encourage younger believers to step up and help bring these visions to fullness. Ari and Shira have for over thirty years spearheaded Maoz Israel a ministry of encouragement in Israel providing for the physical and spiritual needs in the Land. For more information about visit

Each nights services are being live streamed and can be viewed by visiting and clicking on the link.

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