Friday, June 21, 2013

Israel - Small But Amazing

Israel- Small But Amazing


Israel, a small country of outstanding beauty, is filled with so many beautiful landscapes. Ancient and new are interwoven into a beautiful mix of humanity and spirituality!

Love For His People, Inc.

How Can I Bless Israel?
To help the children of Israel is to provide a donation for the poorest of the land. 
 Perhaps you did not know that Israel has over 20% of its population living 
under the poverty level, including 720,000 children?  You can help "do it unto
 the least of these my brethren" (Matt 25:40) by donating to
 Love For His People Ministries today!

     Support the Ingathering
     Support a Needy Family
     Support a School

  • Support the Ingathering
    The Jews are literally being brought home from the four corners of the earth. Do your part to give them a good welcome home.
  • Support a Needy Family
  • Support a School
  • Ahava Adventures Travels - Traveling to Israel to: 
    Support struggling Messianic families
    Connect with other ministries and churches
    Donate to schools and see the results, first-hand
    Connect with ingathering Jews and reassure they are loved
    Bless the widows and poor
    Rediscover our Jewish roots through historical explorations
    Meet new people with the same calling
    Meet locals and listen to their stories with encouraging words to give

 Click Below to Help Out the Ministry of Love For His People. Thank You!

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