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Ahava Adventures Trip For The Next Generation - Help Sponsor A Young Person!

Ahava Adventures for The Next Generation
- Help Sponsor Them To Go!

Danny Boy's gift shop in Jerusalem
- Ben Martin on Ben Yehuda Street


Our annual Ahava Adventures trip to Israel

When I was 23 years old, a measurable time ago, a Bible teacher named Derek Prince began to impact my life with his teachings on Israel, and specifically our debt to the Jewish people. I have never been the same since. And subsequently have been to Israel ten times.

Having served with three ministries, from 1987-2010, that have truly blessed the people of Israel  (Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda Ministries, Derek Prince Ministries and Vision For Israel & The Joseph Storehouse - Barry & Batya Segal), I grew in my love for the Lord Jesus' plans and purposes for that nation and His Chosen Ones.

Camel rides

Now, a major goal of our ministry, Love For His People, is to connect the next generation - yours and my sons and daughters, and grandchildren, to Israel and the Jews. Introducing yours and my family of friends to their family of friends. It becomes an eternal connection.

Will you help us do that?

Every year we will take a number of our young loved ones to Israel, but we need your sponsorship to make it happen.

If you have ever been there, the land where Jesus walked and now His people live, you know the impact it will have on these that are able to go. (I like how the Israel Ministry of tourism puts it, "You (they) will NEVER be the same.")

If you haven't been able to go yet for yourself, or simply can't go for whatever reason, can you help another one go, with a supporting sponsorship contribution? Even $5 will let them eat a falafel on the streets of Jerusalem.

A pleasant place to be!

Our trip this year is set for November 2-11. More on that time can be found on our website Love For His People , where you can also give an online contribution through our PayPal link.

If you prefer to send a check, please do so:

Love For His People, Inc.
12120 Woodside Falls Rd.
Pineville, NC 28134

All gifts to sponsor another of the next generation are tax deductible, and you will be given a tax receipt. We are a 501(c)3 ministry.

Blessings on ye head. We will give much appreciation to you for your gift! And know that you will impact another's life for eternity. I firmly believe that.

Ahava (love in Hebrew),

Steve Martin

Photos below were taken by me while in Jerusalem and other sections of Israel.

Ben & Dov

Bedouin tent

Young men of Jerusalem

Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum) - Children's Exhibit entrance
Arm in arm.

Dad and son Ben, after a hearty lunch in Jerusalem.
Dead Sea experience!

Masada - We pray along with the Jewish people, "Never again."
Dead Sea mud. Get covered!

Young Jewish boys walking home from school.

Ben Martin and young man near the Old City of Jerusalem.

Wedding photo on Tel Aviv beach
 - Mediterranean Sea

A new friend at his coffee shop 
- near King George Street in Jerusalem.

Walk the streets where Jesus did. 
And now His descendants.

Ahava Adventures for The Next Generation
- Help Sponsor Them To Go!

Israel and the Jewish People

Derek says, 'Growing up in England, I would never have been anti-semitic, but I didn't know or care much about the Jewish people. I had two Jewish friends at Cambridge, but they were totally assimilated.'

When the British army posted him to Jerusalem just at the end of World War II, Derek watched in awe and amazement as the Jewish people returned from many different countries after nearly two thousand years of exile. As he read Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, he realized he was seeing biblical prophecy fulfilled before his eyes.

As a guest student at Hebrew University (the only Gentile at that time), and in daily life with Lydia's six Jewish daughters, he came to see the patience and faithfulness of God ? and the tenacity of the Jewish people in enduring every kind of pressure and indignity. He says,
We owe the Jewish people an enormous debt. Without them, the church would have no patriarchs, no prophets, no apostles, no Bible and no Saviour. My most precious possession in life is my Bible, and I owe it to the Jewish people.

Through his booklet, Our Debt to Israel, and his spoken messages, Derek Prince has awakened Christians throughout the world to their responsibility to Israel and the Jewish people. His book, The Last Word on the Middle East, examines in detail prophecies currently being fulfilled and expounds God?s plan for the Middle East as the age draws to its close.

In another book, The Destiny of Israel and the Church, he lists seventy-nine occurrences of the word Israel or Israelite in the New Testament, concluding that Israel is never used as a synonym for the church. He explains how the church needs to recognize the special destiny of Israel, and to align itself with God's purposes.

In nation after nation, Derek has unfolded the current worldwide fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:10:
Hear the word of the Lord, O nations, and declare it in the isles afar off, and say, 'He who scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him as a shepherd does his flock.'

Then in Jesus' words he has concluded: ?Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing? (Luke 4:21).

Challenging his listeners to a positive response, he cites the three parables in Matthew 25 and says:
In each parable there were those whom God judged and rejected. Why? All had this in common: apathy and passivity. It was not what they did, but what they did not do. We are either with or against, either gathering or scattering, either building up or tearing down. There is no middle ground. God requires us as Christians to comfort and pray for Israel.

Derek demonstrates his own confidence in the prophetic Scriptures by living in Israel and standing with the Jewish people through the pressures and trials of daily life. He views intercession as his primary assignment, praying for God to fulfill His Word and to bring salvation to the Middle East, to Jews, Muslims, and nominal Christians. 

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