Friday, January 27, 2017

Today is International Holocaust Memorial Day ✡ "Wide Against Us" - ISRAEL365

All our enemies have opened their mouth
wide against us.

פָּצוּ עָלֵינוּ פִּיהֶם כָּל אֹיְבֵינוּ

איכה ג:מו

pa-TZU a-LAY-nu pee-HEM kol o-y’-VAY-nu

Shabbat Inspiration

Many times in history, the enemies of the Jewish people eagerly awaited the day when the Jews would finally meet their ultimate demise. In every generation, there is a new source of hatred and anti-Semitism; thousands of people who chant against the Jewish people. In the 1930's, one man incited millions against the Jews, and that hatred led to the murder and elimination of more than 11 million people. By the grace of God, their plans for the Final Solution were ultimately divinely foiled, just as the evil groups before them. This verse reflects the hatred that Israel’s enemies, both historical and contemporary, have always felt towards her, but we must always remember that God and His people will triumph. 72 years later, thousands of survivors still carry this message and it is our duty to listen and carry their lessons forth to the future generations.

A Message From the Survivors Who Love Us

These nine Holocaust Survivors have come together to send you an unforgettable message. For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, let’s show them we are listening.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: A Special Time to Turn Evil Into Good

Today is the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp in Poland, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as established by the UN. Nations commemorate the day by honoring victims of the Holocaust and encouraging the development of Holocaust educational programs in order to help prevent future acts of genocide.

Get Ready For The Sabbath

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Today's Israel Photo

The horrors that occurred at the infamous Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau are too numerous to list. But by the grace of God, the Jewish people are still here 72 years later, proving that good will always triumph over evil.
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