Wednesday, April 12, 2017

MAOZ ISRAEL REPORT - April 2017 - Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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 0417 - Top - anti-Semitism     

By Shira Sorko-Ram
      When I moved to Israel in 1967 right after the Six Day War, I became aware of a cultural sensitivity far removed from the consciousness of the people of Texas, where I grew up.

      Very soon, I noticed that literally all Israelis were hypersensitive to any criticism of Israel. Immediately, the first words on their lips seemed to be “anti-Semitism.” It was a knee-jerk reaction from politicians, pundits and the man on the street whether they were conservatives, religious or liberals.

      No wonder! 1967 was only a mere 22 years after 6,000,000 Jews were massacred in a way that had never been seen before since the beginning of time. Whole families, communities and even towns were utterly wiped out. There was hardly an Ashkenazi Jew (whose family had come from Europe or Russia) who hadn’t lost close relatives in that Holocaust...
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