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What is happening with the Jerusalem Journal? - Brian Schrauger

What is happening with the Jerusalem Journal?

Brian Schrauger 

It's been awhile. Have you missed me? Lol. Actually, there is a lot to report. Here in Israel, God is opening amazing doors for the Jerusalem Journal. As usual, however, moving through them means spiritual warfare; a lot of it.

As write these words, my immediate reaction is a rueful chuckle.

Spiritual war, especially here, is not a surprise. After all, as a non-profit news agency, our mission is to inform Christian watchmen with regional and global news, especially events that are setting the stage for things the Bible has prophesied.

That's why our news slogan is, "For such a time as this."

Considering where we are and the fascinating days in which we live, spiritual warfare is not going to diminish. With your support, however, it will not stop our advance.

As partners with us — as partners with God — in this venture, I am grateful for your cover as together we move toward and through each door.

Have you seen our daily videos? Almost every day we are posting a one to two minute video report from locations around Jerusalem and other places too.

In fact, the Jerusalem Journal is about to have two locations: one in Jerusalem and the other in the Galilee! In two months, James and Maddy Worthington and their young family are moving north. Their new, and gorgeous, location means the Jerusalem Journal positioned to report directly from the hotpoint of Israel's north, close to its borders with Syria and Lebanon.

When Israel's next war comes, most concur: it will come from one, or both, of these countries.

Oh, and have you seen the Chaim Report? Based on the model of the well-known Drudge Report, the Chaim Report offers Israel-related headlines from around the world. Every headline is linked to its original report.

Updated 24/7, the Chaim Report offers watchmen a first-stop location for end-times related news. We glean the news and give you the results.

Actually, our newest volunteer, Rhonda Ballance, is the reason we are able to do this. For many months, I tracked stories Rhonda was posting to her Facebook Group, "Yesterday's Prophecies, Today's News."

Her ability to identify and glean stories is a remarkable gift. I am thrilled she has agreed to be Editor of the Chaim Report.

Other opportunities are presenting themselves as well. We need your support to move ahead.

How can you help?
1. We need $1,000 a month to let other Christian watchmen know who we are and the timely information that we offer. Click here.

2. We also need $1,000 a month to set up a "Righteous Palestinian" division. Click here.

3. And there are equipment needs. Two MacBook Air computers would be a tremendous help in composing reports, posting news and managing the website. Two more regular MacBooks are also needed. Oh, and we need a number of video production items.

4. Volunteer! Right now, our top need is for a gifted administrator.

5. Funding for operating expenses is not a jazzy need, but it is a critical one. Transportation, housing and food costs are the stuff of everyday life. Right now, the need here is for an additional $5,000 a month. Click here.
I know you have a giving budget and/or designated funds for partnering with God and his kingdom.

The Jerusalem Journal is doing...
...his kingdom work his land
...on behalf of his people,
...for you, and such a time as this.
Would you, right now, designate funds you have already allocated for his work, his plan, specifically for the Jerusalem Journal?

Let me know, would you? The encouragement of your support is priceless.

From Jerusalem, I am thanking God for you, especially in such a time as this...

P.S. If you have an interest in supplying personal things I need, let me know in a private email or by text. :-)

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Also, you are welcome to respond by phone, text or email. If you phone, please send an advance text so that I know who is calling. And if I am unable to answer, please, send a text. :-)
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