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Jerusalem Log #6 - Friday 05.05.17 Jerusalem, Israel - “Ice Cream in All Flavors”

 “Ice Cream in All Flavors”
Steve Martin
Jerusalem Log #6 - Friday 05.05.17

Greetings from the land of Israel.

I certainly have enjoyed writing these brief daily logs. I hope you have found pleasure in reading them!

We each have our favorite flavor of ice cream. For some, the standard, foundational choices of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry satisfy just fine. Neapolitan I believe if you want all three at once. For the bold and adventurous type, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip or Carmel Pecan does it for you.

For me – it’s Rocky Road baby! (Mint chocolate is a close second.)

When it comes to the inhabitants and amazing cultures in Israel, here too there are many flavors. Just among the Jews themselves you have variations ranging from the Ultra-Orthodox, the Messianics, the secular, and a few in between each.

Birthday party near Jerusalem

Then there are the Arab Christians, the Arab Muslims, and I suppose just Arabs. I know a few shop owners in the Old City who would probably adhere to one label, but really not devoted to religion but primarily their daily business.

And within the mix of all this, especially in the larger cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat and Tiberias, of course you have the tourists. Now there for sure is a wide choice of creams in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Not only have the Jewish people returned to their Land permanently with aliyah, to join those already living here, you also have in the Land at all times the tourists coming for a few days or a few weeks. They too have arrived from England, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Kenya, Canada, and of course the good old US of A, from where I reside in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Walking through the historical and spiritual sites, you hear all the different languages and thank the Lord that He is not a “one flavor” God. He creates and loves them all.

Tourists from India in Bethlehem

For those who have had the great joy of coming to Israel on a tour or to visit friends as I do, you know what I am talking about. For the ones reading this who never have, and hope to, I am glad to share my heart in words, pictures and videos with you. May you experience a taste of Israel through these, and enjoy your favorite ice cream while you do! (Pass the chocolate syrup please.)

Ahava (love) and Shalom (peace) from Israel!

Steve Martin
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